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To Calm a Tempest - Broman

A Human finds himself in the company of a hot Lieutenant. If only he didn't tell her that.

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Fire (Edited)

We traveled for the next few days through Equestria, the army trampling over the lush lands and fertile fields, until we eventually settled ourselves near a large river. Everyday we seemed to get closer and closer to Canterlot and I could still see it far in the distance. It made me hopeful that the Princesses would come for me, but what worried me was that they would likely be forced to clash with the Storm King and his army.

I was helping set up Tempest’s tent, making sure that everything would be settled before it got late. I couldn’t tell if it was getting late or not because of how cloudy it was, but at least the rain wasn’t coming down at the moment.

While I worked, my body felt...unusually different. Normally, I would find myself getting exhausted halfway through the setup and still be forced to work afterwards, but that was many weeks ago. Now, I’ve been getting through this at a much faster pace and I had no issues with lifting or moving heavy objects. My muscles felt more toned, and they weren’t as flabby or loose as before. I lost weight as well, the belly that I once had now gone and having a more toned body shape. Not close to having rock hard abs, but close to having a healthy body.

I guess that’s what happens when you consistently exercise.

Once I settled the tent, I had to move the rest of everything inside. I dragged the rugs and fur pelts onto the floor, placed the empty trough near the side, took my bedroll in the same usual spot, made a small fire pit for heating those warded stones, dragged the chest and armor racks, and finally...got the bed inside. The bed was much more tricky to move because I didn’t have any help moving it.

You would think that one of the storm creatures would help, but they always said no. I would always mutter that they were useless pricks before moving on.

I only managed to get it inside before usually getting berated by Tempest for taking so long. Thankfully, I came in with a plan on how to get this bed inside and today she was out, so I wouldn’t get yelled at. The bed came with a frame that came in separate pieces, which was quite easy to set up. The hard part was moving the mattress itself into position. It was a struggle not only to get it inside the tent due to its size, but also to avoid getting it wet. Despite the cloudy day outside, I still got a feeling that it was going to rain on us. Especially since the clouds were getting darker and I could hear thunder in the distance.

I dragged the mattress through the tent and settled it down onto the frame after an intense struggle. After it was all done, I looked at the mattress and found that it had no cover. She had always told me to never touch her fabrics unless she instructed me to, and since she was not here, I decided to wait it out.
I sat there inside the with nothing else to do, feeling like a dog waiting for its master, waiting for any moment that my owner would come in and do whatever she wished of me.

The sound of a thunderstorm approached closer as I waited, and I could hear rain in the distance steadily approaching. I tried to to think of something else to keep me distracted, but all I could really think about was Tempest. Ever since her nightmare, she had been very quiet around me, even ignoring me unless she was giving an order. I wasn’t sure why she was giving me the silent treatment, but a theory came into my head that she may have been apprehensive for me touching her and holding her close. She was so panic stricken that I didn’t think of anything else to do but hold her.

I couldn’t help but wonder if Princess Luna knew anything about it her reasons based on her dreams, that’s for sure.

The tent flap opened up and I looked up to see Tempest walking inside. She looked tired and didn’t say anything directly at me, so I kept to myself, not wanting to say something that would set her off. I looked away from her and more towards the tent wall in front of me, staying quiet being the best option.

That is, until I heard Tempest open up her trunk.

“Where is it?” she said, in a irritated tone.

I looked up and saw that she was tossing things aside and looking through the contents of her chest, all the while cursing under her breath which I could barely hear. She still kept searching through the chest but still could not find what she was looking for. A part of me felt like I was going to get punished for something, likely what I did days before.

“I can’t find the stupid pads,” she explained, and was removing the armor pieces off her body, “Guess you will have to go without,” she said while getting into her training outfit.

I hate it when I’m right sometimes.

I stood up from my spot and stood in the center of the room, dreading the moment her punches would impact me. I hadn’t done this before without pads, but I knew I had to endure a pummeling without protection.

Already, I felt sore all over my body, and I swore I got bruises on my bruises.

