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To Calm a Tempest - Broman

A Human finds himself in the company of a hot Lieutenant. If only he didn't tell her that.

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The First Hug (Edited)

Another week went by, and things were pretty much the same as the last. Tempest had gone out and about with her duties, while I remained cooped up in the tent. No doubt she was off to pillage a village or run out any civilians that the Storm King’s army happened to go through. On occasion, one of the guards notified me to do a chore or two and I would be escorted back to the tent. Other than that it had been relatively boring.

Okay, just flat out boring.

I’ve had no contact with Princess Luna in my dreams of late since the last one was cut out so abruptly. Though I can honestly say it was my fault because I didn’t know about the dreamscape and how interactions with other dreams worked. I couldn’t say when she would return, but I hoped she would come back soon. I was beginning to be at my wits end of this place.

I laid there flat on the bed roll. The only source of light was the hanging lantern near the tent entrance. The only sound that I could hear was my own breathing and rain splashing against the tent. I thought I’d grown used to this rain, despite it constantly raining ever since I’ve been here.

If someone decided to waterboard me here and now then I was good, because this constant downpour was torture.

I banged the back of my head gently on the soft furs, trying to numb out the noise that was happening outside. But no matter what I did, or tried to cancel it out, the noise. I tried imagining that I was taking a shower, or even swimming in a pool, but that didn’t work because the noise lingered and made the whole situation worse. I sighed deeply and leaned my head back until I could stare at the wall of tent.

“Well Spencer, this is probably the most boring day you have had to experience. Done exercising, chores and hard labors taken care of, and no sight of Tempest anywhere. This has been going swimmingly hasn't it?” I said aloud, and by instinct I raised one of my hands over my head, the light of the lantern casting its shadow onto the wall.

Trust me, there have been a few people who have gone this far to cure their boredom.

“Don’t say swimmingly, this noise has been driving me bonkers ever since we’ve been here,” my hand puppet spoke back to me in a lower pitch voice.

“Sorry, but with nothing to do, I’m just flat out bored right now. Even an insane asylum sounds more pleasing than this constant rainfall,” I replied back, but my shadow shook its head.

“Doesn't mean you can imagine some better things,” my hand retorted, “Remember that time when you first came through Twilight’s castle and you were in complete awe over what you’ve seen that it was almost a dream?” I chuckled at my hand’s remark.

“Yeah, and at the same time, I accidentally walked into the guards’ showers and some of the mares in there freaked out.”

My hand thought for a second over that particular memory and laughed with me.

“Oh I remember. I also recall that thestral who got really in your grill. That mare was cursing up a storm like a scotsman.”

“I think she was a scotsman, or mare if you will. But she can be a feisty one and curse me out before I have the chance to compose myself,” I replied back.

My shadow hand was going to reply but my left hand raised up and cast its shadow upon the wall.

I had to spice things up you know.

“Guys, careful, Storm King is coming!” he said, before disappearing out of existence.

A few seconds later my left hand made a shadow that almost resembled the Storm King, or half resembled due to the few fingers shaping up a horned head.

“It is I, the Storm King, and I will be your judge, jury, and executioner during your stay here,” the shadow of the Storm King said, laughing and appearing all mighty to the other shadow hand.

“Oh no, it’s Judge Dredd, I mean, the Storm King, whatever shall I do!” his right hand said in an almost mocking tone. The Storm King continued to laugh, and I tried to make it as deep as possible to make him all the more ridiculous.

“That is right, I am dreadful, thank you for the kind compliment. I abhor kindness in all its forms. Therefore, I shall let my lieutenant come in and beat you to a meaty pulp, hahahaha!” The storm king took off, albeit in a silly way, and disappeared from the light. A moment later my left hand returned and the voice of Tempest Shadow came in.

“So, this worm is what the Storm King has given me? You’re nothing but a fat pig,” she explained, in the most feminine voice I could give.

“I’m not fat, I was actually fluffy before I was been worked to the bone,” my right hand said, attempting to flex my thumb to resemble a muscled arm.

