• Published 7th Aug 2018
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To Calm a Tempest - Broman

A Human finds himself in the company of a hot Lieutenant. If only he didn't tell her that.

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“Spencer, no matter how many times you explain it, I still cannot fathom it. How did Tempest mange to bend your back the way you describe it?” Princess Luna asked, sitting at my right side while I laid flat on my stomach, pain tingling all throughout my body.

“I don’t know, she just lifted me up and John Cena’d me into the ground,” I explained, knowing how she brought me to the ground was hard to explain.

“I still don’t know who that is,” she replied, and I shrugged my shoulders to her.

“He’s a famous wrestler back on earth who does over the top stunts in the ring.” I explained, but she merely tilted her head at me.

“Still don’t know. And this wrestling you describe sounds fake to my ears.” she replied.

“It is. Though the sport is fake, some people can’t help but enjoy the spectacle of the show.” I explained, but she merely shrugged her shoulders.

“Lets see the damage then,” Princess Luna said, her hands touching my back.

“Gah!” I suddenly shout out, and Princess Luna recoiled from her touch.

“Spencer! I’m so sorry! I didn’t hurt you did I?!” she asked, much concern in her voice.

I turned around with a wide smile on my face.

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I just wanted to know your reaction.” I replied, and she huffed out in annoyance.

“Don’t do that.” she said scornfully.

Then, she started pressing firmly into my back. I seethed this time from her touch as she explored my back with her fingers. I groaned inwardly as her fingers pressed into my back, testing where the muscles have been overburdened and abused. I felt like my lower back was taken through a cheese grater and lumped back into place. I gritted my teeth as she pressed further, her finger curling into my back and her thumbs pushing into the tender tissues. She removed her hands after another minute and she clicked her tongue a few times in disappointment.

“Your back is quite badly hurt. Hold still for a moment, I’ll have to adjust it.” she explained, and I heard her shuffle from her spot. I narrowed my eyes, hearing her feet move behind me and I felt her foot brush against my left side. I turned my head and I caught her standing over me.

“Uh, Princess Luna?” I asked, seeing her lower herself down on top of me.

I felt her legs straddle my lower back and I whimpered a little from the pressure. I also felt her adjust herself above me and my cheeks burned with great intensity. She looked at me, and saw my own displeasure and embarrassment. She merely eyed me with a coy smirk.

“Oh come now, it’s not all that bad,” she said, pushing her hair behind her ear while I remained still.

I was definitely feeling the weight of her body on my back and buttocks.

“Maybe not for you,” I replied, still appearing all the more of a cherry to the princess of the night.

She merely giggled and her arms folded with that smug grin on her face.

“I thought you enjoyed this sort of treatment,” she explained, the teasing coming forward in her voice.

I didn’t say anything, and I turned my head away from her in clear and silent contempt.

She giggled once more at my silence.

She was right, I did like it.

“Alright, I will need you to remove your shirt.” she explained, and I felt a tug from my shirt going up with her magic.

“Wait a minute! Why would I need to do that!?” I asked, trying to force my finger to clasp against the bottom hem of my shirt and trying to hold it for dear life. Princess Luna huffed in mild annoyance.

“It needs to be removed if I am to give you a massage. Your shirt acts as a filter and doesn't convey the similar experience of a real one. Besides," she softly whispered, "you are getting this for free while I practice my craft,” she explained truthfully, and I reluctantly agreed to it.

I wouldn’t pay anything for a free massage. Nothing beats that.

My fingers let go of the end of the shirt, and the article of clothing was pulled up and over my arms. My shirt didn’t remove all the way off my body but instead rested around my neck, allowing my back to be completely exposed to the Lunar monarch.

I heard her hands clasped together and she vigorously rubbed them at a quick pace. I noticed her hands began to glow once more, similar to when she dealt with my headache, only this time it was her whole hand that began to shine. She brought her hands down and pressed them firmly on my back, heat and pressure spreading throughout my body before she began her massage.

I moaned from the pressure, and I felt like I was in Heaven.

Luna’s hands started at my lower back, kneading at my muscles, and twisting and turning the sore tendons underneath. I grunted a little when she kneaded into a sore muscle, but, it quickly dissipates when she moved the massage around my back, the tension leaving me as she did her work.

“This is really nice. I didn’t think I would get a full back massage from a leader of an entire nation.” I said, and I could hear Luna huff out in triumph while all ten of her fingers sunk deep into my back.

“I am the princess of the night, and I have a duty to be strictly professional when dealing with my subjects.” she explained, continuing to press her fingers into my back.

I grunted a little before turning my head back to her with a grin.

“Really?” I asked, a little curious if that statement of hers was true.

She looked down at me and subtly tilted her head in a nod.

“Well, mostly professional when you’re around,” I groaned, and my head fell back down to the ground while she continued to do her work. “Would you be so kind as to move your arms up, please?” she asked, and I happily obliged.

I moved my hands up from my side and folded them forward in front of me while resting my chin on my arms, allowing her free access to my back.

