• Published 7th Aug 2018
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To Calm a Tempest - Broman

A Human finds himself in the company of a hot Lieutenant. If only he didn't tell her that.

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The Party

The day went by without much issue.

I delivered the Storm King’s orders to his minions without a problem, mostly by having them do it for me, and I remained confined to my quarters while the sound of hammer on wood was being heard outside. Tempest had refused to talk to me, which was to be expected after what I did.

Despite that, and as night fell among the camp, things were going to be interesting if Luna was able to achieve what’s necessary. As I laid on my bed, still and quiet from the outside world, I would hear the tent opening up and Tempest entering inside. I would look at her and she wouldn't even give me a second glance. I respectively turned my head to the side and remained quiet as she changed and went into her bed without ever speaking to me.

It would be hours until I would eventually fall asleep, and Princess Luna would be waiting for me in the dream world.

“Spencer, I’m glad to see you are alright,” she said, gesturing me over to her side.

I nodded to her while I moved to her side, her hand waving up to a small blue sphere that hovered above us. I observed it curiously and looked to her for an answer. She noticed my questioning gaze and directed a hand towards the sphere.

“This is a dream sequence that I have created using the partial ideas that you have given me. I conjured up a few series of dreams that will no doubt lure her into the dream that would be best suited for us. Hopefully, it will peel back this shroud of secrecy that Tempest is holding back.” she explained.

I nodded to her, looking into the blue sphere and wondering what lied inside.

“I’m more curious about what we’ll find.” I said, a little uncertain of what she was hiding from her past.

Princess Luna placed a hand on my shoulder and I eased a little from her touch.

“I wonder what she has to offer as well, and how best we can coax her into helping our cause.” she explained.

A little thought came to my mind on what Luna said, and I turned to her with a cheeky grin.

“Knowing you, you would rather coerce them into getting information.” I said.

She merely smirked at my remark.

“Oh, I have my ways,” she said with a playful snigger.

She turned, and the dream world seemed to shift and change as we began to move forward. I remained still as the other dreams around me sped fast and faded into the distance behind us. I couldn’t imagine what other dreams could be delved in or who I might run into within those dreams.

I wonder if it was like Inception, peering into one’s mind.


Our journey soon slowed as we saw a red sphere coming in front of us. We came to a stop in front of it, and Luna hovered her Sphere next to it.

“This is her dream, or rather minor ordeal.” Princess Luna said.

She waved a hand over the red sphere.

The sphere grew large inside, allowing us to see what was happening. Tempest was running, a grim determination set on her as she moved. She had a sword in hand and was going through many shadowy figures. Some she lopped off heads, while others she ran through with her blade. The shadows merely fell from where she struck but she kept going forward despite the numbers. Behind her, a growing darkness was slowing gaining on her. No matter how far she ran, and no matter how fast she traveled, the darkness was slowly creeping its way towards her.

“Tempest,” I muttered softly, watching as she continued to push forward.

“Don’t fear, she’ll be alright.” Luna said, her hand pushing her sphere closer to her.

The two orbs touched on contact.

Inside I watched as Tempest felt jolted and stumbled on the ground. She fell from losing her footing, and she looked back to see the encroaching darkness. She clambered back up, trying to escape, but saw a few sets of doors in her path. She tried opening a few of the doors to escape, but found that she couldn’t open any of them. I watched as Luna pursed her lips and a brought a finger to her chin.

“She’s clever, not wanting to reveal anything,” she said, and I look to her in mild confusion before looking back at Tempest.

What was she seeing that I was not?

Tempest went further into the hallway, looking at several doors, hesitant to open any of them and kept moving down the hallway, with the darkness approaching her, engulfing every door that stood in its path. Desperation seemed to take her, trying to find any door that would work, but each one came empty handed.

“She’s getting close to one that will suit her.” Princess Luna said, and I watched as the sphere that surrounded Luna’s became all the more smaller.

I realized then that like a white blood cell attacking a virus, it was being engulfed by Luna’s sphere, slowly absorbing into the dream sequence that Luna had concocted.

Eventually, Tempest slammed herself into a random door and tried to get away. She faced down the hall, her eyes wide and her mouth half open as she looked on in obvious fear. The door seemed to glow as she touched it and she turned to face it. She quickly went in and disappeared, the sphere of hers now absorbed by Luna’s sphere.

“She’s in, and she has chosen a rather interesting place.” Princess Luna said, looking rather pleased with herself.

I was a bit relieved that she was okay and that the darkness was nowhere to be found.

“It’s good to hear that she’s safe,” I said, placing a hand on my chest in such relief.

Princess Luna eyed me, and I took notice of the smugness that she sometimes bores.

“You sound as if you’re infatuated with her. Do you have Stockholm Syndrome, by chance?” she said, and I turned to her full front.

“I do not have Stockholm Syndrome! It’s true I’ve been under their care for the past month, but I do not, by any means, have affections to Tempest!” I practically shouted, trying to defend myself from her supposed affirmation.

Yes, I did find her attractive if not pleasing to the eye, and I did want to help her in certain cases, if only to just be helpful and caring when she needed it. However, there was no way by any means that I had even the slightest hint of affection for her.

Besides, admiring a woman's body is something that many men appreciate.

Princess Luna still had the smug smile on her face, and it was beginning to spread into a full on grin reminiscent to that of the cheshire cat.

“Oh, really now? Then explain why your cheeks are burning as bright as a phoenix during a molt?” She asked, and I did feel heat in my cheeks from her insertion.

I looked away, trying to hide the obvious blush on my face.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I said, looking away from her.

I could hear the Lunar monarch giggle affectionately. I gazed at her to see her looking past me, and I grew confused. What was she looking at?

I looked over my shoulder and above my head.

What I found was a large thought bubble that hung over my head, and what was inside was what surprised me. It was showing me and Tempest, standing in front of one other and booping noses, smiling at the little affectionate act. I immediately swiped my hands frantically over the thought bubble and the image disappeared, but Luna was already laughing at the little antics and there was no doubt that she was going to keep that deep in her memory.

“That is not relevant!” I shouted, still removing the remnants of the thought bubble as quickly as possible.

I should have known my thoughts would get out. This is the dream world after all, and Luna might have something to do with it.

“Oh, I’m sure Cadence would love to hear about this. She’ll have such a field day,” Princess Luna said.

I inwardly groaned of the dreadful thought. Knowing the princess of love, she’ll try to pair me up with the mare that wishes to rip my tonsils out and use them for Brass knuckles. Mind you that I liked her because of her looks, but I just couldn’t see myself being with her knowing what she can do to me. I don’t think Cadance will mind either way. I avoided her gaze, rubbing a hand on my back while looking at the sphere before me.

“So, we just walk on in? And see how it all plays out?” I asked, seeing the image of the sphere change and somehow resemble one of those paintings you walk in from Super Mario.

“Indeed. Once inside, we can interact with her, but only through a median that keeps us inconspicuous to our movements.” Princess Luna said.

I slightly groaned in the thought of seeing Tempest again.

“I hope my back can take it if she does another pummeling. I might end up as an accordion once this night is through.” I explained, and I could hear her chuckle from my remark.

