• Published 7th Aug 2018
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To Calm a Tempest - Broman

A Human finds himself in the company of a hot Lieutenant. If only he didn't tell her that.

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Hands off Approach

“Well, this is just great!” The Storm King bellowed sarcastically in a room full of officers, slamming a fist into a wooden table and nearly breaking it in two.

He had been going off like this ever since I arrived a few minutes ago. I’ve been subjugated in listening off to the side while the Storm King raved over his officers and with Tempest, who remained as still as obsidian throughout his outrage. He paced back and forth, looking at the ground and mumbling many vagrancies under his breath before turning to his officers once more.

“We’ve lost two ships in last night’s fire, our supply chain has been drastically cut and the ships we do have are need of REPAIR! How can our defenses to nature be impervious here in this madhouse of a country if everything is going against us!” he shouted, staring at one of the other storm creatures in the room.

“It’s possible that the land’s magic is different than what we have endured in the other lands.” one of the storm creatures suggested.

“Perhaps it will increase the further we move in,” another Storm Creature spoke out.

“No doubt the Equestrians here have adapted to this harsh climate far longer then we have,” another spoke out, and they soon began to argue amongst themselves.

The only one who remained silent was Tempest, who still remained calm throughout this. I did notice, however, that her eyes look glazed over, and I could see the bags under her eyes. I wondered if she was able get any sleep from the night before.

“Enough!” The Storm King shouted, pointing a finger towards the door, “You imbeciles are nothing but expendable! Deplorable! Get out of my sight before I use your manes as toilet brushes! Out!” he shouted, and the storm creatures immediately left before they would incur his wrath.

The Storm King plopped back down into his throne like seat and rubbed a paw up onto his temple. He groaned inwardly and I could see that the whole fire had made him all the more irritated.

“You… Hooman,” he snapped a finger at me, and I almost jumped from his sudden movement.

He motioned with his finger to make me come closer to him and I took a step forward, uncertain as to what he had in mind for me. I stood in front of him, seeing his eyes half lidded and the king reduced to a tired state.

“Since your recent injury, I decided that I would need an assistant. Temporary mind you, I don’t overly like someone foreign doing a job that I personally due, but recent events has lead to minor changes.” he said.

I slowly nodded in somewhat understanding, though I normally thought the king would just sit on his throne all day just to get hemorrhoids.

I watched while the Storm King picked up a pair of glasses, which I found strange because I would never imagine that he would have some, and settled them onto his nose.

I actually found it rather humorous given that he looked like a businessman, if given the proper attire and look.

“From what I overheard from my lieutenant, you are a writer of sorts.” he began, shuffling a few pages in front of him and sorting them out, “Correct?”

“Y-yes Sir.” I nervously replied, “I am a writer, a good one at that. A-although, I’ve been out of practice for over a year now.”

“Good enough. Your task is to make checklists,” he held papers in front of me, “Whatever orders I have, bring them to the troops and ensure that they get them. Then, you are to relay these requests to the taskmasters so that they can put our prisoners to work. Other than that, you are free to rest back in the Lieutenant's tent until the time comes of your services again.” He said, then pointed at my head wound, “Wouldn't want our major bargaining chip to lose his head.” he gave a grim chuckle, and I swallowed the lump in my throat while rubbing the bandage over my head.

Although, now that I think about it, I only recall getting a bloody nose, not a direct crack on the head.

“I-I’ll see it done,” I replied, offering my hand over to the papers. The Storm King eyed me and my hand, likely questioning how eager I was to get the task over with. Though, if I was to help Equestria in any way, I would have to gain their trust.

“See to it that it is done, I don’t want any delays.”

I grabbed the papers and pulled them out of his paw, but one slipped out and drifted to the ground. So, I bent down to pick up the fallen order. However, once I grabbed it, I felt something seize the top of my head. I felt my heart jump, and my head was lifted up to meet the Storm King, whose paw was holding my head. His face was dangerously close to me, and scrutinizing me for any weakness or flaws that I showed to him.

“You really are a strange creature. First, your resistant. And then, afterwards...you’re willing to help take down your… friends.” he shuddered and spat out the last word like it was a rolled up spit wad. “I guess that’s what makes you hoo-man. Ready to take any opportunity to betray your fellow brothers and sisters in order to ensure that you stay in power.” he paused.

One of his fingers tapped onto my skull as if it were a miniature drum.

“Come to think of it, I guess that makes your kind weak. The ambitious and powerful will cling to power, and the weak are used like pawns to further their own goals. That is the greatest flaw, if not weakness, of your whole race. The evil ruling at the top and the good and ‘humble’ are brought low beneath their boots.” he grinned a malicious grin and leaned forward until our eyes met.