Tempest was soon ready and I took notice that she was not having her hands bandaged up. Before I could question it, she already went up to me and threw a punch straight into my gut. I fell back a few feet, stunned for a moment before Tempest came forward and shoved me to the ground.

“Cmon, Spencer. Get up and take it!” she barked, taking a fighting stance and getting ready to go again.

I stood up and readied myself, tensing my body so that she will continue her ‘training’.

I felt like I was getting the beating of my life. Every time she let out a few light punches into my chest and stomach, she would give a strong kick into my side and I would fall down to the ground again. At least I would always get back up, despite the fact she would continue to beat me down and send me to the floor. She kept this up for nearly thirty minutes, beating me and not relenting. I noticed a few times that she gave more serious punches, and sometimes she made me double over in pain. The latest one made me fall to the ground and I had to take a moment before getting up again. However, when I was halfway off the ground, she kicked me back down and I was left exhausted.

“Get up!” she ordered, wanting to continue.

I was too worn out to get back up.

“We’ve been going at this for thirty minutes. Can’t you give me a break?” I asked, but she kicked me in the side over my question.

“No breaks! You still deserve it for what you’ve done,” she growled lowly, before she seized the end of my shirt and lifted me up.

I hung in her grasp, watching as she lifted a fist and was ready to bring it down. I was more confused on what she meant.

“Was it over me hugging you?” I asked.

“Get up, Spencer!” she ordered, anger still in her eyes, but I saw her voice catch in her throat.

I noticed a glint in her eyes. It was the same that she showed me after I held her close, and the same one she had after she was scared of that nightmare.

Was she regretful for doing this? Was she even getting any benefit from this other than beating me?

I took notice that she looked guilty over what she was doing, her fist shaking and not wanting to throw another punch.

Before I could call her name, a bright flash appeared outside and lit up the room of the tent. A loud boom came after, and I felt vibrations underneath me. A moment of silence passed between us and I began to hear yelling outside. Tempest turned her gaze to the tent entrance, her stern demeanor returning and the blunt bluster from early replaced with a strong temper.

One I was all too familiar with.

“What now?” she asked, dropping me and letting me lay on the ground, exhausted.

I watched Tempest go to the tent entrance and push the flap out to speak to one of her guards. I saw something bright red outside and many shadows moving towards it. I watched Tempest turn and march right up to me, her eyes flared up. Without another word, she lifted me up and had me stand on my own two feet.

“Tempest?” I asked, before she looked me dead in the eye.

“One of our warships is on fire,” she bluntly stated.

Before I could question her, she seized me by my wrist and took me with her. I suddenly felt like a young child being taken away by a scornful mother. When I exited the tent, I was greeted by a strong light that felt like a noon day sun.

She was right. One of the parked airships was on fire.

The giant airship was set ablaze on the back, spreading wildly with each passing minute. I felt the rain splash against my face and tried to keep up as Tempest held onto me. I looked past the line of tents and storm creatures running about, taking supplies out of the hanger of the airship, getting them out before they were destroyed. Up above, I can hear thunder still rolling in the skies above, threatening to strike down over the camp below. It took us roughly ten to two twenty minutes to reach the airships, due to the hustle of the storm creatures and the number of delays of wounded soldiers being carried off. When we came close to the airship, it was still burning wildly and there looked to be no way in stopping the blaze.

“Tinder! Flint! What’s the situation!” Tempest yelled out, and I watched as two of the storm creatures came running up to them.

What I found interesting about these two compared to all of the other chinese copycats that I’ve seen was their coloration. The storm creature on my left had blue and white hair, while the storm creature on my right had a red and white hairstyle. If I put them together, they would be opposite but whole in some way.

I don’t know why I thought about that, but they just looked cool, that’s all.

“Well Lieutenant, Tinder and I were minding our own business, when all of sudden, there was this-,” Flint began to say in a deep voice, until his friend lifted his arms up in the air.