“I’m certain I can remove those kinks from your back if she does, I do have nimble fingers,” she said, putting emphasis by cracking her knuckles together and flexing them out.

I rolled my eyes at that.

“I’m sure you will, but maybe miss a few spots as well.” I said, and this caught her attention.

“What do you mean?” Princess Luna asked, hovering her head over my right side. I turned my head and, being the opposite of a colorful and bright peacock, gave her a deadpan stare that even a dull Maud Pie would appreciate.

“Well, when you were giving me that back massage, you got all the kinks except for one spot. Your royal caboose, which has accumulated enough muscle and fat in your derriere, had been sitting on my lower back which hadn’t been cared for. So, in short terms for your royal self, and I would have to say in the most fancy voice possible. ‘The royal Princess Luna has smashed Spencer’s spine with her royal heinie.’”

I finished, and Princess Luna just flat out stared at me at my fancy speech at the end that a royal unicorn of Canterlot would be proud of. She then scrunched up her nose, and I heard her snark before finally guwaffing at my impersonation of one of those snobbish ponies. I crack a smile, knowing that I had, at the very least, made the Princess Monarch have a nice laugh, even if the ‘butt’ of the joke was her.

No pun intended.

After her mirth subsided, she looked at me and I saw a witty smile on her face.

“Spencer, sometimes you are unpredictable.” she said.

I nodded to her.

“Why thank you,” I said in a half-joking half-mocking manner.

Her smile turned into a grin and her eyes narrowed to slits at me.

“So am I,” she said, and she slapped her hand right onto my butt with a firm smack.

I yelped, and the momentum moved me straight into the sphere. I was absorbed into the dream world.

Only a few seconds later, I ran smack dab into a stone wall on the other side.

I rubbed my nose and groaned outwardly from the unexpected hit, both my face and my rear end stinging from the hits. After recomposing myself, and tenderly rubbing the sour spot on my backside, I looked about to see where I was. First and foremost, I was in an alley, the kind that screams out stranger-danger wherever you look, and I could hear some music being played loudly nearby. Voices of ponies were also close, just around the corner it seemed. Curiously, I took a step forward, but still moved with caution.

I felt like something could creep up on me without me knowing it.

“Tickle tickle tickle!” I heard a feminine voice behind me.

My butt suddenly had the most ticklish sensation that I ever felt.

Naturally, in a ticklish state, I jumped and shouted like a little girl.

“Gah!” I yelled out, grabbing my butt cheeks from the sudden attack.

I whipped around, expecting to see Luna up to her tricks again.

Only, I didn’t find Luna. Instead, I found a young blue Unicorn.

“Huh?” I said, confused as to what or who I’m looking at.

The blue unicorn was roughly my height, with a short light blue mane. She wore a casual white tank top that came down roughly below her subtle belly, which was just shy of a few inches and exposing a little bit of skin. She wore denim jeans and a pair of white sneakers, which looked quite stylish. Despite my initial reaction from earlier, I was at a loss of who this pony was.

“Ah…who are you?” I asked.

The mare in question giggled at my response, before cocking her hip to one side and smiling at me.

“You think the mare who pushed you in could be easily recognizable.” she spoke, and an all to familiar voice came out of her.

“Luna?!” I nearly shouted, staring at her and wondering just how she was the way she was.

She chuckled mildy and placed a hand over her chest.

“When your an Alicorn like myself, conjuring up a disguise is quite simple.” she stated, giving herself a twirl to allow her in the process.

“Sounds like how a demigod works.” I countered, and she gave a simple smile.

“Indeed,” she said, before taking a step forward and coming towards me, “You must be given a simple disguise as well.” she paused, before lifting her hands up, “Can you hold still for a moment?” she asked, placing a hand on my shoulder and inspecting parts of my body.

I curled a brow at her, clearly confused as to what she was suggesting.

“What do you mean?” I asked, while she began pressing her fingers into my shoulders and into my muscles.

“Well, if you're going to interact with Tempest, you will need to be somepony else,” she said, and her hands went up to my ears.

She gave them a quick rub, and I felt a slight tingle from the sensation. She then proceeded to poke and prod a few areas around my chest and body, and I squirmed slightly from the intrusions. After she was done, she lifted her hands and ruffled up my hair.

“Is this really necessary?” I asked, while she lifted her hand off my head and began rubbing her fingers on my cheeks.

“It is, but this is a minor disguise compared to more intricate designs that I have made.” she said.

She gave a few firm slaps on my face, which I begrudgingly endured, before she backed away to give me a good once over.

“And, done. You should see yourself. You look absolutely gorgeous.” she said, her hands just above her mouth and acting all giddy.

I looked down, and I saw that I was still wearing the same old getup from before. I looked to her and just shrugged my shoulders, having no idea what she did to me. She smiled and motioned her head to a nearby barrel.

“Take a look in the water,” she suggested.

I eyed the water barrel next to me, and I took a few steps forward.

I peered inside.

What stared back at me was a white pony with blue hair.

“What the-,” I said, taking a step back in shock before leaning in to take a good look at what I was looking at.

I was a white Earth pony with a curly yet messy blue mane. My blue eyes remained the same, but from what I could see, the disguise looked far different than I had expected. I had the whole pony ears, and the small snout at the end to boot. For a moment, I imagined I was like one of Celestia's guards, only without the armor.

Though, that’s for some of them, a few others are more colorful than the standard one’s I’ve seen.

“Oops, missed a spot,” Princess Luna said, and I felt her hand on my back.

“What are you-” I didn’t get to finish when I felt a slight tug on my back, and my body arched from the pull.

Just as quickly she pulled, she instantly released. I felt a whiplash on my back and I turned around to look while rubbing the sore spot on my back.

Before I could retort, however, I felt the strangest thing that was on my back. I looked behind me and saw a tail attached to my back and just above my butt. The tail was the same blue color as my mane, and it had the average length of any other stallion. I turned a few times, seeing the tail flick from one side to the other. I couldn’t tell if I was controlling the tail or if it was controlling on it’s own accord.

“And to top it off,” Princess Luna added, her fingers snapping together.

A puff of smoke came off my body. When the smoke cleared, I looked down and saw that the worn shirt I had was replaced with a red flannel that went past my elbows, and some clean blue jeans. I inspected my new attire, feeling mighty spiff if not above the casual norm of what I normally wear, but I still looked mighty fine.

“I’m diggin the new looks, Luna. You’ve really outdone yourself,” I explained, and she nodded at my approval.

She then gestured towards the street, and the two of us began walking out of the alley. Once outside, I looked around and found that we were on a fancy street, with blaring lights and the sounds of the city everywhere. I can hear the sound of music loud and clear nearby, and the sight of a club was just there.

“I can sense Tempest inside that club,” she motioned towards the club that had fancy lights on it that read the ‘Hot Rocks’ on its front.

A small line of ponies was at the front, with a single bouncer waiting at the door to let them inside. I felt my arm pulled and Luna wrapped her arm around mine, her shoulder pressing in my chest while baring the happiest grin on her face. I couldn’t lie that I had a slight blush from that gesture, but no doubt she was enjoying every bit of it. She stood close to my side as we went towards the front of the line, where the bouncer raised a hand to stop us.

