• Published 7th Aug 2018
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To Calm a Tempest - Broman

A Human finds himself in the company of a hot Lieutenant. If only he didn't tell her that.

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Dreamscape (Edited)

Whenever I sleep, I tend to have very meticulous dreams.

Some would be simple and plain. Others, I could recall vivid details from each recurring dream or nightmare.

That seemed to increase more since being here in Equestria.

In fact, the dream I was having was that I was to do a multitude of work and slaving over the camp, while The Storm King was gloating over his recent victories. I kept moving about and pushing heavy loads, as well as lifting ridiculous sized boulders just so that the Storm King had a view. What made this particular dream was that it was raining heavier than what I experienced in real life.

In a weird way, I was beginning to sense a pattern when rain was involved and my mood would remain foul.

After I did the tasks best on me, I was brought forth to the Storm King, and he had me in the palm of his hands. I was beset by the stinging pain in my neck, and I twisted and writhed in discomfort. I cringed and gritted my teeth, wishing nothing more than for this to end. I could hear the Storm King coming closer and I continued shouting out in hopes that something will come and end this torment. He hovered over me, his claw, much bigger than before, coming in to engulf me. All the while a sinister laughter emanated from him.

“That is enough of that,” a mystic voice broke through the laughter.

The Storm King vanished in a wisp of air, and the pain coursing through my body was gone.

I looked around and saw that I was no longer in the encampment, but standing near the embankment of a lake. Fields of grass surrounded me, and a lazy river came and exited through the large lake. A small island with a single tree stood in the center of the lake, with several patches of lilies surrounding the base. The light of the moon shone brightly around me and I was, for the most part, alone.

Stranger things came to my mind and I felt an unusual vibe about it.

“Is anyone here?” I asked aloud, hoping to get some sort of a reply.

I blinked once and looked around me, hoping to find someone, or somepony, hiding in the grass or lake. I didn’t hear anything or anyone reply and I rubbed the back of my head.

“This is a weird dream,” I muttered to myself.

“And I thought your kind was strange,” I heard a feminine voice nearby. I turned around, searching for the source of the voice, yet I found none. “Over here, Spencer.”

I turned and saw that the tree began to move, the leaves descending off of it at a rapid rate. A non existent wind carried the leaves towards me, dancing in a small twirling motion. The leaves spun faster until they landed on the shore line and a gorgeous figure stood in front of me. I blinked as a mare gowned in a beautiful evening dress, matching her blue coat and stunning blue hair, and glittering like the stars, stood before me.

I recognized her immediately as Princess Luna.

“Princess Luna?!” I exclaimed in pure surprise.

She rushed over to me and enveloped me in a bone crushing hug. I tried to hug back as best I could but I could not outmatch her strength.

Seriously, she is like a demigod, way stronger than me.

“Oh Spencer, tis good to see you safe. We were worried sick!” she explained to me, holding me in her death grip.

Even though I felt like my spine was going to crack, I was finally able to return the hug, taking in the warmness of her body, fur, and dress, as well as the feeling of her curves.

After another moment of hugging, she released me, allowing me to get a breath of fresh air, before she clasped her hands on my shoulders and got a hold of me.

“Tell me, where are you? What has happened? Are you faring well?” she asked a stream of questions to me.

I raised my hand to her to give her pause.

“Princess Luna, it’s great to see you. I’m doing okay. But, how are you here? Is this a dream or is this real?” I asked, looking at the world around me.

Princess nodded and looked at the world around us as well.

“Yes, this is a dream. Since I am the Princess of the Night, I can travel in one’s dreams and alley any nightmare that has crawled its way into their souls.” she explained.

I know I met Princess Luna several times since the year I stayed in Equestria, but, it continued to amaze me on what she can do.

“So...wait,” I asked curiously, “how come you are speaking with me now? I’ve been trapped here by the Storm King for weeks.” I explained, and Luna gave a painful smile.

“My apologies, Spencer. The Storm King’s magics are quite strong, and they are not easy to outmaneuver. Since you’ve been gone, I’ve been probing in his magical defenses in hopes of getting to you. It took me many tries, but I finally managed to reach you without alerting him to my presence.” she explained, lowering her hands off my shoulders and waving a hand in the air.