“No talking back! Insubordination!” Tempest Shadow cried out.

“What?” My right hand replied, only to gasp when the left hand formed into a gun. I made the sound of a taser and my right shook uncontrollably, and I added an after effect of my own death.

“Blaghhhh,” I cried out, my right hand being as dramatic as possible. However, before I could make a ‘dramatic’ return, the light disappeared and a figure blocked the view.

“Hey hey! Asshole! You're ruining the show,” I said and I looked at the front entrance the tent in annoyance, only to bit my lower lip when I saw it was Tempest at the front entrance.

“Oh hello, Tempest,” I stuttered, cursing under my breath as I tried to stand up and make myself presentable. Though after speaking aloud to her without my knowing I’m fully expecting a big whooping.

Tempest stared blankly at me, her ears low and her authoritative mood the same as ever. Her hair was soaking wet, making the plume-like mane sag slightly from its usual look. Behind her, she dragged a small bag, which had mud scraped to the bottom of it, I also could have sworn that there was blood splattered upon it. She moved towards me, dragging the bag with her, and I froze in place.

Her opal eyes bore into mine and I couldn’t help but stare back. With each heavy step she came forward, her body weary from whatever task she did. Her nostrils flared and a deep sigh escaped her, and still I nearly flinched from her brooding demeanor. When she got five feet away from me, I cringed slightly and waited for her to punch me in the gut and throw me to the ground.

What I didn’t expect from her was to walk past me and go towards her bed.

I blinked in surprise. I was fully expecting a beatdown or some sort of punishment. Instead, she walked on past and pretended I was never there.

I turned back to her, seeing Tempest laying the bag down next to the foot of her bed and slowly sitting on the edge of it. She sighed deeply, her bed creaking slightly from the weight of her armor. She shuffled a hand into the bag and pulled out what appeared to be a bottle of wine. She uncorked the top and the cork came out with ease. Then, she tenderly brought the bottle to her lips and began to drink it down. I blinked in surprise. I had never seen her drink before and didn’t think she would be a drinker. After a few more big gulps, she lowered the bottle and sighed deeply from the heavy alcohol. She brought the bottle up to her lips again, but paused when she noticed me gawking at her.

“What are you staring at?” she asked coldly.

I blinked at her and turned to face away.

“Nothing. It’s just...I never took you as a drinker.” I replied, hoping that by some small chance that she was not going to take her anger out on me.

“Yes, well, everyone has a surprise in them for others,” Tempest said, surprising me, “I do drink certain liquids. You just never knew that.”

I could hear her take another swig of the wine, and I could only wonder what was going on through her head.

“Tempest? What did you do today?” I asked, with a hint of caution, knowing that one wrong inquiry could lead me having my tonsils removed.

Tempest glared at me, her fiery eyes ready to send out daggers while I would remain strapped to a big target. Her military demeanor rose when she stiffened her back and pointed a finger directly at me, while holding the bottle of wine in her hands.

“That, is none of your concern…so zip your…your howling screamer,” she said, the alcohol in her system already making her tipsy. She took the drink to her lips, but she stopped short before her eyes lingered on me for a moment longer. “You should be in bed, it’s already late…for a young child like you,” she said, going at her drink like it was the most precious thing in the world.

Has it already been that long? I thought, looking outside and wondering how dark it was already.

Deciding to do what she said, I went to my bed and laid there, being as still as possible while I listened to her drink to her heart's content. I tried closing my eyes, trying to imagine the sound of silence echoing in the whole room. However, Tempest’s drinking and sighing in satisfaction was a big distraction. A moment later, I heard the wine bottle land with a solid thump and I lifted my head to see Tempest had finished the bottle. She was beginning to undo her armor’s straps. She managed to get a few of the parts off, but struggled to undo a shoulder strap. She cursed and her fist banged against it to remove the armor piece.