“You best wait in the back of line.” he said. His demeanor was quite serious, but that was just a part of the job.

Before I could say anything, Luna lifted up two VIP tickets up to the bouncer.

“We have two tickets to meet with the famous DJ of this establishment. It would be shameful to not be able to see her perform.” Princess Luna said, the guard seizing the tickets and inspecting them.

“I know. Being able to meet her face to face would be such a sight. She’s quite the talent,” I said, playing along with her antics.

I know it was a dream sequence, but at least I could make it believable.

“Vinyl Scratch is more than famous. I’ve heard her music is getting the attention of all the ponies in town,” Princess Luna said.

“She’s so going at it. I think she might be the top DJ in all of Equestria!” I shouted in joy.

“Oh, you too! I think so as well!” Princess Luna said.

I smiled widely at her.

“We are so in sync!” I said, knowing how cheesy and cliche that sounded.

“Noses!” Princess Luna said, her nose brushing with mine.

The two of us nuzzled into each other.

This was clearly the most embarrassing thing that I have ever done, acting like a young lovestruck couple that one would see in those cheesy romance flicks.

Although, I would hazard a giant bet that Luna was secretly enjoying every minute of this.

“Alright, you two love birds, the tickets check out,” the bouncer said, handing the tickets back and pushing open the door, “enjoy your time,” he allowed us through without any further incident.

Once we were out of ear’s reach, I could hear Luna’s infectious giggle, while I felt a dread pit in my stomach.

“That was the sapiest, stupidest, and cringiest thing that I have ever done,” I said, and I could hear her giggle to herself while still holding onto me. I eyed her and she was eyeing me. “You’re enjoying this, aren't you?” I said, my eyes narrowed to her.

“Aren’t you?” Princess Luna replied just as quickly with a devious smile.

I simply rolled my eyes.

She giggled again and patted my shoulder, “Imagine Celestia’s face if we did that in front of her. She would be so envious.”

“More like annoyed beyond all reason,” I replied, but chuckled in good humor, “If you got me to do that you're going to have to give me more back massages,” I said.

She brought a finger to her chin and tapped it a few times, clearly thinking about the offer I just made. She then riposted her finger and booped my nose.

“I’ll take it, and I’ll throw in some full body massages for being such a sport.” she said and my mind went blank from her statement.

Getting a back massage was one thing, but having your whole body being massaged, by a Princess no less, was a whole other level.

Being cheeky and giving a smirk to the princess, I gave my final offer to her little plan.

“Wear a bikini and I’ll be sold,” I replied, knowing full well that even the Princess has her limits.

“Deal,” she said so lightly that I could not comprehend if I heard her right.

I blinked at her and my mouth hung open and closed like a fish, while she just kept her cheeky innocent smile on her face.

“You know I was kidding on that last part,” I said, having to bare a small yet growing blush on my cheeks and trying to recover from the situation, for I fully had not expected her to actually go with it.

She shrugged her shoulders ever so slightly, and her mischievous giggle was ever present.

“Oh I know, but I will still hold you up to it,” she replied.

She lets go of my arm, giving herself a twirl before we neared the doors of the club. I groaned inwardly, knowing that I was outclassed in wit by the Princess of the night.

What did I get myself into?

Princess Luna’s mood turned a little serious when she placed her hand on the door.

“Remember, Spencer, this is Tempest’s dream. I may have set the dream in motion, but this is still Tempest’s we are dealing with. You may interact and engage with her, but we shouldn’t set anything off that will alert her to our presence. Otherwise, this whole ordeal will be for naught and she will become more secluded to us. Do you understand?” she said, and I nodded tentatively.

No doubt that things will be playing out as I go, but I had to play it cool when I engage with Tempest.

I just hope that when I meet her I can keep a low profile.

Princess Luna nodded in kind and pushed open the door, and we both walked into the club.

The sound of a DJ was blaring nearby, with many of the bar patrons dancing in the center of the room. A dense smoke hung in the air, adding to the atmosphere of this place. A lone DJ with a white coat and blue mane was tearing it at the station, sending the crowd into a frenzy of uncoordinated dances that fits perfectly with the beat. I was little perplexed when I saw Vinyl though, for one thing her hair was a little shorter than before.

Maybe it was just a new look?

I felt Princess Luna tug at my arm and she brought me in close. When she did, I heard everything around me become muffled and the music was nothing but white noise, while her voice became clear as day.

“I sense Tempest is sitting near the bar. You will find her there.” she explained with a calm and collected manner.

“Got it. But, I’m curious though. Will her nightmare come out to seize her or will it not appear here?” I asked, wondering if she was able to ward off any infiltrating nightmare that would cause Tempest harm.

“I assure you that the dream sequence will not be breached, and that the nightmare will not get in. However, I will double check to see if the wards are in place and to ensure Tempest’s safety.” she explained.

I nodded in kind. I felt confident that Princess Luna had ensured all precautions needed when dealing with the dream world. I was also confident that she could pull me out of the dream and I’ll be safe by her side if by chance things get hairy.

“Alright, I’ll go over to the bar now,” I said.

I began walking, but was stopped by another tug from her.

“Just remember, I’ve set up a situation where she will be engaged by a drunkard in thirty minutes time. Try to impress her if you can. Try to be soothing” she said, her eyebrows bouncing up and down from her last words.

I chuckled because of her little suggestion, but I knew I could take it in stride.

“I’ll remember that,” I said.

I tried to head off once more, but was stopped once more when she pulled me to her side.

“One more thing,” she whispered.

I gave her an annoyed look.

“What?” I droned, putting a little emphasis in the exaggeration to her.

She merely raised a hand and patted me a few times on my right cheek.

“Relax, and don’t be a stranger. Mingle,” she said.

I gave a half smile to her.

“Alright, ‘Mom’. Just don’t come back to me and your just clad in your underwear. “ I replied.

At that reply, Luna gave a me a couple claps on the cheek (a little harder than the previous ones) before giving an amused chuckle. She departed from my side and disappeared into the crowds, and the noise around me returned once more.

I made my way to the bar counter, hoping to find where Tempest might be. I wade through the dancing partygoers and the flaying of limbs in the air. Despite this being a dream, Princess Luna managed to make this seem completely real. From the lights and the sounds, to the fog hanging around me, it brought a sense of immersion to this dream like world. It made me feel like I was almost inside a real life club.


I arrived at the bar, where most of the bar stools were mostly empty, and the bartender, having a beige coat with a blue mane and sprouting clean sideburns, was cleaning out a few glasses with a piece of cloth. I took my seat at the bar, my arms resting on the countertop, and waited for the bartender to be ready. After a few minutes of cleaning, he looked up at me and gave me a cheery smile.

“What can I get ya, buddy,” he asked, his voice soothing and deep.

I returned the smile and waved my hand in a so-and-so fashion.

“Get me something light, something that has little to no alcohol. Maybe something that has a fruity taste,” I said.

The bartender raised a brow.