“Boom, glorious Booms!” Tinder shouted out in a deep voice, his red hair waving from his excitement.

I didn't know why he was so excited, even when their airship was burning behind them.

“Yeah, yeah, and we look up and see thunder claps, booming loud around us, big solid ‘Booms’!” Flint emphasized the word ‘boom’ in clear excitement, his red hair pointed at the airship, which was still burning behind him.

“It was amazing!” Tinder clapped his massive paws together, “Though the ship is on fire, but still they were amazing ‘Booms’!”

I watched Tempest raise her free hand and pinch the bridge of her nose, softly sighing under her breath. Clearly she dealt with them before. She lowered her hand and gave a deadpan stare at the two of them.

“So you’re saying that the storm above struck down our airship, which would have been impossible due to the amount of protection we have, and is now caught ablaze and spreading as we speak. Am I hearing this clearly?” she stated.

The two storm creatures looked at each other before turning and nodding at the same time, their hair bouncing wildly in quick succession. I nearly held back a chuckle due because of how insync they were.

Though Tempest caught on and rightfully punched me in the arm.

“I see that both of you managed to get out in one piece, but did you manage to, at the very least, seal any door ways that lead to vital supplies?” she asked.

Flint was the first to speak up. “Well, we made sure brig was secure,”

“Then we sealed off hold,” Tinder added, continuing his friend’s sentence.

“After that, we had to book it since engine room was on fire,”

“Making ‘Booms’ all around!” Tinder shouted ecstatically.

“Yeah! Glorious ‘Booms’!” Flint yelled just as equally.

I didn’t know why, but I was beginning to like these two.

“But you're certain that the other areas of the ship were sealed off before the fire was spreading?” Tempest asked casting a glare to them.

“Oh yes, before big ‘Booms’! We made sure it tight and proper!” Flint said.

“Strong as bank!” Tinder added.

“Tighter than tomb,” Flint poked in.

“Fit as fiddle.”

“Bigger than-


A loud explosion came off the side of the ship, the shock waves sending ripples throughout my chest from the after shock. A large piece of flying hot metal was launched from the left side of the ship and crashed into the side of the second ship parked nearby. It was almost comical when I looked at Flint and Tinder, who remained staring at us. Tempest took a calm breath before raising a hand to her face, a clear captain Picard moment of frustration.

“You forgot the gun deck,” she asked.

“We forgot gun deck,” the two said in unison, but had their gaze on the multiple explosions that were popping off in the first ship, while the second ship was slowly becoming a giant hindenburg.

Somewhat morbid thought, but seeing the priceless faces they were giving and that it was happening to the Storm King’s army, I was all happy for it.

“Alright!” Tempest yelled out, her voice carrying to many of the storm creatures that surrounded her, “This airship is lost. Everyone hurry to the second airship and get the fires put out! Have the remaining airships take off so that they can’t catch fire! Move it!” she barked out her orders.

The storm creatures scrambled like a bunch of lemmings and followed their orders to the letter. I watched as they all went over to the second airship to put it out, while other members of the army went to the remaining airships to get them operating and keep them from getting struck by the explosions. High above, I could hear the rumbling of thunder, and streaks of lightning coursed through the sky.

It could make for a crazy canvas for some high nut artist. Although, in my opinion, it would make an interesting cover for the band Manowar.

“And you...” Tempest released my hand, and I found myself staring at her face to face, “...are staying right here. I was going to have you help with getting the supplies out of the burning airship, but seeing how dangerous the situation is, you will have to stay clear of both of the airships,” she explained.

I gave her a peculiar look.

“Then why bring me out all this way just to send me back?” I asked, seeing how silly the whole situation has become.

I watched as Tempest flared her nostrils and turned her gaze towards the airship.

“I did not realize how severe the fires would be. You’re a valuable asset for the Storm King and must be kept safe.” she explained, avoiding my gaze.

I gave a rather cheeky smirk and leaned my head forward to her.

“Awe…I didn’t know that you cared for me.” I replied.

She turned to me with a stern look.