I could have sworn I saw a power crazed look emanating off of him.

“I can’t wait to step into your world, as well as even squish it denizens under my hooves. It’ll be entertaining to see what other like minded hoomans are willing to work with me in controlling your feeble race, and those who would end such things as unity and friendship.” he spat that word again.

I felt myself lifted up from off the ground, the tips of his paws clutching tightly around my skull. I struggled in vain from his vice like grip.

“I will seize by force what this world will not give, and your pathetic race will bend to my every whim! I will see to it that they will suffer a thousand curses, the likes of which you will ever see. And I. The Storm King! Will see the lands becoming my personal paradise!” he shouted to the very heavens as if they were at his command.

“Storm King,” Tempest said in a low voice.

“What!” he yelled at her.

She gestured to me.

“I don’t think Spencer is a good source for a stress ball.” she pointed out.

She was right, I could feel my head about to pop if he didn’t let go.

The Storm King gasped and dropped me to the ground, and I nearly collapsed from it all. I staggered back up while the Storm King calmed himself by breathing and speaking to himself.

“I’m fine, I’m fine. I’m cool. I’m fine.” he said it so fast that it ended up being a jumbled mess.

He then eyed me with a bit of concern. Again, that split personality of his, going berserk one moment then to a calm hermit the next.

Instead of being dejected over his normal rants, I felt a deep hatred growing within me. I was livid if not angry, angry over the fact that he insulted all of Humanity as a greedy and selfish people who only care for themselves. He knows nothing of Humanity and why we continue to to be strong.

Both of my parents told me that lesson long ago, and I will never forget it.

“You look angry? Is it towards me for almost crushing your skull?” The Storm King inquired.

I turned my gaze up to him, giving off a sneer of disgust.

“No, it’s the fact that your plans for domination is practically killing off anyone who doesn't agree with you. Reminds me of a few certain tyrants I know from my world. Comparing you to them, they have done more heinous things than you,” I said in a defiant manner.

The Storm King narrowed his eyes at me and a chuckle escaped past him in a manner similar to how Joker would laugh.

The Heath Ledger kind not the new one.

“I’m certain I’ll out pace them soon enough. Be off now, little hooman, and don’t let the shock collar get you on the way out,” he said, and I felt the tingling sensation in my neck.

I sluggishly and bitterly got myself up and the Storm King waved me off. I backed away for a bit and made my way to the exit. But, I caught sight of Tempest going forward to the Storm King.

“Despite our losses, we can take this opportunity to regroup and push further inland. We can make up for lost time by pushing hard into the heartland.” she suggested.

The Storm King waved the suggestion off.

“Yes, yes. Canterlot is the ultimate goal, and the princesses are the valuable prize. We need to secure their capture in order to achieve victory over this miserable country.” he said, putting his fingers together and likely pondering over the events of the last twelve hours.

Deciding that what they were talking about was of little interest to me, I made my way to the exit again.

“Yes, and you will uphold your end of the bargain with me,” she stated.

I paused from the entryway all of a sudden and turned back to look at her. I saw the Storm King eye her curiously, and narrow his eyes.

“Ah yes, your ‘bargain’. I remember it all too well,” he said, slowly getting up to stand over her, “you have no need to worry, for I will ensure that the promise is kept. However,” he paused.

One of his paws lifted up and it laid under Tempest’s chin. She froze slightly from the contact, and I saw her body fidget and her eyes widen a little while she still kept her gaze at him.

“You must remember to follow every order on the letter. I will not reward those who only come back empty handed. The only price for weakness and failure is to be tossed aside, while those who have a backbone and the strongest will shall prevail. Sacrifice the weak while salvaging in the strong is the truest greed that we all must follow,” he said, releasing her chin while she turned her head away.

I could still see her shiver from his touch, and she didn’t look all that comfortable with being this way. The Storm King leaned forward, his gaze ever focused on her.

“Do not disappoint me, Tempest. You still owe me,” he said, before leaning back and plopping down into his seat. He paused, and looked out in the distance as if he was thinking of something. Then, as if a light bulb came over his head, the Storm King gave a half smile to himself.

“I think I just had an apostrophe,” the Storm King stated.

“I think you mean an Epiphany.” Tempest softly corrected, her stern demeanor less than before.

“It’s like lightning had struck my brain, and sent pulsating ideas throughout my body.”

I guess that must’ve hurt. I thought, while I exited out of the tent, only to hear the last bit of dialogue by the Storm King.

“I need to get as many notes as I can, I got to write these evil quotes down before my spur of imagination fades away!” he exclaimed, and the sound of shuffling papers could be heard, along with a happy giddiness within.