“Oh? Trying to fancy with a mare I see?” he asked.

I gave him a big grin.

“You can say that. Thinking I might catch a girl’s eye if I’m just sober,.” I said, looking down the line of bar stools, yet sadly found them empty.

“Coming right up,” he said, and he began working on a drink in the back.

As he began his work, I kept looking down the line of patrons and partygoers. I still couldn’t find Tempest among the crowd, and I couldn't see Princes Luna anywhere. I wonder if her information was accurate.

“I’m so glad you can join today, what can I get ya?” The bartender's voice spoke out in that deep voice of his.

“Get me the Blue moon with a lemon, lots of ice.” A feminine voice spoke on my left.

As the bartender left to take care of her order, I turned to see Tempest, sitting a few barstools down.

Or rather, a younger version of her.

Tempest, on her part, was not wearing her latex suit or anything resembling her attire belonging to the Storm King. She was wearing a blue jacket that had a white tank top inside that was cut low and shaped like a V, exposing much of her collarbone and chest, and divoting to a small cleft before her breasts. She also wore skinny jeans and a pair of old sneakers. Her mane was shorter than the long plume that she had before, and her tail had a different look compared to what she normally had. It looked cut or shortened by about half of its length.

At the most, if I hazard a guess, she looked no older than eighteen. Would it be illegal to drink at that age? Well, maybe, unless your in Europe.

Maybe since it was her dream, she can have control over how she looks and drinks. It is a dream after all.

The bartender quickly got her drink, which had a froth at the top and some spilling off the side. She thanked him, and the bartender was still working on mine. I was paying too much attention to him and my attention was still lingering on Tempest. She took a good look at her drink, examining the frothing alcohol that subsided at the top and taking the lemon on top to give it a firm squeeze into the drink. She set the lemon aside and took the drink in full.

I watched as she nearly downed the drink in six big gulps before drawing the drink away and smacking her lips together. She settled the drink down, where only one fourth of its contents remained. I gave a subtle nod of approval.

I won’t say that I’m the best drinker, but I’d be colored impressed for those who can down a full glass of beer.

Tempest stared at the wall, not paying much attention to the music or the noise around me, but she turned to me and saw that I was staring. Her eyes narrowed and she gave a livid expression to me.

“What are you staring at?” she asked, clearly already vexed over my presence.

I had to think on my toes if I had any chance at getting on her good side.

“Nothing, just looking at a fine looking mare before me,” I said and her reaction was immediate. She groaned and rolled her eyes, rolling her head to look away from me.

Very smooth Spencer, you couldn’t be any more of a creep by saying that.

“Get lost…not interested,” she deadpanned, still looking ahead of her and ignoring me.

“Now hold on, I mean no offense. I’m just surprised that a girl like you would be in this place,” I said, trying to recover the situation. She turned her head, looking away from me and looking like she was going to leave. If I didn’t do something soon, then I would lose her and she would not be interested ever again.

I guess that would be the same as fishing.

“Here is your drink, Sir,” I heard the bartender say, a drink sliding into my view.

It was a red concoction that I didn’t know what it was, and I curled a brow to the bartender.

“And this is?” I asked, pointing a finger at the drink.

“That’s what you ordered, a Curly Temple.” he said, as he walked away to deal with another patron. I heard the faintest giggle from Tempest, and I turned to see her looking at the drink in front of me.

“For a stallion, I expected you to drink heavy and wasted. Not go light and bright,” she said, while I saw this as an opportunity to gauge her interest.

“Well, what can I say? I may drink, but with a pretty mare, I want to at least be decent and sober.” I explained.

I could see Tempest chuff at my response, while I took a small sip from the drink. The drink was really fruity and delicious, tasting the ginger ale inside with another mixture as well. It was quite good in all honesty. She eyed me and the drink, and she gestured her hand at me.

“Can the mysterious stallion care to give a name?” she asked.

I nodded in kind.

“Yeah its Spa...ahhhh..Spur! Spur Steel.” I said randomly.

Real smooth Spencer. I berated myself, thinking of two random teams from two different sporting events. That is how a whole can of worms, if not sacrilege, to try and name two different team names and presuming they are on the same sport.

“Odd name, where did you get it? Or did you make it up yourself?” Tempest asked.

I gave a half smile, knowing almost how right she was. Hopefully I can still recover the conversation between us.

“Well, my parents originally wanted to name me Bronco Steel, if you would believe it.” I said, trying to make this as normal as can be. Even though I was thankfully comparing two names of the same sport.

American Football never let me down.

“Oh? Is that so?” Tempest said, her eyes half open and looking rather amused by my explanation.

“Oh yeah, it’s true. But then, they realized that the first initials in my first and last name was a bit much if not unexpected. If they hadn't changed it, I’d be walking around with a giant BS on my back for the rest of my life. I wouldn’t want that to hang on my life.” I explained, “You could understand why I couldn’t have that, right?”

Tempest blinked at me once, and for a moment she thought about what I had said. Then, she began to chuckle in earnest over my remark. After her mirth subsided, I watched as she moved seats until she sat next to me on the next barstool.

“Alright, you’ve gotten my interest. My name is Tempest Shadow.” she said.

I couldn’t help but smile at her.

“Operation get in her pants is a go!”

Brain we talked about this, we’re trying to get her to like us.

“Oh, sorry, getting ahead of myself. Something more casual?”

Yeah, something that is subtle, but not offensive to where she’d turn away.

“Hmmm...Operation Jibber Jabber?”

Operation Jibber Jabber.

“That’s great. By the way, this isn’t your brain talking.” A feminine voice soon came that was all too familiar.

Luna! Get out of my head! I shouted in my inner thoughts, and all the while, I heard her cackling in the back of my head.

I realized since this was the dream world that she has dominion over the dreamscape, and would no doubt have access to my head. Or maybe just to telepathically speak to me. I could swear she was in the crowd of dancers staring at me, watching my every move like a giant owl.

Although, it’s Luna, so if this was real life and she was wearing her royal regalia, she would may be more like a giant peacock.

Despite that little hiccup, Tempest and I began to hit it off in stride. Tempest, or the younger version of herself, was really curious about me and had been asking me all sorts of questions. I answered most of them to the best of my ability, giving off little hints here and there about my own real life experiences, but not enough to elude her into believing that I was a human in disguise. When she was done with her questioning, I began to ask her my own questions. They were mostly innocent ones about what she liked to eat, her childhood memories, or anything that she did for just general fun.

She answered in kind, giving off a number of likes that she had when she was younger. She told me that she came from a small town that she hardly knows the name of, but that she loved to be with her family. She had a few childhood friends, where they would be playing all sorts of games and dreaming of making it big in Canterlot. Or even in Manehatten.

She also told me of a particular event that she was fond of where she loved to play with the neighbor’s big shepherd dog named Brute. She explained once that she had ran with him in the mud and got her all of her clothes wet and filthy. Though, the fun part of it was when she pulled two of her friends in with her and went on to have a fun time. I shared a laugh with her, and I happened to notice that her hands inched a little closer towards my own. She looked really calm in this moment.