I instantly regretted my poor choice of words, for a few seconds later, she stomped her foot over my left foot. I yelped and hobbled on one foot while Tempest turned to speak with Flint and Tinder.

“You two. Escort him back to my tent. Once done, come back and help put these fires out. Get to it!” she ordered, and abruptly left for the second burning airship.

I still held onto my foot, hopping about like some cartoon character had a anvil dropped on him. Though with Tempest, it was her heel that struck me, which still hurt to no end. In my own world of pain, I found myself stopped from my hippity hops when two beefy hands grabbed me from behind and lifted me up. Tinder and Flint held me up in either hand and carried me towards the tent.

I felt like a priceless statue being carried by two bumbling movers.

After a few minutes of moving, Tinder suddenly stopped and looked at the airship, nearly breaking my arm since Flint was holding me and nearly kept going were it not for me stopping him.

“Tinder? What’s wrong?” Flint asked, still holding onto my whole arm.
Tinder began moving back, but was stopped when I held him back with my other arm. I grunted from the discomfort while Tinder turned back to his companion.

“Flint, we got to go back,” he said, his voice sounding desperate.

Flint pulled on my arm, wanting to go back in the direction of where Tempest’s tent resided.

“We’ll go back once we put the human in the lieutenant's tent.” Flint explained, still trying to yank me towards him.

Tinder pulled back, making my body jerk towards the burning ship

I felt like a toy doll being torn apart by two obnoxious kids. Although, in this case, two giant dogs ready to rip me to shreds.

“What’s so important?” I called out, hoping they can take a hint before the pull would dislocate my arms from their shoulders.

“Our special project is in there! The big boom!” Tinder explained.

Flint paused and took a step towards his companion, allowing me to have a small reprieve from their constant pulling on my arms, and allowing just the tip of my feet to stand freely on the ground.

“Wait. Are you talking about the ‘Boom of Doom’? The one we worked on a month ago?” Flint asked.

I found myself questioning the naming of such a weapon in my head.

“No, no that didn’t do so well. I’m talking about the big one.” Tinder replied.

Flint brought his free hand up and placed it on his chin, remaining in deep thought for a few moments.

“The ‘Doom Boom Wheel’ that we worked on last week? That was always a kicker.” Flint explained, a pleased look on his face.

I questioned the logical reasoning behind such a name in my head again, for it sounded like some toy for a giant rodent of unusual size to scamper around in.

Still don’t think they exist.

“No, that wasn’t it. That failed after the first few tests, and the black powder wasn’t enough to make it have that ‘Boom’ we wanted,” Tinder paused for a moment before adding, “It had that nickname you always liked.”

I watched Flint give him a peculiar look, though I couldn’t tell with those masks they were wearing.

“Ah, I know!” He said with what looked to be realization, before pointing a finger at him, “It’s ‘Boomie’!”

“Yeah, Boomie, that’s the one. I always liked that design. A big old cannon with that diameter that can make the most glorious booms. It’s just perfect!”

“Yeah, took a whole week to make once we took the parts from the ‘Doom Boom Wheel’ and the ‘Boom of Doom’.”

“Don’t forget about the ‘Boom-A-lot’. We had to get it removed from the ship’s engine after those multiple kicks it gave off.”

“Yeah! Storm King was mighty ballistic about it, but it was just priceless to see his face.”

A part of me really wanted to see what this priceless face that the Storm King gave was.

A moment of them reminiscing of their past achievements suddenly stopped and they threw up their arms in clear horror, sending me up in the air in the process.

“‘BOOMIE’!” they both shouted, while I landed onto the mud strewn ground.

I felt the air deplete from my lungs and moaned slightly from the impact. I looked up stunned as the two panic stricken warriors were looking back to the ship and pacing on the ground.

“We got it get it out! Keep it safe! Boomie needs to be safe!” Flint shouted out.

“But we have orders. We got to go and drop off the human before anything else.” Tinder explained, pacing around and contemplating over the events.

