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I got reviewed! Along with a parody version of my story!

Today I had one of my stories; The Story of Man, reviewed by an amazing chap known as Red Does Reviewing as well as made a little parody version during the review.

Here it is, the masterpiece of Red;

In honour of his hard work, I will leave a link to his group; Taco Tuesday and highly recommending you all to go support him. He does stuff like this and it would greatly help him in the near future.

Thanks Red for making this for me!


The Q&A · 5:24pm Aug 28th, 2016

That was the day I released my 100th followers blog, even though I did say questions on blog, it's still something.

Also sorry for the delay, had some work to do and had to go to an Irish Party.... It was fun at night, but when you wake up in the morning, it's the very different.

So with that said, let the Q&A begin!

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2425817 well i do have a ch.1 for jhin but i jusk can't write it

2425703 Have you tried to think of a story containing him first and what context it has or you just want to have a idea about this guy?

2425700 i am trying to think a good idea for jhin the virtuoso

.....hey i need some help....

Comment posted by mrkillwolf666 deleted April 7th

cool i see you'r are update the appearance of the new story

2344802 Well I'm kinda busy with life stuff & work but I made a one shot story called Sirens' Captive

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