I was surprised that she was actually fine with revealing this information to me, particularly for revealing a fun moment of playing in the mud with her friends

“I bet if she was mud wrestling, that would certainly pique your interest.” I heard Luna’s words in my head.

Don’t get any ideas Luna. I replied in my head, trying to not blush or grin from ear to ear of such a thought.

“Maybe if she was wearing a two piece bikini?” She suggested, and an image of Tempest in a yellow bikini was moving about in my head

Down Luna! I mentally shouted, trying to get her to be quiet. Although, trying to keep her silent is like trying to keep a kid from telling something extremely embarrassing.

“Woof woof little lamb,” she replied.

I internally groaned, trying to keep myself composed to Tempest.

Can you please butt out of this? I’m trying to focus with Tempest and work my magic. I explained, but I heard a haughty Santa Claus laugh come out of Luna’s mouth.

“Work your magic? So would that be a rabbit in your pocket or you just being happy to see her?”

Okay Luna, your debauchery ends. You're done here! I shouted back.

I could hear the remnants of her laughter echo in my head, and myself trying very hard not to turn into a giant cherry in front of Tempest.

“Okay Spencer, I’ll leave you be and-“ her voice trailed off, and I could no longer hear her. Though, it sounded like she was cut off from speaking to me.

I guess she was preparing me for when that drunkard was going to come in on Tempest.

“Hey Spur?” Tempest waved a hand in front of me.

I instantly looked back at her, seeing how she had some concern on her face.

“You’re not getting drunk off of a Curly Temple that easily are you?” she asked.

There was only one thought going through my head at this point.

Don’t think about bikini, don’t think about bikini, I internally pleaded to myself while I gave her a smile.

“Nah, just thinking is all.” I replied, hoping to steer the conversation away to my depraved thoughts.

“Oh? What is that then?” Tempest asked.

I gave her a smile.

“Well, for starters, I keep seeing that scar on your right eye. You mind if I ask about it?” I replied with a question, hoping to start off a new conversation.

Tempest’s expression saddened somewhat, brushing a hand over her scar.

“Sorry, I don’t like to talk about it,” she said, and I nodded in kind.

“My apologies, I guess that was a bit personal. Shouldn’t have gone with that and I didn’t mean be a complete ass,” I paused and looked at a patron that was sitting a few stools down, “No offense buddy.”

“None taken,” the donkey looking fellow said, taking a quick gulp of his drink before sauntering off towards the crowds. Tempest gave me a half smile, seeing that I was trying to be genuine about it.

“You know, Spur, I’d like to say …” she didn’t get to finish when a bumbling droning sound came to my right. I looked over, seeing a brown equine with a yellowish mane come bumbling in our direction. The way he stumbled and hobbled towards us said that he had way too much to drink, almost comparable to a drunken sailor or Miley Cyrus on one of her drunk rants.

Preferably, with the way he was moving, the latter.

“Another round!” the drunken stallion called out, getting right in between the two of us towards the bartender. Tempest sat back with her own drink while I tried to get a hold of the situation. No doubt this is what Luna intended and I would have to play it by ear in seeing how the situation goes.

What I really wish I had was a four outcome meter so that can I create my own decision.

Except, this was a real life dream, not a video game simulator.

“Hey now buddy, you’re a little bothering me and the lady here,” I said.

But the drunk waved me off, giving off a minor belch in response.

“I ain't no bothering no buddy. Besides, she looks like she is in need ofbabbaba-comforting…. company.” he said, giving off a sly laugh, which sounded more like a wheeze.

Tempest was beside herself, and she looked like she was trying to distance herself from him. She was looking rather uncomfortable, so I tried to see if I could get this drunk dunce off of her.

“Now listen, buddy,”

‘Listen buddy!” He repeated, in a rather drooling and slurring manner.

“I’m trying to talk to you,”

‘I’m trying to talk to you,” he mocked, and laughed in that same wheezing tone.

Tempest looked at me, searching for a way out. I was near my wits end with this stallion fool. The stallion, took notice of me and his eyes almost crossed eyed before narrowing down into a scowl.

“You are sthoooo dull. Dullards both of ya. Let me tell ya… let me tell ya? Yeah... let me say! That I say goes and I say the lady likes to be in some company.” He said, getting a little bit close for comfort with Tempest.

I decided to take the initiative and I placed my hand on his shoulder.

“Now listen, friend,” I said, gaining his attention as he looked at me with the confused drunk look, though he looked rather nearsighted in his attempt to look at me, “You look like a fine gentlestallion. Charming one, probably the best there is, maybe even in the whole bar. But me and my marefriend here are having a nice get together. She really wanted to come to this fine establishment, and listen to some sweet music, so would you please cut this out? We’d like to be left alone. No offense intended.” I said, explaining myself the best to my ability.

The drunk blinked a few times, looking a little sad about the whole prospect, while I could see Tempest eyeing me over my little comment.

“Well,” he drolled, “ain’t no pleasing any folk…. Even with a stallion with his mare.” he said, and began walking away. “Just trying to be friendly… that’s all.” he mumbled about to himself while disappearing into the crowd.

My charm skills are still just as good.

“Nicely done,” Tempest said, and I turned to her to see looking relieved if not more relaxed over my handling of the situation, “If he got any closer, I would have decked him right then and there.”

“I don’t doubt that for a minute.” I replied, a bit of confidence riling inside me over handling the whole affair.

I noticed her hand coming over to mine, and I felt her smooth fingers brush up against my own. I paused to look at her hand before my eyes backed to her own orbs.

“Being a marefriend though?” she said, one of the tips of her fingernails pinch the top of my hand. I winced a little from that. She half smirked before patting the hand that she inflicted the small scratch. “I think you’re going to need more dates and get togethers if you ever consider that reality.” she explained, and I nodded my head in a sideways manner.

“I guess you're right…that would be out of bounds since we hardly know each other.” I replied, and I noticed a glimmer in her eye from my response.

Her right hand hovered over my left before she grabbed my wrist. It was holding firm but wasn't hurting in any way.

“Let’s dance,” she said, pulling me up and heading towards the crowded dance floor.

I was quite surprised by this turn of events, and no doubt in my mind this was going to be fun. Although, I might make a fool out of myself since I hardly know how to pull off any major dance moves. Might just have to wing it from here. I felt her grip loosen and she walked ahead of me. The crowd seemed to part as I followed her deeper into the mass of bodies. While we moved, my eyes trailed down towards the back of her waist and seeing her hips sashay back in forth, her tail having a little bounce in her step.

Only one single thought came into my mind over that hypnotic movement of her backside.

She wore an itsy bitsy, teenie weenie yellow polka-dot bikin…


Oh god…. LUNA! I mentally shouted at her over getting that image stuck in my head. I didn’t hear a reply, but I probably would hazard a guess she was internally on the floor, splitting her sides open.

Tempest and I soon reached our destination in the middle of the crowd, just as the next song was coming on. Tempest turned toward me and began to dance to the music, her body being driven into auto mode by each thumping beat. I mentally prepared myself to dance with her, knowing full well that I was going to make a wondrous mess of things. Although, if I don’t impress her, then I already have one foot in the grave and the other foot on a banana peel.