She shifted her arms and began working on my back bone. I grunted and groaned a little when she put her knuckles onto my vertebrate, her digits rolling their way up my spine. She applied pressure every chance she could get, and she would restart back down my back and repeat the process once more. My body became relaxed the more she did this, and I eased a little as the muscles in my lower back began to un-knot. I few audible pops came from my back and I blissfully sighed when she pressed up into my spine.

I don’t think any spa treatment could come this close to what Princess Luna was capable of.

“Seems I got out those kinks in your back. Are you enjoying this Spencer?” she asked, and I nodded my head into my arm.

“You-very…good at...” I sighed deeply, my mind more focused on the deep massage on my back than to finish my coherent sentence.

I could hear her giggle while her palms dug deep into my lower muscles and pulled upon every fiber within my back.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” she said, continuing with her work. I responded with a incoherent mumble.

Oh yeah, I was enjoying this.

She soon finished on my lower back and I felt her shuffle forward, her legs straddling my waist while her fingers began to work on my upper back. I sighed deeply while feeling my upper back being tenderized by her hands. She curled her fingers into my shoulders, every digit grabbing at the knots that were in my muscles. Princess Luna quickly handled them.

“Relax, Spencer,” she said, trying to get my tense muscles to calm down.

“I am relaxed,” I muttered in reply, and I could hear her giggle.

“Relax,” she replied once more.

I felt her right hand lift up and slap my back several times rather forcibly, my back sounding like a meaty drum on my ears. I grunted a little, but I let her have her fun while she went back into the massage. I eased a lot more this time while she worked on my shoulder blades and my neck, her fingers pawing at my back like a big cat, going back and forth, and repeating the process.

If Princess Luna was a cat, I could probably compare her to a big cougar.

Don’t tell her I said that.

“I’m surprised that your fingers are not going numb from all this exertion,” I said, turning my head to the side to adjust my position while having a eye on Princess Luna, who looked rather pleased with her work.

“The more experience you have the more you can endure. I have experience in fighting and other laborious works from when I grew up, all the way until my banishment and eventual return. So, using my hands for good causes such as this is a nice change. Although,” she paused in her ministrations, “having a sword in hand and wearing the greatest armor in Equestria’s arsenal does have its perks.”

“Remind me not to get on your bad side.” I said, and she giggled once again before going back into the massage, easing the pressure while her hands went into my back.

She worked a little slow this time, her fingers slowly tracing over my upper muscles and taking every inch of my shoulder blades. It still felt relaxing nonetheless.

I did feel a few audible pops come off my upper spine when her thumbs came in contact. I guessed it was safe to say that what Tempest did to me put one or two muscle tendons out of place.

She stopped at a tender spot, the one where most of the pain was emanating on my back, and she began her work on the area.

“Spencer, I believe it’s safe to presume that you have made progress with Tempest?” she asked, working on the main spot of my back.

My relaxed mind became numb from her question, but I knew that I had to be honest about it.

“Well, I sucked poison out of her neck after she was bitten by a snake. She only pummeled my back when Braeburn and Strongheart explained that the snake’s poisonous venom was less effective to adults and larger creatures.” I explained, and she stopped in mid massage and curled an eyebrow at me.

“Really? That’s a bold move on you to go for the throat. Already trying to sweep a mare off her feet before making her yours.” she said, and I rolled my eyes over her mere suggestion. “By the way, how are Braeburn and Strongheart? I have not spent much time with them in the dream world and Applejack is wondering about her cousin’s well being.” Princess Luna asked.

“Both are doing okay despite the hardships that are going on, though there is some good news. Strongheart is pregnant, and you can tell Applejack her cousin is the father.” I explained, and Princess Luna nodded in kind.

“I shall relay that information to her when I have the time available to speak. Although, I am curious...will the child take after the mother or the father?” she paused in her massage and pondered for a moment.

I couldn’t help but smile.

“That’s what I thought when I first heard of it.” I explained.

Luna and I giggled a little at the thought.

She returned to her massage, being a little forceful in the area where the pain is residing.

“Back to the main topic, I still think it was very brave of you to help Tempest, despite your current circumstances. However,” her teasing voice returned, “I wondered what would happen if it was not on her neck…” my eyes widened slightly over where she was going.

“Luna, I know what you’re thinking so don’t you mention it,” I said, but she went on anyway.

“What if the bite was somewhere else?”

“Princess Luna!”

“Maybe on her leg?”” she teased.

"No Luna!" I almost shouted, my face turning more red by the second, but she leaned in for the final blow to give a hushed whisper.

"Or maybe on her bosom?"

My head went forward and I buried myself in my arms, my face and ears already burning red from the mental image she had implanted.

“Great...now I can’t get that image out of my head.” I mumbled, all the while imagining a snake bite going down and biting on her….No, no, bad brain! Don’t think that! Don’t think of that. You’ve got to keep abreast about this, no wait chest…. No rack. Gah!

My head got buried deeper in my arms, and I can imagine steam coming off my head from that numbing image. Princess Luna was loving every bit of this.

“Oh Spencer, you know I am only joking. There is no need to get flustered.” She said, and pushed deep into my back, causing a bone to pop on my vertebrate.