I deadpanned at them and offered my voice to their stupid predicament.

“You know, I can just walk to the tent from here. You don’t have to guard me all the way.” I offered.

The two looked at me for a split second before looking at each other.

“Brilliant!” they both said to each other.

I had a small smile, seeing that the two were so eager to…

“We’ll take him with us!” Flint started.

“And he’ll help us with ‘Boomie’!” Tinder finished.

I had never been so erroneously wrong.

“Now wait a minute, let me suggest-!” I tried to interject, but I felt both of their hands grab me, lifting me next to either side of them.

I felt a little silly, for in a way, I was like a prized animal being hoisted up in the air for winning the blue ribbon. The two then bounded back towards the airship, while I struggled in vain to escape, even shouting to get them to let me go, only for it to end in deaf ears.

Seeing my efforts weren’t working, I groaned and rolled my eyes.

Me and my big mouth.

It wasn't long until we reached the airship, the giant machine still burning from the fire. It was spreading to the edges of the ship and close to the ramp leading inside. I could feel the heat blasting its way to us. Most of the storm creatures had avoided it to go to the second airship, where lines of soldiers were trying to put out the fire, carrying lines of buckets to dump water onto it. I thought I also saw the Storm King among them, directing orders and looking frustrated because of his minions’ incompetence. I could only smile at the fact that he was struggling with his command and losing his valuable airships.

I soon heard their feet clamper up the ramp and looked to see the burning ship above me. I was starting to sweat from the intense heat and could only wonder if I would survive all of this. The two soon settled me down and gently released their hold on me. It allowed me to see the inside of the cargo hold instead of staring at the roof. The cargo hold was massive, and it could easily carry at least a hundred warriors before descending down into a battle. There were also stacks of crates that carried who knows what inside, but no doubt supplies and weapons for the war effort. I was not lead to those crates, however. I was instead dragged by Tinder towards the back of the hold. Flint was ahead, where he was fiddling with a large tarp that settled over their project!

“Boomie!” he cried for joy, pulling the tarp down to reveal what was underneath.

I blinked, looking in awe and shock over what I was staring at.

It was not just a cannon. It was a huge ass cannon.

This cannon was massive compared to other cannons I have read about or even seen. The barrel of the cannon, which normal cannons would be around ten inches in diameter, was twice its size. A chair was hooked to the side with a few large cranks and wheels to allow the cannon to change its angle of attack and range. The two wheels themselves were around ten feet in height, just enough to move this giant of a beast.

I feared to imagine what the other ‘Boom’ projects were before they made this thing.

“This thing is massive,” I said, practically an overstatement over what they made.

“This more than just cannon,” Tinder said, placing a hand on the machine.

“Boomie’s Charge has sixty one kilograms of explosive black powder,” Flint said, rubbing a hand at the controls.

“It fires 13 kilogram size cannon balls,” Tinder added.

“With velocity distance of five hundred yards,” Flint informed.

“With explosive radius,”

“That generates enough force,”

“For big solid ‘Boom’!” the two said in unison, the amount of enthusiasm never wavering.

These two certainly love their booms.

“So how do we move this thing? It probably weighs several hundred tons.” I pointed out, but Flint waved a hand at me.

“Not necessarily. Normally, this weigh around 98.3 tons and be impossible to move without at least twenty of us to get it into position.” Flint explained.

I was still baffled by the amount of weight these things have. I’m certain it would need four horses to pull this thing.

Particularly if the horse was a draft horse. Those are true heavy weight pullers.

“Flint’s right,” Tinder added and I looked at him to see him pressing a few buttons here or there on the giant cannon, and I could hear it hiss out air within, “Normally it take a team to move this, but we managed to make Boomie move without added muscles.” he explained.

A sudden roar of an engine initiated within the cannon.

“She’s steam powered, and Boomie can be moved into any position with little to no guidance from us,” Flint explained, getting into the seat on the side of the cannon.

“Yet we still need to push behind her to make sure she is still on the right course,” Tinder said, getting behind the cannon.