This could go all sorts of wrong.

I began bobbing my head to the beat, getting my body used to the constant thumping of the bass and the shrills of the audience around me. Tempest was swaying her hips and her arms moved about in her own set of dancing, moving to every beat of the music. I had to step it up, so I tried copying her moves, swaying my body from side to side while occasionally jumping up to make myself a dancing genius. A few minutes in, Tempest was still dancing, her body swaying and shaking to the beat, and her arms shooting up to the sky. She spun around and her hair flew around her.

I had to step up my game.

I tried following exactly what she was doing, my body flowing to the rhythm of the beat and trying to create a fun movement that wasn't offbeat with her. Though, soon my flow was not connecting with her and it seemed that Tempest looked like she was getting bored of it all. Thinking back to the one good dance move that I remembered, and knowing I did really well on, I decided to pull it out for the dance floor. Granted though, this was only when I was in college for a school dance and, sad to say, I was there by myself.

Sigh…never go alone to a school dance.

I began to do the dance move, my arms whipping to the side, and my legs moving at a nice beat. I snapped my fingers every time, and swing my arms in a back and forth motion. I was doing this in a fast pace. A few dancers around me saw this and cheered at my little dance. Even Tempest was laughing at my little jig as I continued to dance the same movements. After I was done, and once the music stopped, I paused in my dancing for a breath, and the crowd around me cheered loudly from my performance. Even Tempest cracked a smile at me.

Thank you Carlton dance.

Tempest came forward and that small smile grew on her face, eyeing me over what I did.

“You’re not a bad dancer, Spur.” she said, while I smiled sheepishly and rubbed the back of my neck. She had those bedroom eyes when she looked at me, and I could only imagine what was going on through her head. Despite the lights still blaring around me and the casual glow stick flying in my vision, Tempest was quite striking, and those opal eyes of hers made her look more radiant.

“Hey Spur,” she said, lifting up her index finger and coaxing me forward.

I blinked, seeing the little gesture as she enticed me to come forward. I did as I was told and she was still staring at me. Her right hand went up getting closer to my shoulder. I eyed her hand, and then to her, seeing that subtle smile on her face. Her hand neared my cheek, ready to give a gentle touch. I was a little nervous, unsure of what she was going to do. But that look in her eye was telling me that I should trust her. I closed my eyes, ready to feel that gentle caress.

Yet...it never came to me.

”Spur?” Tempest said in surprise.

I opened my eyes and looked at her. I saw that her eyes were wide, and she was looking around in a concerned manner.

“Tempest, I’m right here.” I replied, raising my hand up to her but she stepped forward and went through my hand. I blinked, seeing my appendage was ghostly and was not making any physical contact with her.

I backed away from her, and suddenly, my hand returned to its normal state.

“Luna…what’s happening?” I spoke out, but I didn’t hear her make a reply or hear her voice.

She was as silent as a grave.

“Hello, Tempest,” a deep voice was heard.

I watched as a large figure came up from behind Tempest.

Before she could even react, the larger stallion grabbed her from behind and placed a hand over her mouth. She panicked and lifted an arm, ramming her elbow back into her assailant. The large thug doubled over, and she kicked up away as he tumbled to the ground. Tempest had her mouth pushed outward, and she quickly tried in vain to spit something out. She then opened her mouth, and forced her finger in her throat until she gagged. Within moments, she gagged and bent over to throw up everything she had ingested.

Among the bile that she spat out I saw a noticeable red pill on the ground.

I backed away, watching the events unfold as a few more stallions came forward, resembling some type of gang due to their attire. Seeing this, she turned tail and left for the exit while they gave chase, including the one she had knocked over. While they were going after her, I heard a horrible scratching sound coming from all around me. I whirled my head, and the patrons in the bar began to disappear and fade. An encroaching darkness coming towards me.

“Luna! Where are you?! What’s going on?!” I shouted, seeing the darkness coming ever closer, consuming everything in its path.

I looked down and gasped to see the floors beneath me beginning to fade. I backpedaled away from the area that I was in. I turned around toward the exit where Tempest left and saw a light at the end of it. The darkness was closing in around me, and with no voice coming from Luna, I had no choice but to follow. I ran as far and as fast as my feet would carry me. However, I felt like I was being dragged towards the approaching darkness and the saving grace of the light was growing ever further away. A deep growl was coming from behind, and I dared cast a glance back to see what was chasing me.

I saw a pair of red eyes and large jowls emanating from the black abyss.

I bolted ever onward, getting as far away from whatever that creature was. No matter how fast I ran, I got an eerie feeling that thing was on me, breathing down my neck. I closed my eyes, rushing at a breakneck pace before I lunged myself towards the light. The next thing I knew, I felt something strike my shin, causing me to tumble forward. I rolled and slammed myself into a wall, my back taking the brunt of the impact. I shook my head and opened my eyes to look at what was behind me.

I was back in the same alley, and the door I went through was no longer there. On either side of me, the alley stretched on for miles on either side. The walls of the buildings stretched so high I felt dwarfed by its massive size. It almost felt claustrophobic with how it loomed over my head.

“Get off me!” Tempest shouted nearby.

I looked to my right and saw four shadowy stallions, all standing around her, while the fifth one was holding her from behind. They were all big, menacing, and looked like they could take on anything that could come their way. Their hateful gazes were casting daggers straight at Tempest.

“After what you did to us! Not a chance!” The leader of this supposed group, which stood out from the shadowy counterparts, with a lime green style mane shouted out, “We find you all alone, take you into our gang, and even made you like one of us. But after two years, you ditch us and steal the loot?! It was our score and you ratted us out!” He shouted, while the goon holding up Tempest gave her a kidney punch. She groaned from the impact while the goons just laughed it off.

“Not so tough now are, ya?” One screamed at her.

“That’s for all the trouble youse caused!” Another cried out.

“We’re going to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget!” the ringleader shouted out, ready to throw another punch at her.

But Tempest reacted first.

Before the ring leader could get close, she lifted her legs up and pressed them against his chest. He was pushed back and the momentum forced the goon behind her to slam into the wall. He hollered out, and one of his hands holding onto her was lifted, giving her a moment of reprieve. She grabbed him by the end of his shirt, as well as by the other arm, and pulled him over her shoulder, throwing him straight into the ground. He heaved from the impact and curled inward, while the remaining gang members all made a run at her.

I’ve seen Tempest in a fight when it came with me. But, to fight a group such as this was a whole other ball game.

Tempest reacted at lightning fast reflexes, countering and blocking incoming throws, punches, and kicks. She would then dish out a few blows of her own, either by elbowing one in the chest, a punch in the face, or even dropping a kick down onto a goon’s head. All in all she was holding her own, but she was struggling to hold them all back. Every time they got close, they would claw at her like rabid wolves. They clawed and bruised at her arms, slashed at her chest and ripped parts of her clothes. Despite this, she was still holding on, beating them down each time and sending them to the ground.

I wanted to go in there. To help her out in some way. However, my body refused to move from its spot, more in awe by the amount of punishment she is dealing with them.