“Tempest? Do you need any…”

“Just shut up and leave me be!” she shouted, anger and frustration in her eyes and her body tense. I could see her fist clench up, and she looked ready to fly herself over to me to pummel me to the ground. She bitterly looked away and grabbed the strap, before ripping it off her body and tossing the armor piece to the side with little regard to it. Sensing that she was not willing to talk, I quietly settled back down into the bed.

After a while, I could hear Tempest settle herself on the bed, and sleep soon overcame me.

The dreamscape I found myself in was different. Normally I would find myself in some bar, or imagining I was in a big battle. Even imagining I was at the Academy Awards for Best Actor and I would get the reward, only for those pricks to give it to someone else because they said they ‘made a mistake’. This time nothing greeted me and nothing seemed to take place. I felt myself floating in a big sea, the water flowing through and around my body. I stayed there, feeling my body drift off to the sea of nothingness and nothing anchored me to solid ground.

“Spencer…” a voice called out to me.

I drifted a little further, finding my body flipping over and standing on solid footing. I saw a mist coming towards me, a warmth radiating out of it and calling out to me. Like a moth to a flame, I drew to its presence as the mist slowly swirled around me. I opened my arms out of reflex and the mist encompassed me. I felt part of the mist hold my head close, and I began to feel something holding me back. Not forcibly, more like a gentle hug.

“This is really nice.” I said, relaxing into the warm embrace and rubbing my face on whatever this warm substance is.

“Glad you’re enjoying yourself, Spencer,” the familiar voice of Princess Luna entered my ears.

My eyes opened wide, and I saw nothing but blue in front of me and the soft fuzzy feeling on either side of my cheeks. My eyes darted up and I could see the Princess of the Night giving a small smirk down at me. My face burned red when I realized exactly where my head was. Right between a low cut garment.

I was buried in Princess Luna’s heavenly cleavage.

“I was worried when you were pulled out of your sleep,” she said, patting my back in a motherly sort of way, “But judging by how enamored your face is buried in my bosom I say that you're fine,” she finished, and I immediately lifted my head out of her valley of heaven and looked at her dead in the eye.

She still held me and showed no anger over what I did, but a part of me was glad to see her again.

“I’m glad to see you too,” I said with the straightest face as possible, though I didn’t know how red my face was. “Sorry about that,” I finished, trying to avert my eyes away from her chest.

Princess Luna’s smirk rose even higher.

“Oh? My chest is not stunning or alluring to the eye?” she started to tease, “If you wish to know, my sister’s bosom is far bigger and softer to indulge in.”

“I was not going to say that,” I said, turning back to see her.

I was quite flustered with heat rising in my cheeks.

A wolfish grin quickly appeared on her face.

“No, but you were thinking it,” she teased.

I inwardly groaned. My face was no doubt as red as a cherry at this point and my head naturally buried itself back into her chest in defeat.

Damn..she was right.

“This is completely platonic,” I mumbled in her bosom.

Princess Luna laughed and patted the top of my head.

“Oh Spencer, you are so fun to tease.”

I soon removed myself from her as a pressing question came to mind. “Princess Luna, you’ve been gone for at least a week. Has anything happened?” I wanted to know what had been happening on the front lines.

Princes Luna’s smile faded, and she waved a hand over the air. An of Equestria image appeared before me. I could see Canterlot on the far side. Right before me the Storm King and his army were as large as ever, with some nearby towns and villages popping up here and there.

“Our armies are evacuating the outlying settlements as quickly as possible, but the ones closest to the Storm King are the most in danger. The Storm King has his partols surrounding the villages and we try to smuggle the citizens out as best we can. However, he is patient, and is trying to show us his strength before he goes for the kill.” She pointed a finger toward one settlement in particular, with a large bell tower that stood tall and was surrounded by brick buildings that had an old red look to them. When I looked closer I saw the village was in shambles and smoke emanated off every building.

“This small farming village was attacked recently, but they had besieged it for several weeks beforehand. They plundered it of all its value and put every citizen to the sword. I have not seen such savagery since the time I rebelled against my sister. This…this is just pure hatred.”

The image before me faded.

