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I just recently started to write stories directly towards the FiM actively, though I have been writing for years, publishing numerous stories at Mibba and the eventual pony story, as far as to the MLP


This story is a sequel to Rarity and Spike

My friend gave me a holographic character, Pinkie Pie, as it turned out. I was excited as I realised what she gave me.

Then I found a glitch in the program, only this time someone had opened up a loophole in order to give me the opportunity to have a centaur, which is a strangely uplifting surprise.

I had also found a note, explaining how to adjust her, letting on that I could make her real, in a more physical sense. That sounded like fun.

The final discovery, a small set of articles, the items required in order for me to make her stay with me, as the friend I may choose for her to be.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 11 )

Should this technically be Anthro?

5282972 I guess some would agree with you, while others are going to disagree just as strongly.

Since the picture was up before I submitted, the moderator apparently had no complaints.

Some of my previous stories on this line has Anthros in them, in which case I did tag the stories.

Question is if the tag would draw in more interest or more disappointment, in part since I already did tag it for Humans. The story is supposedly standing alone, but it is still linked to the previous line of stories from which the idea came.

I injoy reading this (so far) I was just thinking about this a few weeks ago.

5288507 I think someone mentioned the idea of a Pony as Centaur a while back, I finally did get off to write the story, and added an image that I felt should go well with the story.

I have seen a few imaggs of MLP Centaurs, just not all that many, I guess.

Hope the story will be interesting to follow.

5290948 Well the main reason i thought that was the Monster High just came out with this hybrid. (that is half centaur half ummmmm something else) I saw it at work the other day (work at target) because i was looking at the MLP stuff. ( a week or two ago) When I first saw it I thought it was MLP (EG) thing but I at second glade it was MH. And this look more like a Sue than something real that someone want to by. And the doll has what seems to be a 'cutie mark' on her back legs.
Since than I could help thinking about centaur with MLP.

5292833 oh, that 'Show', I think I saw these dolls a while back too.

Just that the sales-pitch sucks, just a second Sensation/Excuse for us to buy it, while there is no substance behind the character at all.
I would rather buy any of the MLP dolls, including the EqG once.

Guess it looks like the bubbles of Derpy's? Just that Derpy is middle grey, not dark to black?

The 'Mark' is on the same place as the Centaur Pinkie Pie I place here, for all I could see.

5292866 At least for Hasbro at least they are trying (EG dolls btw). :ajbemused: Just to show you of how they can may a quick buck. Even their web episodes are not that good either but i do like Ever After High. At first, I was a little uncertain at how popular, or how much I would even like Ever After High. But once I saw how well detailed the story and characters were, I started to like it.

(Sorry if I got off topic there :twilightblush:)l
Wow i didn't see it like that until now that you mention it

5293182 the conscept sounds like a fade, doesn't it?
Yet, that shouldn't prevent them from making good stories andballanced characters with detail and depth to them, I guess.

If the fans desire to have dolls from the show, is it all that bad?

Some analysis and reflection wouldn't hurt, even if the topic can feel sliding off of the intent?

Ps: just published the next chapter.

I get the feeling that this is cancelled much to my dismay

Sorry aout the delay, I guess the story fell between the cracks of my attention at some point.

This story is far too much fun, to just abandone it.

I published a new chapter, even if it is not quite complete yet, to show that the story has not been cancled.

Thanks for reminding me, and hope you will keep enjoying the story.

well your welcome for the reminder and thank you for the update even tho it was a bit rushed

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