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Sonson-sensei here, how's it hanging my precious students. Not much I can say about myself in such a short blurb but I'm a writer and artist that happens to like ponies. Rarity is best pony.


Psst · 7:04pm Jan 20th, 2014

So the way I planned on picking a winner for my follower competition was to use random number generator. Your number would be based on when you followed. For example Darkman_224 was my first follower so his number is 1. However it seems like everyone I pick through random number generator for my follower comp never respond. So I figure I'll do it like this, if you want the OC drawing prize, just respond to this blog, in the comments. First person to speak up get's it. I'd like to also get an

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Some news, a competition, and a bit of discussion · 6:08am Nov 25th, 2013

I guess it’s been a while since I’ve done a blog post, only a couple of things to report. First off, so what about that opener to season 4? Personally I thought it was okay, the pacing at the end was a bit off. Regardless it was better than season 3’s opener.

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Story Updates · 11:33pm Jul 7th, 2013

Sup guys just thought I give a little story status since I’ve been M.I.A on that front. As for A Zoologist Dream, I’m just about finished with the chapter, it’s sitting at over 14k so my longest chapter to date and I should be done with it by tomorrow. After that it only needs to be edited.

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Update: Story Status · 5:37pm Apr 18th, 2013

Well I guess I haven’t been the busiest of beavers recently, in fact I did next to no writing throughout March. Hey but there’s a reason behind it. I won’t say life got in the way, it was actually video games.

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First Blog · 7:15pm Feb 7th, 2013

Well it’s come to my attention that I have some followers now and I’ve never actually made a blog post, so uh here it goes I guess.

Funny how I’m nervous about a little blog post when I post written work on a fiction site to be scrutinized by all. Well I digress, I suppose telling a bit about myself is as good of a subject for a blog as any other.

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