My heart felt for Princess Luna and for Princess Celestia. No doubt they were trying everything they could to safeguard their people, but even they couldn’t be everywhere at once.The most vulnerable towns and settlements were the most exposed to the Storm King and his forces.

I wondered if Tempest knew anything about this.

“Are the Storm King's defenses lowered? Is that why you are able to meet with me?"” I asked, and Princess Luna nodded.

“Indeed. I’m not certain why they dissipated, but it gives me a good opportunity to relay what has happened so far. It also gives me a chance to speak with the other prisoners and let them know that we are working on a plan to free them. It’s been slow, but it’s a good start,” she explained.

I nodded in kind, hoping that by some chance the Equestrian army could come in and harass the Storm King’s army, even causing some damage and disruption to them.

“Spencer,” Princess Luna inquired, “What happened last week? You awoke so suddenly that I feared you were brought to harm.”

“Well, I remember talking to you, and a second later, I felt a sudden kick in my side. When I awoke I found it was Tempest who jarred me awake,” I explained.

Princess Luna’s brow rose and looked at me with peculiar gaze.

“She awoke you? Pray tell, how is it possible that she got to you so quickly? Was she close by?” she asked, her voice betraying her curiosity over the topic.

“Well, Tempest and I live in the same tent,” I began to say when I caught on to what she was implying. Another shade of red grew on my face and I kept my mouth shut, while her sly grin grew.

“Sleeping with the enemy already? Does that make you an enemy of the state, Spencer?” she teased.

I tried to rectify the situation. “Hey, I didn’t do anything to deserve this. So let me keep abreast with you on…”

“Oh you charlatan!” Princess Luna half mocked, exaggerating while placing a hand to her head, “touching a mare’s breast and you’re easily smitten with the enemy. Oh, how have we lead you astray?”

This mare was really pulling my leg.

“Okay now that’s pushing it, and it’s nothing like that at all. But let me remind you—”

“Oh you’ve seen her butt too? Does this me that you two are intimate and are expecting a child soon?”

My face was burning from ear to ear and I pointed a finger in irritation.

“I did no such thing! That didn’t happen whatsoever!” I decried, knowing full well that little tidbit would be seared in my mind for the rest of my life.

A gleam crossed her eyes and Princess Luna leaned forward and gave a soft whisper to me.

“I know a certain thestral under my command who would very much like to hear this. She’ll no doubt tease you and ask you for all the juicy details.”

I stared blankly at the Princess.

“Ok… now you’re just being mean,” I stated flatly, and Princess Luna smiled like a cheshire cat.

If ‘SHE’ ever heard about what I’ve been doing here, she would have a field day. Nonstop laughter, prodding of the greatest magnitude, and pulling my leg over the mare who is watching over me. I could already feel my self-esteem plummet off the high board and belly flop into a pile of cement. Princess Luna was ready to reply when she paused and a similar red glow came nearby.

“Speaking of which, this Tempest is dreaming again,” she said with a hush tone, her eyes narrowing and laced with concern, “Nothing of which is good.” Her words became more serious, and a worrying feeling entered in the pit of my gut.

“Is she alright?” I asked, looking in the direction where Princess Luna was staring.

I saw the red orb fast approaching us, the twisting lights becoming massive as they drew closer. I felt a hand on my shoulder and Princess Luna held me close.

“We’ll find out soon,” she said, her hand raised towards the orb.

The dream world struck us like a wave and I almost staggered back were it not for Princess Luna supporting me. I blinked a few times as the lights faded and shades of red were in my vision. Shaking my head to get a better vision, I saw that there was a fire before me. I gasped and looked up, seeing a large wooden home in flames, the glass shattering from the intense heat and the sound of furniture collapsing inside. I looked all around me to see more homes were set ablaze and the sound of fighting can be heard.

“Stay close to me,” Princess Luna said, and I quickly obliged.

