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To Calm a Tempest - Broman

A Human finds himself in the company of a hot Lieutenant. If only he didn't tell her that.

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The First Bath (Edited)

Time seems to fly when you become bored or when working.

Possibly both, since I was worked every day, and I became bored after being confined to my tent.

Well, it’s Tempest tent, but, you get my point.

The first week of my stay was me simply following their orders around the camp. If I didn’t follow the instructions properly, then I would get zapped by the collar strapped to my neck.

A shock collar of all things. I can do their bidding, but I’m not a dog.

It was ridiculous, keeping me here like some caged animal. Doing chores, doing their bidding, and occasionally, get shocked out of my mind if the Storm King happened to walk by. I can hear him snicker every time I felt the stinging sensation in my neck. I would rather have that Storm King get his due and be zapped constantly.

Though that likelihood will not happen while I’m stuck here.

I worked with moving heavy boxes and cargo from airships that come in daily for the Storm King’s army. They carried rations, weapons stocks, and any given supplies for an army on the go. I had to chop firewood from the nearby woods, and near the end of the day, I would end up picking out the splinters in my fingers. To top it off, I would be target practice from an impassive unicorn who can beat my ass single handedly.

Trust me, it hurt like hell every time I landed on the ground.

I even had to polish Tempest’s armor the other day, which was much more difficult due to the fact I never did so before. I got a healthy dose of berating from Tempest everytime I made a mistake, and cursed more times than a captain to his crew of sailors. I would spend more time cleaning those armor pieces of hers. I would eventually figure out the proper way to clean them, after the first dozen grueling times, and she would lecture me on how to properly clean and care for her weapons next. It became easier since. Although, she was overbearing at times and sounded more like a rich noble who has too much time on their hands.

Note to self, overbearing and reprimanding unicorn overlords is not for everyone. Consult your princess for tender, comforting snuggles before use.

Twilight and her friends always did like to do that when I was around.

Not sure why, but, it always felt nice.

After I was done with my tasks, and when Tempest was out and about doing who knows what, I ended up staying inside the tent, a guard outside as always. I have heard much movement from the storm creatures whenever there’s something going on, but other times, the camp seemed silent for many hours on end. It was uneasy at times, and I felt in my gut that they were going out to raid or plunder a nearby village. Or take the town of Appaloosa!

All of these thoughts in my head made me hope my friends were alright.

I was also not given free reign among the camp. Whenever I poke my head outside, two storm creatures in heavy armor and wielding halberds were present on either side of the entrance. They give one look at me, and they silence any thought or rebellious movement outside of the tent. I ended up staying near the bedroll and did absolutely nothing for the remainder of the day.

The only constant company was the rain outside, which had not stopped since I came here.

I knew he was the Storm King and all, but bringing in bad weather was just ridiculous! It’s like when the local weatherman says it's going to be sunny or cloudy the next day, and you end up either getting snowed on or have large rainfall. Couldn’t count the number of times I got soaked from the rain outside. Whether it’d be a drizzle or a downpour, I always ended up getting wet.

So that has been my predicament for the past week, and I was forced to stay in this tent without anything to do.

I was not going to allow myself to be cooped up and bored out of my skull. So, I did the only logical option instead of sitting around: exercise.

Granted I’ve been pulling heavy equipment and doing meaningless chores and making my muscles weary, but that still didn’t mean I shouldn’t treat my body right. I could have also hummed a tune or listened to a song. However, I left my phone at Twilight’s castle because I should be going outside more and not be cooped up next to a screen.

She sounds like a millennial’s parents at times.

I began with the usual routine of stretches, moving my arms to their farthest extent and bending down to touch my toes. After a dozen or so minutes of stretches, I would jog in place in the center of the room and pretend I was a football player. After a few minutes of that, I would do push ups, squats, jumping jacks, the regular kind of exercises that could help my body.

I had to place the wooden chest on my toes so that I could keep myself down while doing sit ups.

It’s easier when you have a partner to help out.

After nearly a full hour of working out, I was on the ground. Exhausted. I felt like I was in P.E. all over again, with my chest heaving and my body shaking from the exertion.

Granted people need to exercise to have a healthy body and lifestyle.

I eventually brought myself back into a sitting position and sat in lotus style so that I can release the joints and let my muscles not be so constricted. I catched my breath, and slowed my breathing, my body releasing all the tensions within my muscles. I sat there for a while, letting my body rest and be given time to cool off. I could hear the shuffle of footsteps outside and the guards patrolling the camp, along with the pitter patter of rain on top of the tent.