For another several minutes, they fought, neither side giving a inch in the fight. After she made a punch at one of the goons, she leaped at the wall and bounded off it. She then brought her leg up mid air and drop kicked onto the leader, sending him into the pavement. He coughed up blood from the impact, and Tempest looked like she was going in for another go. However, the goon that previously held her got back up and wrapped his arms around her. He was able to hold onto her, but his other friends were either on the ground or struggling to get back into the fight.

“Let go of me!” she yelled out, and her mouth moved close to his ear. Before the big goon could react, she bit down hard onto his ear. He screamed loud and hard, and he let her go. But she was still biting, forcing him to back away. He did so by pushing her away, but at the same time it allowed her to exact her own vengeance.

“The slag bit my ear off!” he screamed out, reaching up to grab his missing ear.

Tempest spat the ear onto the ground, her mouth covered in blood. She was huffing and wheezing out air, and her body was shuddering all over. The ring leader rushed forward, bellowing out to her while having his arms outward and resembling a football player. Tempest didn’t react fast enough, her body already running on empty from the fight. He ran into her, lifting her up, and slamming her body into the wall. She coughed and gagged when all the air ran out of her, and she tried desperately to punch into his back, but to no avail. She failed and kicked at her assailant, but he was just too big and held her firm. He moved one of his hands and encompassed her face with his grip.

Seeing this was going south really fast, I was able to muster up whatever courage I had and bum rushed him, hoping to get him off of her.

The moment I made contact, however, my body simply went through them.

I stumbled on the ground until I tasted dirt, rolling on my side and feeling bruised. My eyes darted up to see Tempest, and she instantly opened her mouth and bit deep into his hand. The ringer leader cursed and dragged his hand out, but his hand got caught in her tank top and the momentum tore it to shreds, leaving her body exposed. The ring leader growled and once again encompassed his hand around her, but this time he slammed her head into the back of the wall.

She was still when the bone crushing impact hit and her body slumped slightly to the ground. He removed his hand from her head, and she stared blankly at him. Her eyes were wide and bloodshot, and her chest was heaving in gulps for air. Her clothes were a mess and torn in various places, most notably the rip down her shirt, with scratch marks and bruises underneath. Her chest was exposed to the air and part of her bra was visible through the scraps. She didn’t move from her spot, and she remained where she was. I attempted once more to go after them in some hope of helping her.

Although, my legs would not respond. I tried moving them or push my hands off the ground, but I couldn’t get up.

Something was holding me there and making me witness all of this.

“You put up a good fight, Tempest,” the ringleader said, looking at the defeated form of Tempest. I could hear his subtle snickering at her loss, “You should have seen this coming.” he lowered himself until they were eye to eye.

Tempest said nothing, remaining were she was, while her former compatriot rambled on. “After all these years you are still the same feckless little mare. Pathetic, weak, childish, and foolish. That’s what sums you up.” he lifted his right hand until it brushed against her chin, holding her there like some prize possession, “It’s sad to see such a fair mare like you be out of this kind of work. You would have been the best there is of our gang,” he said, his fingers tracing down towards her neck and encompassing her throat.

He then leaned forward, a smile creeping on the edge of his face.

“I will be sure to make it quick. After I’m done with you that is,” he stated.

Tempest’s eyes widened and she reacted almost immediately. Her right foot shot out and struck right in between his legs. He made a sharp cry, his free hand cradling his nethers from the blow, yet he still held his grip around her neck. Despite the painful blow, he was not deterred, and he soon seized her and pulled her into him. He then wrap his other arms around her body and began to squeeze.

“On second thought! Killing you off now would be better!” he shouted.

Tempest began to cry out in pain. Both of her arms were pressed against her, and her legs kicked out in an attempt to get him off. But he still held firm. The leader’s arms began to bulge, and his veins were visible underneath his skin. I heard a few loud pops coming from her back and sides, and she soon let out a out a terrified shrill. Once again I tried to move, to go and save her, but my body refused to do it.

Why can’t I move?! My mind was screaming, having no choice but for Tempest’s life to be crushed in front of her.

Just as her life was about to be crushed, a loud buzzing noise came behind them. In a flash, the bright light struck the side of the leader, the light easily going through his head like paper. In a instant, his arms fell off of Tempest and he collapsed right in front of me. I repressed myself not to gag from seeing a hole in his head and fresh blood pooling around the ground. I followed my gaze down the alley and my breath hitched at who I was seeing.

He was the last person I expected to be here.

“Wow. Now this is interesting,” the Storm King said, slowly approaching the supposed warzone before him, “I hear a commotion while personally overseeing a scouting, and I find that a girl is being harassed by a group of full-grown men. Not something I want to be having a ticket for, that’s for sure,” he said, while the remaining goons stood up and looked ready to avenge their fallen leader.

“Hey, who do you think you-,” one began to say, but was forever silenced when the Storm King pointed his staff at the goon and fired a beam straight into his chest. He was thrown back and slammed into the wall, creating a crater upon impact and remaining there.

Two more tried to gang up on him, but he swiped his staff across the face of one, cutting a deep gash and sending him flying, while smacking his claw into the face of the other. However, before he could hit the ground, he grabbed him by the back of the leg and pulled him up and over him.

The goon was then slammed on the ground like Hulk did to Loki in the first Avengers film, and I could hear every bone and vertebrae break in his body. After several moments of constant pounding, the Storm King held the limp body of the deceased goon and haphazardly tossed him on the side. The final goon stuttered backwards, seeing his former comrades dead before him. He took off running, going past the Storm King and down past the alley.

“Typical weasel,” the Storm King sighed.

Without looking, the Storm King pointed his spear behind him and fired another beam, the projectile hitting the goon square in the back, causing him to collapse on the ground. Dead. After it was done, he flipped the staff, observing the end of it that had some blood upon it.

“How do you like that? You kill something with nothing but a quick death, and you end up with a mess,” he said, flicking the staff of any residue before walking over to Tempest.

As he did, I felt a eerie dread coming on me, and the familiar darkness seemed to encompass all around us. I still couldn’t move, and I was still watching the scene unfold. I could also feel an unexpected chill crawl up my spine, and a crosshair getting over closer on the back of my neck.

“Hey, hey… it’s alright, Kid. You’re still in one piece….” he said, placing a hand on the back of her head.

She shuddered and shriveled away from his touch, cradling herself up while the darkness around us grew even greater. I saw in the darkness some haunting eyes, peering at her and hovering everywhere. It crawled upon the walls, and upon the floor, trying to get to them.

The image I was seeing was like that out of a horror movie.

“Hello, Spencer,” a feminine voice called to me.

I felt the hairs on the back of my neck prick up, and I felt my breath caught in my throat. I recognized that voice, that dreadful hateful voice.

The pair of eyes from the darkness turned to me, seeing me for the first time. It walked forward, taking form in the shape of a women. I remained petrified, and I couldn’t do anything to stop her coming towards me. Sweat was pouring down the side of my head and my heart hammered in my chest when she came into being.

Why is she here! Why is she Here! My mind was screaming.

The shadow took its final shape, crouching down in front of me. There was no doubt in my mind of the women who did me wrong.

