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Sonson-sensei here, how's it hanging my precious students. Not much I can say about myself in such a short blurb but I'm a writer and artist that happens to like ponies. Rarity is best pony.

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Twilight had always known her kind to be a race of peace and kindness. However, when faced with something they don't quite understand, those bounds are tested. After a two legged creature arrives in Ponyville with a spear in hand and an injured Scootaloo, the citizens act in a manner which Twilight hadn't foreseen.

Perhaps the world around them isn't as black and white as she had once thought, but filled with shades of gray. Journey with Twilight and company, as they discover this for themselves as they venture beyond the borders of Equestria.

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Chris and Keon are two zoology majors that get separated from their class after following what Chris believed to be an undiscovered species of bird, during a trip into the Amazon rainforest.

Finding themselves stuck in a pit, they discover an ancient ruin adorned with murals and statues of what they believed to be ponies. They soon realize that the bird in question was the orchestrator of their fate, as they’re brought to what they are certain is their deaths.

Waking up, they are not only separated from each other, but in a new land entirely. Will they take this opportunity to learn about creatures only ever seen in legend, or will they be too busy being studied themselves?

Rated teen for sexual themes, crude humor, mild drug use.
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