I focused on the rain, hearing the tiny drops on the tent and on various objects outside. The rain making deep splashes against the metal of armor, while at the same time, hearing the gentle touch upon the ground. I sighed deeply at the sound, imagining myself in the middle of a waterfall, yet able to hear the most tiny details around me. It was, in a way, both annoying and relaxing at the same time, with the latter being the better result.

It was a small peace that gave me some comfort while living in this encampment.

After a while, I decided to let my legs spread out, and I rolled onto my belly, stretching the tender muscles so that I wouldn't get cramps later. Like an outstretched cat, I extended my arms out and arched my lower back, trying to make sure I could get the maximum amount of stretch.

“What are you doing?” Tempest’s voice broke the silence and caught me in a compromising position.

I looked at her through my outstretched legs and my rear was present for her in full glory. My cheeks burned a little, my dairyaire showing out like a duck’s rear end. I quickly got up and straightened myself out, Tempest continuing to stare at me with a questioning gaze.

“I was exercising,” I admitted, feeling very sheepish before the wolf.

Tempest curled an eyebrow, a critical eye cast on me.

“I can see that,” she moved closer, her judging eyes washing over me and making me feel like a child having his hand caught in the cookie jar.

I looked away from her gaze, kicking at the rugs underneath me. I suddenly stopped because she came in front of me, and I heard her nostrils flare. I turned back, and her eyes widened slightly. She recoiled a few feet away from me.

“Oh goddess, that stench!” she proclaimed, raising a hand over her muzzle.

I would have taken offense to her harsh rhetoric, but she was right, I did sweat like a dog when I exercised.

“Sorry, exercising for a straight hour does that.” I explained.

Tempest narrowed her eyes at me in clear annoyance.

“Yes, but the amount of stench you made makes me want to gag. You smell like a boar ready to go into a rutting the moment he finds a mate!”

Okay, that was a little uncalled for, but whatever. It’s not like I’m given the option to bath. My rambling thoughts went on, and I waved a hand to her while heading to her chest.

“What are you doing now?” she asked.

“I’m getting the pads so that you can train. You always come back to train if I recall.” I said, opening up the chest within and grabbing the pads.

“Not with a smell like that. I’d rather be facing off against a bear who ate a skunk than laying my fingers on you. You need a bath, and you are not going to take no for an answer.” she said, and I heard her gear drop to the ground.

I turned to her, amazed at how she can belittle me in such a matter. I wondered what other berating vocabulary she had up her...

“Wait…a bath?” I said aloud while she tended to the fire.

“Yes, a bath.” she said, placing some of the large stones within.

The stones began to heat up, “I’ve tolerated your stench ever since your stay. But, I’m surprised that you have no sense of cleanliness and decency.” she turned to me, and I could see the indignation laced upon her face.

“Now strip down and get in.” she ordered, hooking a thumb directly to the trough.

“You can’t be serious?” I said without thinking.

I bit my inner cheek from blatantly speaking out.

The straight face of Tempest remained, but I could have sworn one of her eyes twitched at my blunt question. She took a deep breath through her nose and sighed deeply before raising her teal eyes to meet my own.

“So help me, if you do not take that bath, I’m going to castrate you here and now. Your choice.”

I never went so pale in my life.

For one thing, I was actually going to give my dirty sweating body a good cleaning. The only real downside is that I was being forced to strip down in front of her. I blushed at the mere thought and looked away while contemplating my fate, which, in all honesty, I had no choice.

“Can you at least turn around so that I can change?” I asked, and I looked back to her.

Only to find her back was turned and focusing on the fire.

She doesn't care at all? I thought as I looked at the trough.

Leaving me no choice in the matter, I decided to do what she asked of me. I took off my shirt first, which was muddy and wrinkled for so many days because of being outside. I kept an eye on Tempest, hoping that whatever she was doing was keeping her occupied and was not sneaking peeks at me.

Though, I don’t think she would be interested, my body was not a temple.

I made my way to the trough and dropped the shirt to the side while working on my shoes and pants. I made sure to stay behind the trough so that I had some privacy, but I still kept my eye on her the whole time. She didn’t move in the slightest, not even after I worked my way to my boxers and removed them. I look inside the trough and the water was clear as day.

I thought it had to be since I emptied it and cleaned it daily after she used it.

I put a hand in the water. It was quite cold, although I wasn’t wanting to risk Tempest’s wrath. So, I quickly lifted my feet in and lowered myself inside the trough. The water was absolutely freezing and I instantly wrapped my arms around my body in hopes to get warm. I once again eyed Tempest, when she began to stir and lifted one of the stones with one of the tongs. She immediately dropped it into the trough, the water bubbling from contact. I nudged my feet back, hoping to not get my feet singed from the burning stones.