That auburn hair, those green eyes, and that all too familiar sneer.

“Oh? Well, what do ya know. One more left,” The Storm King called out, turning towards me.

My attention drew to him, seeing his staff being raised up.

“Sayonara!!!” he said in a singsong voice.

The end of his spear charged up, ready to fire and evaporate me within a blink of an eye.

“Spencer!” a voice came from behind, and a pair of blue arms enveloped around me.

The women in front of me immediately tried to seize me, but I was suddenly thrown back, and the world around me disappeared before me. I landed hard on the ground, but I felt a comforting embrace holding me from behind.

“Thank the goddess, Spencer! You're safe!” I heard Princess Luna speak, holding me close to her chest while I remained in a daze.

“Luna….What?” Shaking my head from the stupor.

My eyes focused on the orb that was in front of me, and it began to vanish before my eyes.

“Luna? What happened?” I asked, feeling her hands patting my chest while she adjusted from her position. I felt her grip tighten and I couldn’t help but feel the shakiness from her touch.

“I was somehow kicked out from the dream. The darkness that I thought I had sealed off somehow got through my defenses. I was in the middle of talking with you, when I was sent out rather forcibly. I tried to pry myself back in, but the darkness was far more formidable. I had to physically claw at it just so that I could break through, and even then it took my entire will power just to penetrate into the dream and pull you out.” she paused, lowering her head and nuzzling her cheek against mine.

“I thought for certain you would have been lost,” she explained, hearing her shudder out the last of her words.

It was one thing for a woman to get worried. If a demigod begins to worry then that raises much concern. If she was unsure of what she was dealing with, then that is definitely troubling. The last of the sphere has disappeared, and the dream that Tempest resided in was gone. Only the afterglow of the magic remained.

“Luna, what happened to Tempest?” I asked.

“I no longer sense her. She must be awake from her ordeal.” she explained, but held me just a little closer, “I’ve come to perceive that there is something far darker that has gripped her, and I fear it might have corrupted you as well.”

“Corrupted?” I said, recalling the moments of that women.

I shuddered at the thought of having to see her. I tried to block her out of my head, but seeing her again had resurfaced on the forefront of my mind. It was the one thing that I didn’t wish to remember.

“Spencer? How are you feeling. Are you alright?” she asked in that motherly tone that she had.

“Well…I…” I began to speak, but the most unexpected feeling coursed in my neck. Lightning spurted out around me, and I began to cry out from the sudden pain.

“Spencer!” Luna cried out as the dream around me began to fade.

I awoke with a start, my neck feeling the shocking sensation and sending my body into full alert. My arms went up, pushing the blanket off me while I grabbed at the collar around my neck. I spasmed and tried to remove the collar around my neck, trying to stop the electrical current coursing through my veins. No matter how hard I pulled it would not move, and it only increased the shock. After what felt like a full minute of shock therapy, it ended and I was left exhausted on the floor. In my agitated state my eyes landed on the only form that was next to me.

The familiar shade of red and the magic coming off her broken horn that jolted me awake was Tempest.

“Tempest!” I yelled, getting to my knees, “What’s the frug-gmph pemphh” I didn’t get to finish because I felt something force into my mouth. I tasted wool, and it was stuffed further into my maw.

I wanted to speak something, but I gagged from the awful taste in my mouth. I tried to back away, but Tempest suddenly grabbed me by the shoulders, her fingers clasping on my muscles and tightening like a vipers grip. She forced me on my knees. I grunted in annoyance and tried to force myself back, even shouting to get her to let me go despite the sudden gag, all that was coming out being muffles. Tempest suddenly gave me a firm shake.

“You. Will. Stay. Still.” she seethed, each word dropping like a hammer upon a nail.

I went rigid, uncertain of what she was wanting to do. My mind flashed of that women and fear began to grip me once again. I tried to worm away from her but to no avail, her strength was just too strong. I could see Tempest’s eyes flash in the given light, and I saw her teeth open up as she got down on her knees to be at my level. I froze and let out a shudder, waiting for whatever punishment she was going to do. I then felt Tempest wrap her arms around me and I tensed up, expecting her to throw me down.

However, she remained like that. She didn’t pile drive me into the ground. She didn’t wrap her arm around my head and put me in a chokehold. She didn’t even put weight into me to try and deliver any punch into me. She simply held me there.

She was giving me a hug.

I dared open an eye and in the given light, I was able to see the right side of her face with her scar. I could see tears streaming down her cheek, and she shuddered while she held me. I had a number of questions running through my head, too many to comprehend or form into a single sentence. I instead remained there, letting the most feared commander of the Storm King's army cry on my shoulder.

“Tempest?” I said, but was heavily muffled through the sock shoved in my mouth. The only thing that came because of it was ‘Mmmpephhh?’

I felt her tense up and a hush whisper escaped her.

“Just shut up. Don’t speak.” she said sharply, her chest pressing into me while her arms tightened around my frame.

I remained as still as possible, unsure of how to even process what was happening and why she was even doing this. She was still shaken, and I had no doubt in my mind that it had something to do with the nightmare. A part of me wanted to return the hug, to show that I care for her in return. Instinctively, my arms raised up, but Tempest was the first to react.

“Keep your arms to yourself,” she seethed, despite the tears coming down her cheeks, “Just...let me have this.” the last of her words coming out weakly.

My arms remained at my sides and I waited for Tempest to finish.

Each passing moment lasted for several minutes, with Tempest still silently sobbing while she held me. Once again I wanted to return the gesture, but I reminded myself to stay still or she would be cross with me. As if she read my mind or something like that, she slid her arms down mine and moved her hands towards my own, likely to keep my arms from moving. She also leaned herself into me more, her neck resting into the crook of my shoulder. Her fur was warm and sent a flurry of vibrations into my skin from where she rubbed into me. Not long after I felt the tips of her fingers brushing against my hands and it felt like she was almost cradling them.

I suddenly heard her silently breathe through her nose, her chest rising as she inhaled and the feeling of it rising against mine sending tingly feelings to me. I then heard her exhale, and I felt her chest diminish.

In the current situation that I was in I didn’t know what to make of it all.

After another unsettling minute or two, she eventually parted away, the warmth on my neck leaving me. She then wiped a few tears from her eyes and sighing deeply.

“You will not tell anyone about this. Do you understand?” she asked, her opal eyes looking directly into my own. I could have given a reply if it weren’t for the gag in my mouth.

“I said, do you understand?” she asked, albeit a bit more sternly.

How can I answer you if I can’t say a word? I thought, though I wished to say it to her.

Instead, I merely nodded my head to her rather quickly and she took it as her leave. She then headed back to her bed, her arms wrapped around her while still shuddered. I spat out the wool sock from my mouth, spitting multiple times because of the taste and scratching my tongue.

Finally, after feeling like the taste was lessening, I looked over to Tempest, who went back to resting with her back facing me and her arms wrapped around herself, as well as her tail hanging off the edge.

I settled myself back into my bed.

Despite my mind drifting off to sleep, I couldn’t help but continue to wonder over what had transpired between us.

Author's Note:

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