Screams of women and children hung in the air, and my gaze turned down a narrow alleyway. Princess Luna and I walked at a steady pace towards the the noise. While we moved, we had to walk over the still forms of dead bodies, mostly civilians that couldn’t get out in time. The more I moved, the more unnerving the whole situation was. I’ve played video games which had these type of situations, the sound of battle, people screaming, and buildings collapsing. Those games are falsely exaggerated compared to the real thing. Actual people were dying, conflict and loud explosions were everywhere, and anything could happen at any given time and cause a great catastrophe to many innocents. I felt like I was in an Alliance town being pillaged by the Horde.

Meaning no offense, but the similarities are striking.

We turned the corner. At the far end, we saw movement among the shadows and silhouettes dancing on the walls, heading towards us. Princess Luna stopped me in her tracks, placing a hand on my chest to keep me from going any further. She remained silent and pushed me to the wall of a home, looking at what was ahead. I kept my gaze ahead, seeing the shadows grow and reveal three forms turning the corner. I blinked in surprise when I saw an earth pony family was running towards us. The father, a green burly Earth pony, carried a broken broadsword, while his wife, who had an orange coat and was wearing a small trimmed blouse was running towards us in a frantic pace. Their young daughter, a yellow filly that looked no older than five years of age, was holding onto her mother's hand, trying to keep up.

A part of me hoped that by some chance they would make it.

Then I saw one of the Storm King’s guards charging out of the corner of the alleyway, smacking into the wall and scrapping its claws onto the surface. It charged at them with reckless abandon, screaming and shouting curses that I could not understand. The father turned, pushing his family forward, while he stood his ground against the monster. The Storm creature lunged forward, but barreled right through him, tossing him aside like timber, and kept rushing at the the wife and child. I watched as the father screamed, helpless to fight back. The mother kept running, trying to get her daughter to safety. But the little filly tripped and fell to the ground below.

I wanted to rush in, to shield the little one before the storm creature could strike. However, I was held firm, Princess Luna’s grip holding me in place. I glanced at her. She remained deathly quiet, watching the harrowing scene unfold before us. I looked back and could only watch as the mother turned and used her body as a shield over her daughter, holding her close as the Storm creature raised it’s fist to bring it down.

However, before the Storm creature brought its powerful arms down, a sword came forward and stabbed the back of its neck. I watched, stunned as the creature fell, collapsing in a bloody heap, as it’s perpetrator sat on top of it.

I recognized the same armor and weapon of Tempest Shadow.

“Curious,” Princess Luna muttered, breaking my concentration of the scene before me.

I looked at her in confusion, but saw that she was not going to continue speaking and turned back to see Tempest standing up over her own soldier. The Burly father stood up. He was stunned, but still had his weapon at the ready. The mother held her child close, not sure of what was happening. Tempest kept their gaze upon them, her eyes widening and seeing the young daughter crying to her mother for if the monster was gone. Tempest turned her head, her eyes catching the father getting close to her. Instead of attacking him, instead of beating him down, she merely stepped aside and motioned her head to his family.

Confusion and relief seemed to cross the burly earth pony, but he merely thanked her before rushing to his wife and daughter, checking on them to see if they were alright. I couldn’t help but bring a smile to my face at the sight, the family reuniting for a brief moment before turning to leave. I watched as the young daughter smiled, waving at Tempest in some small thanks. I looked back, and for a brief instant, I saw Tempest smiling back.

It was genuine, not a smile that was put on for false purposes, but a pure one. Tempest waited there for a few moments, looking down the alleyway and seeing the family exit the alley. She looked down at the corpse of the Storm creature, showing no grief or remorse for its death. She quickly leaned down and wiped the blade onto it’s fur, shedding off the dark blood that ran off her sword. She turned around, heading in the opposite direction of where she came from. But a sharp shriek came all around us and she whirled her head in despair, her eyes like pin pricks and losing her cold demeanor.

“No!” she yelled, rushing in our direction.

A part of me wanted to call to her, wanting to ask what was happening. She rushed at me and I waved an arm out to get her attention. However, the moment she drew close to my hand, she rushed past me, my hand becoming a ghostly image when she ran through it. I watched as she continued sprinting down the alleyway and looked to my hand, seeing the wall behind it.