When I went outside I could feel a light rain cascade down on my head, something that I think I had just about enough of.

I gave out a loud yawn, feeling more drowsy than usual. Although, that was nothing compared to how irritable I really was. I could put up with the punishment and abuse, but even if I could push past it I now know there is a limit until I start feeling edgy. I huffed out air in annoyance and looked to the paperwork that needed to be done. I knew by then that the quicker I can get this done, the sooner I can go back to Tempest’s tent and just sleep the rest of the day.

I didn’t make it two feet when I felt a rough brush on my side.

“Hey, watch where you’re bloody going!” I snapped.

I suddenly found myself staring at Tempest, who had a disgruntled look on her face. She eyed me at first before rolling her eyes and continued to move on away from me.

“Just get to work and do your job. You might find you’ll live longer.” she stated.

But when she said that, I was not going to take that standing down.

“I would live longer if you didn’t treat me so poorly.” he said, and this caused Tempest to pause in her march. Her head turned slightly, and her eyes focused on me with that all too familiar glare.

“A man as perverted and uncaring as you deserves punishment. I’ve seen stallions like you who only crave for the finer things in life, becoming nothing but monsters that lust over everything that isn’t tied down.” she explained, and I took a step forward towards her.

“I wasn't perverted or sadistic when I woke you up from that nightfri-mmmph!,” and just like that, her hand instantly rushed up to me and clasped over my mouth, interrupting me from finishing my countering.

I froze for a moment, unsure of what she was going to do. I also couldn’t help but note how her hand felt on me as she cupped my mouth. It felt so...soft, and warm. I was afraid she was going to hit me again, but instead, she was looking around, seeing if anyone else was around us, her ears also swiveling as she did so.

“Meet me at my tent, now” she ordered, releasing me.

And with that, she began marching towards her tent.

“What was that about? I’ve got to d-mmmph!” I didn’t get to finish, because she whirled around and cupped my mouth again.

“You egotistical idiot,” she then let go of my mouth and grabbed me by the end of my shirt, pulling me and forcing me to walk with her. The end of my shirt was feeling like it would rip at the seams.

I went along with her for the length of our walk, a few guards eyeing us as we passed them by. I think I saw both Flint and Tinder among them, waving at me like this was normal day business.

I hoped it was, considering my odds of survival with Tempest is going down drastically by the second.

We eventually made it towards her tent, and she abruptly shoved me in. I stumbled a few feet, dropping the papers in the process. I quickly recovered and turned around to meet her, only to see that she poked a finger right at me.

“You’ve got a lot of nerve speaking to me about that,” she said, her voice seething with anger. I didn’t waver, and stood my ground before the mare.

“I couldn’t ignore the obvious screaming you were doing in your sleep! Whatever night fright you had clearly wouldn’t let go, and I could only wonder why no one in this army even bothered to come and check on you.”

“I’ve told them not to come if I do have them. But I don’t expect you to lay your hands all over me. Maybe I should treat you to another round of discipline to quell your rebellious tongue.” she stated with a disgusted look on her face, while looking ready to pummel me into the earth.

I was not going to back down from this.

“What? I’m supposed to bow down and take the punishment day in and day out? I never once gave you any lip over my treatment here and now I’m just more pissed off than ever. Yeah the punches, the kicks, throwing me on the ground and kicking me in the groin, it all hurts. But never once did I complain! What I don’t understand is your constant desire to go to violence when whatever I do to help never calls for it.” I explained, but she became exasperated and waved me off.

“You’re a prisoner, punishment for prisoners is acceptable, given certain…”

“Cut with the bullshit! I can see right through it!” I yelled back, knowing full well what I was getting into. “Everytime you resort to violence you are always in control. I notice that when things go your way you seem to be at your best. But that night… when you were left screaming in the darkness and I held you… you continued to shout and wail as if you didn’t want to be held.” I explained, and I saw Tempest eyes flare up.

I struck a chord and I was not going to back down from this fight. I was going to see it to the end, no matter what came my way.

“Tell me Tempest, why are you so nervous when I get near you, or make a move to grab you?” I stepped forward to stand in front of her, but saw that she took a step back, “Why do you retreat? Did something I did before make you uncomfortable? Did me holding you to comfort you make you as scared as a sheep?” I said, taking another step. I didn't like acting like the bad guy, but what other choice did I have to get Tempest to speak the truth.

Tempest backed up further, her back up against the tent wall. I knew she was a head taller then me, but, she began to look very small when I approached her. I knew what I was doing was out of my mind and that she could lash out at any given moment, but I had to press what I know on her.

“Tell me this, if I was to stay here and do nothing while you pummel me to the ground, would that make yourself feel good?” I asked, and Tempest was silent. Her eyes still remained wide, but her early uneasiness remained, and seemed to grow as I took another step forward.