He began to push onto the back. I watched as Flint turned his head around and waved a hand at his companion, the latter looking up to him and was waiting for when to push off.

“Though you have to treat Boomie, like you treat a women,” Flint said, but slammed a hand against the machine’s surface, the cannon making a loud clang sound from impact.

I curled a brow at his statement, seeing how he smacked the cannon like how Ray Rice beat his wife.

“I hope you don’t mind me asking, but are you suggesting to treat a girl like you’re going to see you’re mother?” I asked with some mild curiosity.

The two looked at me and back at each other for the briefest moment, even though said moment was taking a tad too long since I could see the fire approaching us nearby. After another moment of silence between them, it was Flint who spoke first.

“No, you have to get inside her fives times a day.”

“And take her to heaven and back,” Tinder finished.

My eyes widened in surprise and I blew out a raspberry.

That sounded so wrong yet so funny at the same time. I nearly doubled over in laughter. I was stopped from that fit of chortling, however, when I felt a big paw like hand grab around my head.

I struggled for a moment while I was lifted up by Flint, yet I soon found myself sitting behind him. Once he released me, he focused on driving Boomie. I held tight behind him while he moved the death machine forward, its engines roaring out and sending smoke into the air. I looked back at Tinder who pushed the machine behind us, ensuring that it moved across the metal floor and towards the exit. In a way, I found this rather cool, considering I’ve never been on a steam powered cannon before.

It’s like a boy’s childhood dream to go into something destructive and knock down a giant lego building in your path.

I had a weird childhood.

A string of loud explosions happened close behind us and I saw Tinder look back in surprise.

“The ship’s going to blow! Put pedal to metal!” he shouted, quickly stopped pushing and jumped up behind the seat.

Before I cold protest, my head was shoved forward and I think my nose smacked into Flint’s elbow, while Tinder tried to squeeze behind us. I soon found myself squished between the two storm creatures. I could barely see what was happening outside of their mass of fur. We were picking up speed as the cannon was going down the ramp of the airship. My ears rung as more series of explosions took off behind me and something lit up the night sky from the resounding explosions.

I could have sworn another thunderclap happened overhead, because the sky lit up like a Christmas tree.

The cannon skidded to the side, and the whole ship was in flames. The hanger that we were in moments ago had turned into the inside of a baked oven and everything inside was burnt to a crisp. I found the pressure off my body release a bit as Tinder leaned back to observe the fire behind us, while Flint slowly stopped the machine and the engine became nothing but a low hum. I felt water on my face and for once I was glad to have it, thinking I could have caught fire from that blaze. Tinder and Flint looked at each other and I could see grins spreading on their faces.

“That….was….Amazing!” Flint shouted in pure joy

“I know!” Tinder yelled back.

“My ears are still ringing and I’ve been nearly deaf for years!” Flint raised a finger to his ear and rubbed against it, while Tinder turned to him and raised a hand.

“What?!” he shouted.

The two look at each other and just laughed it off, and I just shook my head.

Frankly I just wanted to go back to bed and call it a night.

I leaned off the side of the cannon and looked down to the ground below. It was still muddy and wet from the rain, and the flames from the burning ship danced in the water . I leaned forward more, trying to get out of the seat, when I noticed something drop down. There was blood out of my vision, and dropping from my nose. I started to feel light headed, and I didn’t know where the blood came from or why I started to feel this way. Both Flint and Tinder took notice of me because I could see them lean their head down in my field of vision.

“Your nose is bleeding,” Flint noticed, placing a paw on my back.

“You look a little pale. Is that normal?” Tinder said, a paw brushing my head and lifting my hair out the way. I leaned further out, wanting to get out of the seat.

My weight carried me forward and I fell off the seat, falling flat on my back into the mud. I saw the two storm creatures looking down at me with complete worry, before seeing them shout for help by saying things like, ‘Medic!’, ‘We need medic here!’, and ‘Somebody help!’.

It was all I remembered before everything went black.

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