The space in front of her changed and revealed the large encampment of the Storm King’s army. The camp was large, stretching for at least a mile long, with more long trains of wagons coming into the camp.

“We have been monitoring them ever since the first attack,” Princess Luna explained, her hand hovering over the image and showing the Storm King was in some war tent with sub commanders, none of them being Tempest. “We have hoped to extract you from the camp, but his guards have been on full alert, making it difficult to rescue you. Our best option for the moment is to harry them when they get closer and closer to Canterlot, and to evacuate the neighboring towns and villages before any more innocents are put at risk.”

“I’m glad you’re taking precautions. But, I do wonder what your plan for this is? Will you be making some advance to help us, not just making hit and run tactics?” I asked, hoping for some good answer.

Princess Luna shook her head and waved her hand, the image of the camp disappearing from view.

“I’m afraid it’s not that simple. The enemy will no doubt be prepared for us in the event we make a move for you and the other prisoners. We will have to abide from such a measure unless absolutely necessary.” she explained.

I felt a little down by her statement. She caught on when I felt her hand lift my chin up to meet her gaze. She gave a tender smile that looked almost motherly.

“Don’t fret, Spencer. The closer you get to us, the more likelihood that you can be rescued. Don’t give up hope too soon.”

I smiled and nodded to her.

“Alright Luna, I believe you.” I replied.

She nodded in kind. However, her demeanor soon changed when she looked to the right and a frown appeared on her muzzle. I looked in her direction but found nothing but the dream of the landscape that we were in.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, unsure of what she was staring at.

“A mare is having a small nightmare. I can sense it emanating nearby.” she explained.

I wanted to ask her about what she meant, but suddenly, I felt the dream shift around me and the island paradise disappeared from view. I then went into a place that felt ethereal and strange, almost like a space nebula. Luna was still standing by my side and she kept her gaze ever forward. I followed her gaze and many lights of different shades flew past me. We soon stopped at something that showed a haze of red, and was very unnatural like the others.

“What are these?” I asked, unsure of what I was staring at.

“These are dreams. Or doors to said dreams, if you will” she said, opening up a hand towards the red sphere before us. She clasped it with the tips of her fingers and gazed into it like a fortune teller, “This one is experiencing a mild nightmare. Curious, I’ve never seen her before.” she said, and she continued to examine it.

I looked in with her, observing whoever was inside. I couldn’t make out the figure but there was no doubt an equine was inside. Running for her life.

“Let us see what she is running from.” Luna said, her eyes flashing white.

“Wait what?” I asked in bewilderment.

The nebula like landscape changed.

I soon found myself standing in an empty room. I looked about the room, it was old and rickety, with a few chairs set next to a table, and a small kitchen in the back of the room. A few glass windows were visible nearby and Princess Luna was standing there, observing them.

“Princess Luna, I don't understand. What’s going on?” I asked, going to her side to look at the window.

“Let your eyes perceive what is happening outside,” she explained, gesturing to a narrow alleyway before me.

I looked out the window, seeing it empty and nothing of worth. I kept my gaze forward until a noise at the end of the alleyway caught my attention. I saw a small cloaked figure rushing past it, a small cloth wrapped in its hands. Shouts and curses could be heard from behind the little child. I watched as it pushed passed some broken barrels and ladders, shunting them aside while the debris came crashing down. A group of equines turned the corner and were blocked off, while the little cloaked figure turned and rushed through a door, the very door that was on our left.

I turned, seeing the child lock the door behind her and slumping down onto a nearby wall. She was breathing heavily with the bundle of cloth firmly in her grip. I saw her face and noticed a familiar shade of red and purple. She was quite small, with any indication she might have been maybe eight or even ten years of age. After catching her breath, she unwrapped the cloth to reveal a large loaf of bread.

“It appears that we had only arrived at the end of her nightmare.” Princess Luna mused, drawing a finger to her chin and remaining reflective over what they were seeing.

I watched as the little child pushed back the hood of the cloak, instantly seeing a broken horn upon the child's head.

“Tempest,” I muttered, catching Luna off guard.

“You know this mare?” she asked, turning her ever powerful gaze onto me.