I sighed deeply from that distraction and I groaned a little from the renewed massage that she placed into the sore area.

“There. That should do it. I just need tend to these areas before your finished,” she said, her hands curling in and rubbing the once sore spot once more. As she did this, my mind also reflected over what Tempest had said to me the previous night. I felt it was necessary to tell her. And like a confession, I began to speak to Princess Luna.

“There’s another thing that I picked up with Tempest,” I said, while Luna began rubbing my shoulders of all the remaining kinks I had, “Tempest and I got into an argument once, and I discovered something about her that she won’t openly admit. I believe that she’s afraid of being touched, mostly by men in particular.” I explained.

The massage slowed down in its current rhythm, no doubt making her ponder over my revelation.

“Was there anything else?” Princess Luna asked, some concern in her voice.

“Well, when I did go and and try to help by sucking the poison out of her, she muttered that she didn't want to die. I don’t know what would have happened to her in the past, but by all accounts, I’m starting to believe that something really awful has happened to her.” I explained, but Princess Luna remained steadfast to where she was.

“I believe I’m getting a better picture on her back story, although, that still leaves out the massive creature that I had encountered from her nightmare.” she paused in her talk, but her massage on my shoulder blades remained, “there are so many questions and very few answers.” she explained, and I looked at her with an inquiry.

“Can’t you create a dream sequence or find one that she is dreaming about?” I asked, and she shook her head.

“Well, finding a particular or certain dream of hers is rather challenging. Some of her dreams present themselves with a few items that lead to her past, but finding the right one over the dozens of dreams and images is rather difficult,” she explained, but a knowing smile crawled up her face.

“Although, since you provided me with some information, it will allow me to have some leeway in getting one step closer to the truth. I’m certain I can conjure something the next time you sleep and possibly figure out one piece of this massive puzzle that is Tempest.” she explained.

I soon felt the tension off my shoulders be released, and my back felt relieved once again.

I remained in thought of the possibility of finding the truth. If Princess Luna is able to make a dream that would allow Tempest to ease into it and reveal parts of her history, I could be there to help her without getting turned into a pretzel.

While I contemplate over the whole matter, I felt Princess Luna place her hand on my shoulders and her finger trace along my muscles. She wasn't giving me a massage, but more like physically examining the muscles that were there. I looked at Luna who looked rather pleased at what she was doing.

“Your body has changed since you've been here,” she said, her hand patting my back while I tilted my head to her, “I think this is a good look for you, no longer the pudgy human that you were once before.” she said cheekily, but I understood what she was getting at.

I gave a smile, and a thought suddenly occurred to me on how my body has changed and I’ve become healthier as a result staying here. I felt a little proud that I was able to do something productive for my body, despite the harsh conditions that I am in.

I felt her finger push into my side and instantly squirmed from the unexpected touch.

“I miss that little belly of yours, being able to poke some fun when you’re not looking.” she explained, and I instantly remembered the days she did do that to me.

As I continued to wiggle from her touch, I saw her give a devilish smile from my silent and wriggling state.

Oh no.

“Spencer? Are you ticklish?” she asked, and without hesitation began tickling my sides.

I began to laugh and wheeze out from the tickle torture. I began to shake underneath her, trying in vain to make her stop. I began to move my flail up and down, trying to push her off my back. What I did had the opposite effect for Princess Luna, for all I did was make her bounce her butt on me. She seemed to like it, and soon enough, while l heard her laugh in utter giddiness, she began bouncing her royal butt on my back. She made a childlike squee while lifting a hand to smack it firmly on my buttcheek, while she cheered out from this escapade.

“Ride like the wind, Spencer! Take me to battle and let us face the foe together!” she exclaimed, the cackle coming out of her was most unbecoming of the princess of the night.

“Get your royal fanny off my back! I’m not a horse!” I shouted, trying in vain to buck her off my back, but found that I could not.

Although, now that I said it, I found it rather redundant if not ironic in this given situation that we were in.

After what felt like an eternity of the silly situation, I soon collapsed back onto the ground and Princess Luna was able to get off me. I felt exhausted and rolled on my back to face her. I looked up to her and she still had the giddy smile on her face.

“Take care, Spencer, I’ll see you in the next night,” she said.

Before I could question it, she pressed a finger to my nose and made a boop noise. My eyes closed out of instinct, and everything suddenly went black.

When I opened my eyes again, I was back in Tempest’s tent once more.

I looked back at her bed and saw that Tempest was already gone. No doubt in my mind she was busy with her duties. I raised myself up and placed a hand on my back, feeling rejuvenation from the massage Luna gave me. Whatever she did to me did wonders and I no longer felt pain.

My back doesn't hurt, I thought and lifted my arms in triumph, I’m healed!

However, my jubilation only lasted a few seconds when I suddenly felt a strong pinch on my lower back and my muscles tensed up on the spot. I breathed through my gritted teeth and fell flat on my back and I seethed out in pain. I remained there on my bed, feeling the tingling sensation on my lower back. The only noise accompanying me was the rain that splashed onto the ground outside the tent.

Luna, you missed a spot.

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