I’ve heard of ghosts before, but being one in a dream was really different.

“She can’t see you, so long as you’re near me,” Princess Luna said, turning in the direction of where Tempest had fled.

“We have to follow her!” I nearly shouted, wanting to take off to find her.

“Stay close, we’ll see her in moments.” she said, her foot stomping on the ground and my body suddenly shifting by unknown means.

The world around me zipped past me in the blink of an eye and my vision blurred for a few moments before settling down. I saw the alley and Tempest turning the corner, her body running at full speed. When she drew close to us, she halted in her tracks, a fear gripping her whole body. I turned my gaze to what she was seeing.

Only wishing that I hadn’t done so.

On the ground, dead upon impact, was the wife and daughter, clutching to each other, a spear having gone through them. The Storm King, appearing bigger than before, held the father in one claw, laughing of his victory and conquest of the entire town. All around me were many storm creatures, ransacking the town and chasing down fleeing ponies. The father tried his best to get free, punching the Storm King’s arm in an attempt to do so. But the Storm King merely laughed and placed his thumb underneath the Burly father’s chin.

Then, in one swift motion, the Storm King flicked his thumb upward, and the father's neck snapped open like a soda can. He then tossed the father towards a fountain in the center of the town, the limp body smacking against the stone structure before splashing into the water below. I felt sick as I saw the body float up, his eyes blood red and staring at the family who remained on the ground. I took an uneasy step back, knowing one thing for certain to what was happening before me.

This…this was just pure evil.

“This is barbaric, beyond anything that I have ever witnessed,” Princess Luna said, and I couldn’t agree with her more.

The Storm King turned his head and eyed us in our direction, though, it was Tempest he was eyeing. He had a disappointed look, giving a scowl to his second in command.

“You’re lucky that I have use for you, Tempest,” he grimly said to her, “If not for our deal, then your head would make a nice ornament, and your blood would’ve given an interesting paint job for this town. Just like them.”

And with that, he turned off to to continue his plunder of the town.

Out of my peripheral vision, Tempest walked past me and moved towards the body of the mother and child. She fell to her knees, dropping her blade in the process. Her hand reached out to them, hovering just over their bodies.

“I’m sorry…I’m so sorry,” she whimpered.

Her strong demeanor had cracked and tears flowed freely down her cheeks. She lowered her hand into a clenched fist and settled them above her knees.

While she remained this way, I looked out to the bodies of many other civilians that were killed, their bodies surrounding the courtyard. I looked back to Tempest and she remained there, looking all alone over the chaos around her.

She was not trying to kill them like the Storm King. She was trying to spare them.

“Tempest,” I muttered, wanting to get to her and be at her side.

I stopped when a low growl suddenly made itself known. I stiffened from the noise and looked around to find where the noise came from. But, as I looked around, I could not find the source of the sound. But, I found the world begin to slow down to the point of where everything seemed froze in time. The Storm King had frozen in his laughter, and the storm creatures that seized goods and valuables all remained as still as statues while the same growl came again.

“Princess Luna?” I asked, not turning to her

“I’m just as unsure as you are, Spencer.” she replied.

The growl became deeper and was coming closer to us. I felt the ground shake underneath me at a slow and steady pace. Tempest remained there, her eyes closed and her body still shaking.

“I failed them…They turned me away and I failed them.” she said underneath her breath, which was barely a whisper to me. “They came at me…cast me aside…tried to-” she added, but failed to speak out the last words, her head lowering further and her body becoming racked with fear.
I felt another tremor underneath me and kept myself steady. I looked to Tempest, wondering what was going on, or what was coming. My answers came quickly in the form of a large mist coming out of the burning homes, and heavy steps upon the ground.

“This dream, no, this nightmare, is far worse than I had imagined,” Princess Luna said, feeling her hand grip further onto my shoulder.

“What do you mean? What’s going on!?” I asked, almost wanting to shout it out.

