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Fenriss, queen of the Diamond Dogs, has longed for a pup of her own but due to her royal duites she has never gotten around to having one. However one day she finds a small baby human, which she names Kiba, and is given the chance to finally have a pup of her own. Now follow as Kiba finds his place in the world.

cover art was graciously done by Alejin, and I can never thank him enough for it.
Edited by the amazing Helping Hoof.

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Question the next chapter will deal with the time skip or will continue immediately after? Also I wonder what the nobles will think about a prince

the next chapter will not skip. And you will see that in the chapter.

Great, lets hope that other species think humans are dangerous and tell the queen that she needs to dispose of him or try to take it away out of fear

yeah, hey did you see this story was, and hopefully still is, in the opular section.

Ah…hey would you look at that, congrats man

I hope that his mother isn't the "I have not every a few hours of freetime per day kind of ruler, because I want to see her spending some time now and then with her child.

I like where this is going, what type of dog is his mother?, since it looked like you made his nanny the (tv lassie) collie dog. I actually like it that more started to make the diamond dogs look like better dogs than those more or less ugly once that where used in the show. I just didn't liked their look so much.

Well thank you for this interessting story, not sure what you want to cover with this story, but I always hope for the possibility of sequels and I like to see him finding friends and such things without it happening in timeskips.

Long story short, I hate it when it goes like this.
1. young boy getting adopted
2. timeskip
3. suddenly having friends, knowing all the rulers and main chars of the world and having the best mother son bond

I like it that there is also the chance that he isn't going to be that much different from the dogs.

If they creat him some tools he could probably be as efficient as them and maybe having a crafty way to outclass them.
I always say I don't need my main chars to be op, but I like it if they manage to impress characters like Celestia and others.

Not sure what he meant exactly but I would be against that usual "oh no we need to kidnap and kill him" kind of thing happening or "every" species disliking the human.

What I would prefer is if they maybe have or get some allies like the ponies or griffons, minotaurs?, (not sure who would be their friends), but like I said, the half of Equestria against the other kind of war.

Long story short I would prefer only some of them to be against it instead of the usual let's kill him while she is not looking kind of thing. It would be already enough if some diamond dogs would not accept him to creat some kind of tension, it doesn't always needs to be assasination or "the world" against the human baby.

okay first I would like to say the no not everyone will be out for him and none of them would be gunning for him. They would mostly just be a bit cautious when it comes to him. However that is not to say a few of them might bully him in some way.

As for the rest of the questions well yes she will be able to have a good amount of time with Kiba, but will at times have to be away from him due to her position. Fenriss is a Golden Retriever because that is my favorite dog bread.

Well as far as I understand it, it sounds good what you had to say.

is that that diamond dog story you posted about a while ago?

This chapter was good enough, I needed something like this this morning.

I hope this is a long story and not a short one

yes and no, there are going to be some rude ones.

Other than some spelling errors, good job thus far and just so you know, I am the 40th like. XD

It is proceeding in small bits, but that's alright, I kind of like it that way.

I’m really curious just how strong Fenriss is.

Keep up the good work. I wonder how you'll write the rest of this store.

I’m liking this. The series is lacking Diamond Dogs

that was one of the reasons i decided to make this story.

Have you read this? If you want a Diamond Dog tale, "Dogged Determination" is pretty good.

(Havn't read this yet, just a note.)
Wait... Fenriss?
Is that a reference to a planet by the name of Fenris?
From Warhammer 40k?
I have to read this now.

no I haven't I will give it a read thank you.

um I am sorry no it is not. I honestly have never played war hammer before in my life. I got the Name from the Mythic creature Fenrir.

Damn. I'll still read it, but that would've been an awesome pun.

(Fenris is the home of the Space Wolves)

What a lovely show hope to see the next episode

Hmm....not bad, could use some work but it has potential.

A rough collie named Lassie? Will there be other diamond dogs named after famous dogs?

Diamond dogs being skilled miners AND alchemists... as in Full Metal Alchemist-style alchemy!? I did not expect that and while the minotaurs are strong, they are also smart enough to be skilled blacksmiths and engineers... and possibly orators *coughIronWillcough*

9066869 If they can do all that... why the hell did they need Rarity to dig for gems?

Or were those just a group of idiots who'd banded together?

9066880 Methinks the latter is more plausible. Pretty sure smart diamond dogs exist in the show, but we just don’t see ‘em.

Oh how can I resist this...

chapter 3: Announcing the hare to the throne


Bugs woulda clobbered me if I missed such an opportunity.


I have to admit that speaking as a person of Norse descent that's heard the myths since childhood...

Well, the noble Queen Fenris sounds a bit odd in my ears, must admit. Like somebody retelling the tale of Jesus, daughter of God, mother of modern Christianity.

Not that there's anything wrong with that type of retelling (and about the only mythical canine that's female I can think of is the unnamed she-wolf that nursed Romulus & Remus, so not exactly a glut of meaningful choices), but still. Bit odd.

Just thought I'd mention that the thought came over me.

love the Naruto reference and might actually do that now in the future.

Full Metal Alchemist was one my biggest inspirations when writing this chapter.

They needed her cause they could literally see the gems underneath the rock, which means they wouldn't have needed to waste as much energy in searching for their exact locations.

I half expected her to take messy Kiba set him on the ground then whistle to have the guard dogs lick him clean. My parents would do that to me as a kid. I’d laugh and laugh

I wonder if Diamond Dogs age like normal dogs, and if so, will Kiba seem immortal to them?

I love the ideas here, the characters are a little flat but definitely like able.

Your ideas are getting across but a good editor is needed. If nothing else, get an word to speech app so you can hear how it sounds and remove redundant or awkward lines.

Also don’t be scared to shy away from human norms. In a canine society there are bound to be several traditions or mannerisms that make this seem less like a society. World build a little.

no I am basically making it to where they have around the same life span of an average human.

Makes sense. Although it would be an interesting take. He would be like Celestia to them when he took the throne.

After waiting for a couple minutes Magnus opened the door and said,” so you have finally arrived your highness.” Magnus then turned around and said,” come follow me I will show you to the test.” Magnus then walked into his hut with both Fenriss and Kiba close behind.

In my head she was going home and suddenly she appeared in his house when opening the door.

He then smirked and said,” your test my boy is to transmute this emerald dust into a whole emerald.”

after that he is going to say "there he can do it, he don't needs a teacher, now go away"

I could find my old comment again, but can you help me with what kind of dog she was again? I think it was a golden (whatever it is names in english) and I think his nanny was something like "lessi?"

okay basically I want you to use alchemy to take the emerald powder and turn it into a whole emerald.”

yep that helps, and he is still acting as if he gave him the permission to cheat during the exame and has even written the notes for him.

I like this story. I'm never sure if it is just my current mood or something else when I read certain stories, but I'm never really sure what to make of it so far, but I always finish reading this story with at least a "well that was nice" in my head.

I liked this chapter, maybe because it continues to shape the world a bit more. Not sure how much you explained their little realm so far, but it feels to me as if it slowly comes together right now even if I only read this chapter today.

I just like it if they have roughly the same lifespan at least as soon as they appear in Equestria, mostly because I want the humans or other creatures to live as long as with however they get shipped with.

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