“Don't back away. These stones have a special warding that prevents burns,” Tempest explained, tossing more of the hot stones inside.

Indeed, I was feeling warmth flowing in the water, and when I brushed my toes against the stone it felt surprisingly warm to the touch. It wasn’t painful at all. I eased a little as more of the stones were placed inside, the water getting to warm soothing temperature. I relaxed somewhat, but still kept an eye on Tempest, who was finishing putting the final stones in. She stood up, grabbed a nearby bottle and poured a few drops within, causing the hot water to materialize into suds.

I realized then and there I was taking a bubble bath.

I chuckled to myself at how silly it was. I haven’t taken a bubble bath when I was a kid. My mom would always do so whenever I was feeling down and splashing in them just made me smile. Tempest looked at me and tilted her head slightly.

“What’s so funny?” she asked.

I chuckled again, placing a wet hand behind my head.

“Well, I haven’t had a bubble bath in a long time. Not since I was a kid anyway,” I explained.

Tempest rolled her eyes at my explanation.

“Well, I’m not your mother, so you’re going to clean yourself,” she explained, throwing me a sponge that hit me on the shoulder.

I winced a little from the sponge’s impact while she left to take care of her stuff. I took the sponge and did as instructed, cleaning my arms and legs with the suds and soap. While I did this, I looked over to see that Tempest was putting her gear away into her chest and removed everything except her spandex suit. She looked rather relieved to remove her armor, but I didn’t delve into much. I focused on getting the back of my ears and getting myself as clean as possible.

I was soon distracted when I heard her softly moan.

Out of my peripheral vision, I turned to see her bending down and stretching her arms upward. My eyes widened from the sight and I couldn’t help but stare. Her long forearms reached up to the tops of the tent before bending down to touch her toes. Her subtle curves framed nicely in the given light, and the amount of flexibility she had was just captivating.

Oh Lord, you may strike me down for looking at that gorgeous body. I thought, still in awe of how her body manages to be so versatile.

“You better not be staring at me,” Tempest said, not bothering to turn around.

Happy view is gone. I thought, turning my head away so that she wouldn’t get any idea of beating me.

We remained in silence for a time. I enjoyed the bath and the warmth it brought, while Tempest continued to exercising on her own, occasionally giving off a few moans that were quite hard to ignore.

I kept my focus on cleaning by dunking my head into the water. All noise canceled out as I allowed myself to get a good soak in the trough.

After a few seconds under water, I raised my head back up, wiping away suds that got in my eyes. It didn’t help much that my hands were wet and that only added to the irritation. I fondled my hand out on the side of the trough, hoping to grab a small towel to allow myself to see. I soon found what I was looking for and began to clear away the suds out of my eyes.

“So, why were you exercising? Care to explain yourself?” I heard Tempest say, her voice sounding a lot closer to me.

I opened up one eye and flinched a little when I saw her standing over me. Instinctively, my free hand went down to cover myself, but I realized that I looked more stupid since the suds were already covering the water.

“Well, I…” my words fumbled out like a waiter on their first day of work. Tempest still had that same stoic expression and was waiting for an answer. Clearing the lump in my throat, I responded to the best of my ability. “I wanted to exercise because I wanted to be healthy and strong. Since, no doubt, you would want to use me for various tasks that require strength.” I paused, then added, “Plus, I was bored.”

That was a good explanation.

“I see. However, I am not a weak equine for you to be fawning over. I don’t need false, chivalrous stallions to be defending me.” she explained, folding her arms in irritation.

That’s a strike in the ‘being friendly to overlord’ department.

“Look, I didn’t mean to say it that way.” I raised my hands up defensively, “ I don’t want to slight you in any way shape or form. I only want to make sure I stay healthy enough to be of use to you,” I spoke in honesty, and I hoped that she would see that I was telling the truth.

Her face softened a little and looked rather relaxed.

“Alright. I believe you,” she said, lowering her arms and settling them on her hips. A question came to mind and I cleared my throat to speak to her.

“If I may ask, if that is okay with you, has Appleloosa-“

“It has been conquered,” Tempest interjected, and I nodded my head to her. Fear of my friends capture or even killed started hanging on the back of my mind.

“And, the people within?” I asked with a little hesitation.

“Most escaped. When our army descended upon the town, they fled for the the train station and took off running. A few hard headed folk fought to the last, but we rounded up the remaining citizens.” she explained.

I looked to the foaming water in front of me and I remained silent for a time. I was not sure if Applejack or Pinkie Pie made their escape, but I hoped they were okay.