The deep growl, sounding much closer and threatening than the last, was coming from the mist. My eyes lingered on that cold mist, a deep set of red eyes appeared, staring directly down at Tempest.

“This goes beyond normal nightmares. This is something much more. An unfathomable fear has grown inside of her,” Princess Luna explained.

The mist began to take shape. A mouth began to form, and rows of jagged teeth began emanating from its maw, inching ever closer to Tempest. Tempest, who had been idle this whole time, finally stirred, her head raising up to meet this beast. I watched as she stiffened and her eyes widened in pure terror. I could hear a deep heartbeat starting slow and begin to beat faster and faster like a wardrum. The monstrous creature, that was shapeless and formless, moved ever closer. It’s razor sharp teeth shined in the fires of the homes around us, making it all the more terrifying. The creature stopped short of Tempest, its mouth open and its teeth bared before her. I could hear the heartbeat pound more rapidly, hammering away at a far faster rate. I realized then and there that it was coming from her.

Then, within a instant, the creature encompass its mouth over Tempest’s head and crushed it down.

A shrill scream pierced my ears, emanating from Tempest herself within the monsters maw.

“Spencer!” Princess Luna said behind me.

I looked to her and she had a hand raised to me.

“You need to wake her!” she explained, and her hand began glowing a pale white.

“What about that thing? It’s going to…” I began to say until she raised her glowing hand over my head.

“I’ll handle things from here! Be there for her when she wakes up,” she said, touching my head.

The light encompassed my vision. The dream world collapsed all around me and everything went black.

I awoke with a start, hearing the most ear piercing scream. I bolted up and turned to see Tempest thrashing in her own bed. I stood up and rushed to her side, hoping to help her in some way. When I was by her side, I became paralyzed at what I was seeing. Tempest was shouting out while her own hands clung around her neck, almost to where she was choking herself. Her eyes were half awake and half asleep, flickering out as if she was possessed. Her body twitched and twisted, pushing her pillows and blankets off of the bed from her convulsion. I hovered a hand over her frame, hoping to seize her and get her to wake up.

“Get away! Get away from me!” She shouted, her body curling inward and falling forward, rolling on the bed and falling on the ground in front of it.

I went to her side, still seeing her body relenting and waving her hands to ward off some imaginary creature.

“Don’t touch me! Don’t you bloody touch me!” she shouted again, her eyes still closed and still dreaming. She had her back to the bed and was shaking violently.

I saw her closed eyes forming tears, spilling out whenever she stirred. I took a step back, unsure of what to do or how to help. This nightmare of hers was more personal, and there was nothing that could make her wake up.


An idea came to my mind, one that would no doubt be crazy enough to be made a death wish. But, the way that Tempest was, the sorry state she was in, what choice did I have? I approached her with a side of caution. She still swung her hands around her, forcing an imaginary foe to leave her. I was not deterred in my objective and approached her, waiting for an opportunity to grab her. When I was within a few feet from her, I found my chance when her arms outstretched to me. I seized both of her wrists, holding on tight until she would stop her violent quaking. She flailed about, trying to resist me. She nearly got loose due to her stronger body, but I managed to keep her arms held together. I looked at her and saw that her eyes were still closed, but they were moving underneath the lids, not sure of what was going on. She sat upright, giving out another shake to make me lose her grip, all the while still shouting out to be let go!

“No! I don’t want this! No…please!” she shouted weakly.

I did not relent, even when her body forced itself back, trying to get away from me. I made my move to grab at her shoulders. I watched as her eyes finally opened wide. They were bloodshot and the size of pinpricks when she stared at me. I quickly rushed forward, wrapping my arms around her frame and pulling her into a hug.

I’ve never heard her scream so loud in my life.

It was inhuman how she wailed, sounding like a cross between shrieking out in fright and howling like a wild animal. I wasn't even sure anyone could make such a sound. It was long and loud, no doubt waking the entire camp with her anguish. Even after the first cry she took a sharp breath and released a second screaming wail out into the night. I still held firm, holding her close and keeping her from hurting herself.