This was a moment that would likely have me end up in a concussion.

“If I were to raise my hand and touch you on the shoulder, would you resist when I want to know if you’re okay?” I asked, already raising my hand to meet her. She eyed it with a great unmistakable look of fear and she swatted my hand away from her.

“Don’t touch me!” she shouted bitterly and looked away.

I paused from my outreach and saw that she was visibly shaking.

It then occurred to me. While I drew my hand away she still looked at me in obvious fear, but once I took a step back I finally understood.

“Tempest. Are you…. afraid of men?” I asked, my question honest and sincere.

Tempest looked pale over my question and she looked away in trying to avoid my gaze. I took another step back, ready to try and defend myself, however pitiful it may be, in the event she would attack me.

She still looked away, still ignoring me as if I didn’t exist. The revealing statement I made still hung in the air and I pressed the issue once more.

“You said that you’re also afraid of being touched, Tempest,” I said, taking another precarious step back, “Are you just afraid of men touching you?” I asked.

This time I saw Tempest react this time.

Her eyes flared open and she gritted her teeth in pure animalistic rage. She rushed forward at me, faster than I could blink and brought a fist up to my face. I flinched, thinking I was going to meet the inside of my brain. But in that moment, within that fraction of a second, she had stopped her fist and it hovered dangerously close to my face. My eyes focused on that fist, my life flashing slightly before me, thinking how boring it might have been, and thinking death was already at my door. I slowly refocused on my attention to Tempest and I stared into those opal eyes of her.

They were tired eyes, deep bags, and above all, of a mare who has gone through much.

Tempest gave out a weary sigh and lowered her fist away from my face.

“I’m tired…I’ve been up for over twenty-six hours and have not had an inch of sleep. I’m going to bed. This conversation is over.” She softly mumbled, rubbing her eyes and walking away from me. I fell flat on my backside and my body felt relief from that jarring moment. I turned to Tempest, who was already removing her armor and going into something more casual to sleep in.

“But Tempest-,” I began to say, until she turned at me with a deadly glare.

“You will not bring this up again. Do you hear me?” She said, emphasizing each word to me like it was a threat. I remained silent and looked away while she changed, having no answer or response.

In that moment of her raising her fist to me, I felt that she was truly going to punch me then and there, and that I would have my block knocked off. Despite a close call with death, and how grateful I was for not getting to meet him, there was this lingering thought that remained.

She didn’t confirm nor deny my assumptions on her being afraid of being touched.

I can imagine a number of things that could relate to how she became so afraid, but my mind was too muddled over the whole event to give it any further thought.

“Attend to your duties from the Storm King, Spencer. And let me have some peace and quiet.” she said, going into the bed and pulling the covers over her, “And unless it’s an emergency, don’t let anyone come in here for the next eight hours,” she added, before resting her head onto the pillow.

I stayed where I was, not moving from my spot. I was uncertain as to how to proceed with all this and had no clue of how to continue with this.

So much for trying to get to know her.

After a little while longer, I stood back up and looked over to Tempest, who slept peacefully in her bed. I figured she was either a heavy sleeper or she had exerted herself so much that sleep had overcome her. I slowly went to pick up all of the paperwork and headed over to the entrance.

I paused for a moment, a little ingenious idea coming to mind. I grinned a little, unsure if it work but worth a try.

I took a step through the entrance, the appearance of the guards on either side of me. I then stopped and turned my body to face Tempest.

“What was it Tempest?” I whispered in her direction, but not enough for her to hear outright. I nodded my head and gave a few fake assurances before turning back to the two guards next to me.

“Tempest Shadow ordered me to let you know not to disturb her unless it is an emergency.” I explained, and the two guards looked at me and nodded in approval.

I then handed the papers to them and they stared at me in those emotionless masks.

“She also said to give these orders to you and the others throughout the camp. She says it important they get delivered right away.” I said in the most straightest face that I could muster.

I knew it was a lie, but I wanted to see if they would do this.

The two looked at each other for a moment, likely contemplating over what I said. They then nodded, and the guard on my right picked the papers and headed off towards the camp, while the guard on my left remained stationed at his post. My eyes perked up and I hid a smile while I went back into the tent.

I can’t believe that worked, I thought, feeling a little giddy over the fact that the Storm Creatures are willing to follow orders so easily.

I quietly went to my bed, and laid flat upon it. I stretched my arms and wrapped them behind my neck, knowing that the burdensome work was free off my mind.

“At least I can get a little extra shut eye until they call for me.” I thought to myself.

I closed my eyes, and let my little nap overcome me into blissful slumber.

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