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A group for fans of the Centaur race and for those who think that Equestria needs more centaurs.
With all of the HiE stories out there, especially those in which a human is shipped with a pony, you'd think that there would be a whole mess of these hybrids trotting around, but strangely enough, centaurs are a rare breed in Equestria. I hope that the existence of this group will encourage more people to populate our favorite magical land of candy-colored equines with these hybrid wonders.

Please post stories in the appropriate folders:

Regular: Stories with the traditional human-horse/human-pony hybrids

Mutated/Deformed/Demonic/Tirac: Stories in which the/a centaur(s) is/are a mutant, is mutated, is deformed in any way, has body parts that don't typically belong on a centaur (not including wings or a unicorn horn), or is a centaur demon. Also if Tirac from G1 appears, post the story here.

Alicentaur: Stories with centaurs with wings.

Centaurcorn: Stories with centaurs who also have unicorn horns.

Alicentaurcorn: Stories with centaurs possessing both wings and a unicorn horn.

Passing Mention: Stories in which a centaur is mentioned, but plays little to no role within the story itself.

Clopfics: (N.S.F.W.) Stories containing graphic sexual situations.

Gore: (N.S.F.W.) Stories containing graphic violence, injury, and/or gore.

Gluefics: (N.S.F.W.) Stories that contain graphic violence, injury, and/or gore for the sake of gore itself. (Think "Cupcakes".)

Reverse: Stories that contain creatures that have the body of a human and the head of a pony. While not actually/technically centaurs these creatures can essentially be considered centaurs in reverse.

I don't mean to endorse or condemn Clopfics, Gorefics, or Gluefics, but I figured that if I was going to create a group that all Ponyfics containing centaurs could call "Home", then I should leave the option of those three fic-types open.

I added the Reverse folder because, while such creatures a those that it was created for are not actually centaurs, they are closely enough related and enough of an oddity to warrant their own category.

Please let me know if you have any ideas that you think could make this group better.

AliCentaur Br0ny

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403737 Thanks.
There goes one more Centaur in a story on your group.
I hope she and her sister will be popular on this group, though. she is a bit on the odd and unusual side here.
Part of the story is based on my interpretation of the nature of Equestrian magic, and how it works.

403725 Congratulations and I hope that it's popular too.

396964 I just got another story pproved, so I slipped it into the general population of locan Centaurs.
Hope this herd will be popular. And not just because we are starved on good stories about Centaurs.

396924 Then I warmly welcome it to the group.:twilightsmile:
I look forward to that time.

396918 Then My Little Centaur is finally on the group.
I just started up another story containing Centaurs, but I will have to post the chapters where the Centaurs are finally introduced before I slip it into the group.

396887 Thn I just need to figure where my stories fit in.
In which f9older would Pinkie Pie fit?
I may need some explanation to some of the folders on the group as it stands at this time.
The first story is set in the A Spiked Hologramverse, where ponies are available as Holograms, while you can make her fully physical if you so choose.

374731 Sorry for not responding sooner (I really should check this page more often.) I actually took the term, "alicentaur" from Piers Anthony's Xanth book series. In it, he also uses the term to set the winged centaur species apart from the traditional variety.

382613 Sorry for not responding sooner (I really should check this page more often.) The answer to your question is yes, centaur versions of ponies are welcome here whether-or-not the story is actually set in Equestria. I really meant for this group to be a home for all ponyfics involving centaurs.

The name of the group seems to indicate that the Centaur is in Equestria, would a character from Equestria in a Centaur form be ok here?
I am currently working on a story where Pinkie Pie is in Centaur form, but not specified to be in Equestria Proper in the story.

374731 From your reasoning; pegataur, Unitaur and Alitaur would seem to be the proper names?
Simple and to the point, from the original pony types.
Though one may desire to have a name for the Earth Pony in taur form, in case it is a point in making it clear as opposed to the other types of Pony taurs?

Don't mean to complain or anything, but wouldn't a centaur with wings have a name that somehow leaned towards pegasus? Maybe Pegacentaurus or Pegaturus or Pegacentaus? Just putting it out there.:pinkiehappy:
To me the term "Alicentaur" sounds more like an Alicorn-Centaur.

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