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My name is Aran, and I have lived in Equestria for almost a year now. I don't remember how I arrived to Equestria, but I can never forget what happened when I arrived. Vivisection, the betrayal of trust, and speciesism. This is my story of how the so-called paradise was turned into a prison with only one way out.

Editor: Isaac3924
Editor: Zyrian
Art-cover: Sonson-Sensei

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I havent read it yet but I just wanted to say from the description that a living dissection is a vivisection. Betrayal (not betrayel) in the description as well.

3691646 Thanks man, I'm writing chapter two right now and I think people will like the direction it's heading.

this story looks interesting: Equestria pushing somebody into just trying to stay alive.

My Fav, for you sir!:pinkiehappy:

3691771 Thanks, I'm really surprised with the positive feedback:) I was just in a pessimistic mood and thought that maybe I should write something with a little bit more darker concept than usual.

in return, all I ask you to read my story, and not be blinded.

Strangely intruiged, my count inked reading shall depend on how cheerful or not this story gets.... Can't stomach much sad stuff.

3691946 Its more of a struggle story. What he goes through in a daily basis to survive and just how blind the ponies are when it comes to how the world works.

I like the reality of it all. normally it takes the innocent minds of children to see true value, and it feels like you're heading down that road. I look forward to updates.

3692178 Just what I was going for ;)

This is a really cool story, i would like to see more:twilightsmile:

The plot is interesting but there are some misspellings in the story and I hope you could fix them.

Can't wait for the next chapter though.

He was vivisected on arrival?

...Is there a story about that? Like a prequel?

I don't like to read about male dissection really, but yea. (At least, not having read it yet, I assume Aran is a male).

I enjoy this story an will hope for an update.

i would love to see more of this can't wait for a new chapter

i wanna see how this turns out more please

So far, despite this chapter being short, it looks like it has some good potential. I'm going to keep an eye on this one, as it's not everyday that a human original character has to deal with this stuff.

Lets see how this turns out.

3692417 You are welcome to be my editor if you want:)

3692270 Chapter 2 coming out in a couple of hours.

3692427 Yes the character is male. Vivisection means living dissection.

3692806 I thought the same thing. I really wanted to make a story that isn't completely grim dark and is a mix of two worlds. While the ponies live in this sunshine and smile worlds. Aran lives in a world where everyday is a battle against survival and what lengths he is willing to go.

3693755 will he end up going on an unstoppable rampage?:pinkiecrazy:
would be reading it while laughing manically

3693836 Sorry Arthas, However, innocent blood will be spilled.

I'm already liking this, can't wait to read more.

There are many plants in nature that can be eaten, if prepared correctly.
Many insects as well. Even fish (If eaten whole) has all the vitamins needed to survive. The human body evolved to starve over long durations, I can imagine that the everfree has a lot milder winters compared to the pony controlled equestria, so if most of the predators fear him, he shouldn't have a very hard time surviving.
This does of cause depend on his background and past experiences.

Will there be murder? :D I wanna see some bigoted pony jerky, yumm.

3693882 Precisely, and its already shown that he does survive to the best of "His" Abilities. He can't take the risk by eating strange barriers in a world he wasn't born in. You can understand his scepticism and rather go with the large calories given by meat. I think anyone would do the same. He tried his luck with the fishes everyday but just today isn't his lucky day xD

3693888 There was a guy, I think he was shipwrecked, who survived in one of those small backup boats for 3 months eating only whole fish that swam close enough for him to catch with his small fishing spear. I could imagine that if he focused more on fishing, he would do better.
He could also dig for insects, and use the dug up earth to isolate his house.
And with that trade of his, he could've kept half of the firewood, after all he only got half his payment. The Minotaur obviously fears him, trying to use words to get his way instead of force.

3693914 They don't, They know that he wouldn't kill his biggest supplier. And the piece of venison is enough to feed him for a week. Venison > Fish. But just wait until the next chapter.

3693921 Still, he would need to get his vitamins from somewhere. Cut out meat alone wouldn't cut it. Carnivores only survive because they also eat the non meat parts of the animals. Like their digestive system.

In any case, I faved the story and I will look forward to see his struggle for survival.

3693935 Stealing is also a part of Survival. Guess what is the best and easiest thing to steal nearby to the forest.

3693840 who said anything about innocent?:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

3694092 I may have something planned:pinkiecrazy:

cool story i hope there will be blood in the next chapter:pinkiecrazy:

Fucking ponies. Accusing him of foalnapping when he never left the forest.

princes Luna will suffer right?

3694585 Sort off.

3694553 Yup, thats why he keeps his distance from them. He doesn't want to be bothered by them.

3694604 In any case, he can demand compensation for the foals damage to his person.
A few dead dears would do.

where in doing in my fucking house.

Celestia was lowering her son with her sister by her side,

but great chapter:twilightsmile:

This story is pretty sad: but the question I am asking is who threw the first punch:

the ponies or the human.

3694646 You gonna have to wait two chapters to find out.

To all you asshole who Disliked the story already I'd like to say. "Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuck you, You're cool, and fuck you I'm out!" If you don't like the story just hit the return and go watch your one shot clop.


Hmmm very interesting and different so far.

"Patience Luna, We do not know if it has done any harm yet. Its not like him to harm any of our ponies unless they robbed him somehow. I doubt that a filly would be capable of pushing him to that point."

Wait, how does Celestia know something about the filly BEFORE she gets the message? :rainbowhuh:
I think you messed something up here.

This is one of my favorite types of stories, where the human goes to equestria expecting the ponies to be all a brony would want them to be then BAM he gets screwed over by them.

-Clay the Draconequus

3694770 They sent the message before he started sewing his arm shut

3694781 I've started pitching ideas in my mind for what I'm going to do with the story. I think I've found the right pick.


Ponies = Faggots, Sinners, and The will parish by human hands

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