“So, what was your life like before coming here?” Tempest asked, and I blinked in confusion by the random question.

“That’s a little off topic, isn’t it?” I replied.

She bore a half grin while speaking in a ‘matter of fact’ tone.

“You asked a question and I gave my answer. Now it’s my turn to ask questions.”

That was fair enough. It would at least get my mind off of what is happening in Appaloosa.

“Well, what do you wish to hear?” I asked.

Tempest began lining up questions for me.

In all honesty they were sincere questions that I did not expect to hear from her.

She began with where I came from and what land I resided. She asked what life was like on Earth and what I did professionally. She even asked a question on if there was any animal, particularly if there were ones that were like them. I replied to all the question to the best of my ability.

I told her that I come from California, living in the proud nation of the United States of America. I also told her that life is more advanced, what with the different technologies Earth had than the steam powered machines and works that Equestria had. While her questions for other anthropomorphic creatures like them that was a significant one, I told her there weren’t, but that there were some who like to create art or cosplay as them.

I didn’t know why, there just were.

We talked for quite some time, giving off an extensive history/life lesson about where I come from and who I was when I lived on Earth. I told her about my college life and how I was close to graduating before being pulled here. Whenever I finished one question, she gave a follow up to everyone. She was quite interested to say the least.

Her question on my profession, however, was a bit of a challenge to convey.

“So let me get this straight. You wish to be a writer, but couldn’t graduate because you were brought here against your will?” Tempest asked, having brought a small chair to sit down and listen to my story, which had been going on for twenty to thirty minutes now. I nodded my head and she brought a finger to her chin. “So, what holds you back from pursuing it?”

“Well, I’m not sure,” I said, rubbing the back of my head. “When I was brought here, I didn’t know what to expect. I thought it would take a few days or a week to send me back home, but the spell that Twilight used was old. She had to scavenge the entire library of Canterlot to find more books about the subject. Even then, it takes time to get it right. They don’t want to send me back to a different timeline or dimension that would be run by apes.”

Tempest gave a peculiar look to me on that last explanation and I waved it off to her.

“Anyway, I’m stuck here. At least until they can create a portal that is stable enough for them to send me home.” I paused for a moment and I looked away from her, “I had plenty of stories in my head while I was growing up, and I always made them, even when I was too young to know what I was doing. I wanted to go to college to get my decree as an English Major and be able to write my works. Writing is much harder because of all the wrong grammar issues, the misspells, the adjectives, and proper nouns, even when you use the tedious word play in making a story stand out to the reader. And the editors you ask to help can’t find the time to even-,”

“I get the gist of it,” Tempest interjected and raised a hand to me, “You don’t need to be repetitive on your explanations. Just be clear and precise to get the message across.” She explained.

I nodded to her and settled myself back in the tub, feeling my fingers becoming spongy from being in the water for so long. I looked back to the towel and grabbed it so that I can clean myself off from the excess suds.

“Well, anyway. Being brought here, and seeing all the amazing things that are different yet similar, my mind has gone on a writers block, and I just couldn’t find it in me to make any stories or do some writing.” I explained as best as I could. She nodded to my explanation and I returned with a smile. “Well, glad I got a bath while I can, despite it being a one time thing.” I said, rubbing behind the ears to remove some of the excess water.

Out of my peripheral vision, Tempest stood from her seat and gave a firm stretch with her hands.

“I will give you access to the bath after your exercises. So long as you clean the tub afterward.” Tempest explained, and I tilt my head in confusion before giving a affirmative nod.

“Well, that’s reasonable at least.” I thought, and gave her a smile.

She didn’t share my smile and kept her stoic demeanor, but I was used to that really. She then promptly turned heel and headed to her wooden chest. I couldn’t help but let my eyes wander down to her backside, her tail bouncing up and down in a hypnotic matter.

Can’t go wrong with work if I can’t get a view like that, I thought.

Tempest soon stopped at her chest and was putting some of her gear away. While she did this, I suddenly felt a familiar stinging sensation in my neck. I placed a hand to it and an electrical current ran through my body. I gave out a ‘manly’ yelp and rubbed the spot on my neck.

“Be sure to go to bed soon, the army will be moving tomorrow and we will need to be ready to move everything out.” Tempest said, and headed towards her bed, but not without giving me a sideways glance, “Also, be sure to keep your wandering eyes from staring too long. I can tell when unwanted eyes are watching me.” she explained and went into her covers, while I remained in my bewildered state.

She may be a sexy yet bad lieutenant, but I have to admit that she’s good.

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