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A guy who loves to create stories and has a big imagination. Also wishes to become a famous Actor and Director.


Spencer is regular human trying to get by in life and wanting to become successful in life. However, when he is suddenly captured by the storm King's minions and taken into his encampment, he will find his life that more challenging. However, he does get placed under the hot Lieutenant Tempest Shadow during his stay. He also gets to learn some interesting facts about the Lieutenants life.

To Spencer, this will be a somewhat fun imprisonment.

This story is my first 1st person story that I ever did. I do hope you come to enjoy.

Editor for this story is A Man Undercover, and I can't thank enough for his help.

Rated T for sexual references mostly involving breasts.

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Art was made by the famous Koveliana on Deviantart. Do go check her out.

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Virgins writing romance/sex. Should go well.

Cant wait for more mate keep up the good work

I like it so far, but the part where he grabs her breasts and says" god your hot".....look i know you did that for comedy but i dont think it was the right time and place to use it. Also pls i know its your story and you have the right to give any personality to your characters..... just.. be carefull not to make Spencer one of those boring anime protagonists with no character development, who are always acidently toutching girls breast or seeing them naked and them getting beat up by said girls and loose conscience.
Its the first chapter but im already starting to like it, dont rush it, take your time on how u want this romance to develop, dont make them (pardon my language)fuck eatchother righ away. Love takes time to grow, like a tree it needs to be nourished and cared for, so that it can bear friut.
Im hope that my criticism was constructive and im looking forward to see how this story will grow.

I really enjoy this, it has so much hope in it.

Also like 9095667 said, don't make it too anime. I think the first boob accident was good enough for people to see the stupidity of the protagonist, maybe have another character fault that he sometimes speaks his mind out or something which is a fun and relatable tread. But just don't go over the top or have it repeat in almost every chapter. Have the love slowly build up, small kindness, someone's coat on the sleeping person's back and then maybe some accident booby-touchy comedy.

Other than that, I find this enjoyable and love to see more of Tempest/Spencer love and the Storm King... being the Storm King. Keep up the good and funny work!

Castok :heart:

seems like could be fun

Hey thanks so much man.


Thank you both so much for your intake and thought on my story. I know it's starting out slow and yes it started out with some crazy moments but I have not going to make this into something that is senseless. I do plan on making this more interesting in the future and making this story more enjoyable with taking things slow and having the buildup to more fun and meaningful story. Also I don't mind the criticism. Feedback is good and helps improve the story.

I do hope you come to enjoy it, and yes there will be character development on both sides so that it makes this story more entertaining.

You sure did pick a hot and sexy picture of Tempest for this story!

still seems good to me

Thanks, I did go for a good artist for her. She did make wonders for this art piece! :twilightsmile:

Yes. I needed a new Tempest Romance fanfic. I love her so much~

Awww. Tempest is being less mean. That is so nice~

When I read the title first I thought it said ‘To calm a Trumpet’ and I had to look at the cover art to realise what it actually was. For that, and that alone I will read this. (As soon as I see the MLP movie)

Thank you for that! I do hope you come to enjoy it!

I will enjoy this story and wait for more

aaaaww she needs a hug

I try to make her nice. Well see how far it goes. :twilightsmile:

She does indeed. Got to work on the chapter for that to happen. *Just don't tell anyone yet*

wots my silence worth to you?

You are doing great Broman. Keep it up. Tempest is my fave.

*Thinks critically*
Good point.

Shouldn't Spencer get an OC tag?

Not sure if he needed one but I added in just in case. Thought the human tag would be enough.

spencer has stockholm syndrom

That might be true but look how Beauty and the Beast turned out.

Oooo! They hugged! Yes! Although it was to stop a Super Nightmare it counts! They are making progress!

*It's one small step for hugs, one giant leap for hug kind* Glad your enjoy this!

Yeah. Continue to make great chapters. Also I have a question. Will the story stop after you do the movie events or will it continue after that?

Well with how this story is going I think it's safe to say it goes on a different take then how the movie version goes. So, it will have a end, just not the same as how the movie goes, if that makes sense.

Also I'll try to get more chapters out. The next I'm working on will be more funnier in my opinion.

That's good to know. Can't wait.. But I will.

Fun little story so far, but there's a lot of places where the wording doesn't flow very well. Try reading pieces out loud to yourself to make sure it sounds natural.

I'll be sure to do that. I actually had it worded differently as well during this but for some reason something happened to my internet and I couldn't save. It was a pain in the but and I didn't realize the mistake until I submitted it.

But for certain I will keep check it to be certain there won't be any issues with the wording.

I do hope the story is interesting to you at the very least.

Would you be interested in hiring anyone to edit this story?

I would If I could. There are some editors out there yes, yet, I have not found many who are very committed. It's been very hard overall with getting a story going and having a editor involved and they do have things in life that I respectively have to abide. I try my best in my own editing yet it does take time.

All I can think of when hearing them speak was ~ boom boom boom boom, I want you in my room...~

Those guys are orcs Uruks in Middle Earth Shadow of War aren't they?

They may or may not been inspired by them.:twilightsmile:

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