“Tempest! It’s okay! You’re okay!” I shouted back, hoping by some miracle she would snap out of it. While I held her, I could feel her heart pound heavily against her chest and vibrating onto my mine. I tried to soothe her, trying to keep her calm, even when she continued to scream into the night.

Just like the screaming, I’ve never seen someone be so scared….

No, that’s not the word. Petrified, over such a dream.

I could only wonder what was going on and what happened in her past to make her this way.

A few minutes passed and she still screamed out, though it grew weaker after each lament. She still moaned and whimpered even when her throat was dry. I could feel her body still trembling, the tremors under her skin still visible. Her arms were still, no longer thrashing but still visibly shaking. I still held on, still whispering to her and trying my best to calm her down.

“It’s alright. You’re okay Tempest. You’re safe. You’re safe,” I said, trying my best to get her to be as calm as possible. I wanted to do more to ease her discomfort, but felt obligated to stay as I was, even if it meant just holding her. Alhough I had no idea if this was working or if she would snap and turn me into a shish kabob, I had no other choice but to hold on, hoping that she will be okay.

I could feel Tempest’s heart slow down, becoming almost sync with mine. She still whimpered, speaking something that I could not follow. My heart just ached from hearing her like this. Whatever traumatic event got her like this was beyond me. I didn’t know how long we stayed there, but to me it felt like hours. What surprised me was that the guards didn’t bother to show up. Not even the Storm King himself came. Why didn’t they come to help her? While my thoughts lingered on such things, I heard her whimperings stop, yet she was still shaking. I turned my head, looking at her as she stared out at the wall before me. Her breathing was calm, and she was no longer crying, although, I did see the dry tears on her face. Swallowing the lump in my throat, I got the courage to speak to her.

“Tempest? Are you alright?” I asked, waiting for the potential fuse to explode on me.

Tempest said nothing, nor did she seem to acknowledge me, just staring out at the wall of the tent. Nervously, I slowly undid my hold on her, the warmth from her body leaving me while I looked her in the eye. She stared at me while I held her by the shoulders, waiting for some response from her.

“Tempest?” I asked once more.

I saw her eyes flicker and she looked at me once more, those opal eyes staring into my very soul.

Her eyes narrowed and her demeanor had returned.

“I’m alright…it was just...a dream.” she said in between breaths, uneasiness in her voice.

She and I both knew she was lying.

“Tempest, you want to talk about…”

“I said I’m fine.” she interjected, not breaking eye contact with me.

She quickly followed my arms to where my hands were and quickly brushed them off her shoulders. She pushed me very lightly out of her space, and I obliged without resistance. She stayed there, her arms wrapped around herself in comfort. She still kept staring, rubbing her shoulder and arms like they were her own security blanket.

“Tempest, if you need anything…please don’t be afraid to tell me.” I said, hoping to show that I was not a threat to her in anyway.

Tempest looked down, her eyes looking at the floor of her tent. She closed her eyes and looked hurt over the whole incident.

“You touched me,” she muttered, and I barely registered it.

“Tempest?” I asked, but she immediately stood up, still hugging herself.

She looked away and walked towards her bed. She went down to pick up her blankets and crawled herself back into it, before turning her attention and body towards me. She was in a position like Rarity was on her fainting couch.

“Get some sleep, Spencer,” she told me, with little hostility in her voice, “We’ll be moving out tomorrow. I’m sure you must be tired after all of this.”

And with that, she closed her eyes and went back to sleep.

I stayed there with little words to say. I was unsure of what I witnessed nor could I comprehend what just happened. I could only wonder if what I did helped settle the danger in her heart, or only eased it.

I went back to my own bed, crawling in and curling up to sleep. I stayed there until sleep would eventually overcome me, although before it could...I found myself watching Tempest, who made a light sound with her breathing as she slept and whose breathing was making her chest slowly rise up and down.

I didn’t know why, but to me...she looked absolutely cute when calmly sleeping.

While I slowly drifted off to sleep, for a brief moment, I heard the rain stop outside.

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