I looked at her briefly before staring back at the younger Tempest, who happily gorged herself on the loaf of bread, the loaf making a nice crunch from the first bite. She looked quite famished, chewing the bread with a happy smile. Her eyes would occasionally dart over to the door, hearing the group behind the debris trying to get through.

“I’ve been under her watch at the camp. The Storm King put her in charge of me,” I explained, taking a step forward towards Tempest.

“That is curious,” Princess Luna said, sounding almost like she was brooding from what I uttered.

I ignored her and took a few more steps towards Tempest, who continued to eat her meal. It was then I reached a hand out towards her, my body leaning down to reach her level.

“Spencer, don’t get close too her!” Luna said rather sternly.

I paused, turning to her to see what she was talking about. However, a sharp gasp came in front of me and I looked to see Tempest had locked eyes with mine. Her pupils were wide, her breath short and she dropped the food to place her hands at the back of the wall. I froze in place, unsure of what I was suppose to do.

Could she see me? Was I interacting with her dream?

“Spencer. Back away, slowly,” Princess Luna ordered.

I attempted to move back, but the way my body was positioned I was in a rather unstable balance. My attempt to back up failed when my upper body was leaning forward towards Tempest. My hands slapped firmly onto the ground and Tempest’s feet scurried back from my vision. I looked up to her and I saw tears in her eyes.

“Get away from me!” she screamed out, and the whole room began to shift.

Suddenly, the door began to burst open and shattered to splinters. Outside, the angry mob came rushing in and began to seize her. Tempest’s body disappeared as soon as they touched her and I scurried onto my feet, watching the whole room fading at a rapid pace.

“Princess Luna?! What’s happening?!” I screamed out, albeit in an almost high pitched voice.

I then felt a hand press firmly onto my shoulder, and the room disappeared entirely, leaving the nebula like dreamscape around me.

“You're fine, Spencer. She has merely awaken. Rather abruptly if I may add,” Princess Luna explained. I sighed with relief and turned to Princess Luna who looked rather annoyed, but it was mostly muted due to her smile. “You strayed too far from me, and that allowed you to materialize into her dream.”

“I didn’t think that would happen,” I said, feeling a little sheepish over what I did.

Princess Luna’s annoyance faded and merely chuckled from my remark.

“Don’t worry. So long as you’re by my side, you won’t have anything to…”

A sudden pain entered on my side and I doubled over in the dreamscape. Princess Luna faded from view within an instant.

My eyes opened up to the real world.

“What the hell!” I yelled out.

I looked up to see Tempest standing over me, wearing what happened to be some sort of white tank top and silk pajama bottoms.

I don’t know why, but it it looked rather casual compared to the dark brooding armor that she normally wore. Looked rather normal for her.

“What was that for?!” I shouted a little louder then I should.

Tempest lowered herself down, anger brewing in her eyes.

“That’s for touching me earlier! Because of you I got a nightmare of you in my dream!” She explained, giving me another kick in my side, although, it was rather lighter then the first one.

“It’s just a dream! I was here, not doing anything!” I explained, hoping to calm, pardon the pun, the tempest before me.

She raised her fist at me and I flinched somewhat, but kept my gaze on her. She remained there for a moment, her breath short and her anger still billowing. After what felt like hours, which only lasted a few moments, she slowed her breath and lowered her fist.

She sighed and looked away from me.

“You’re right. It was just a dream. Nothing can hurt me in a dream.” she said, her last words almost audible.

My own irritation faded from what she had uttered and I softened somewhat, wondering what she was implying.

“Tempest?” I asked, wondering what she was thinking.

She took notice of me. I saw her ears fold back and she looked rather annoyed.

“I’m going back to bed, I have much to do tomorrow, so no disturbances. If you disturb me, I’ll have you clean the privy with your teeth” she said, turning around and heading back to her bed.

“Tempest?” I asked again, ignoring the threat.

She merely turned her head to glare at me, she lit her horn some and I felt the same tingling sensation in my neck. I remained silent while she headed off to bed. I settled my head onto my own pillow. We were both silent for the night, and I remained awake for the next few hours, wondering what had transpired between us.

It was strange of me to say it, but I really hoped that she was okay.

Author's Note:

Here is another chapter. A little more on the serious side of things. I do hope you come to enjoy it. More chapters will come in soon.