• Published 7th Aug 2018
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To Calm a Tempest - Broman

A Human finds himself in the company of a hot Lieutenant. If only he didn't tell her that.

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Target Practice (Edited)

Hours after the punch the Lieutenant gave me, I awoke. My head was throbbing, and my body ached. When I opened my eyes, I winced from the idle pain that remained.

I raised a hand to my dirty blonde (though more than blonde) hairy head, hoping to temper the minor headache that remained. Opening my eyes, I scanned my environment, wondering where the hec I was. The only light within was a lantern that hung in the center of the open room.

I gave a sigh of relief when I found I was under something dry. That thing being a tent.

I was resting on the ground, which to me at least, was covered in leather and furs.

To my left, I saw what looked like a large trough, with a small fire pit next to it, and a dozen stones placed within the embers.

To my right, I took notice of a large bed that was settled in the corner of the room, covered in fine dark blankets and pillows that would befit a princess.

The Lieutenant is really into black, isn’t she?

I stood up, my body swiveling slightly from the numbing pain in my head.

I looked from where I stood, and I could the place seemed very simple despite the bed and trough. However, I did see a suit of armor and a weapon rack, along with a chest stationed nearby. Both of the racks were bare of any weapons and gear.

I curled a brow at the fact the racks were empty and turned to the trough, which was at least four feet in height. I looked inside and saw that there was some water. Feeling parched, and having eaten nothing at all, I couldn’t help but be drawn to it. I scooped up a handful of water and began drinking the water within.

“Why are you drinking the bathwater?” a harsh feminine voice alerted me.

I immediately spat out water onto the ground, coughing out the awful taste in my mouth.

I looked behind me and saw the Lieutenant standing there before me, her arms crossed.

I froze on contact, seeing her opal eyes piercing right at me. Although, seeing her eyes in this light, I did get a good look of the color. They were teal eyes, almost reflective of the darker color schemes of her armor and latex suit. Speaking of the suit, it looked super hot, only stopping below the shoulders and covering above the hips, exposing much of the skin on her thighs and arms.

I could have sworn she was wearing more armor earlier, but either way, she looked more hotter without it.

“Eyes up here, you lecherous sniveling coward,” she said, wiggling one of her fingers upward so that I would focus on her.

I realized that my eyes had lingered longer than I wanted them to, so I focused my attention solely on her eyes. I had to look up a little since she was possibly a good head taller than me.

I remained still, overwhelmingly nervous over what she might do to me. She moved a hand and waved me back. I was a little hesitant at first, but I backed away far enough until I was standing in the middle of the room. She had me stop, and her eyes traced over me.

While she did this it gave a chance to observe her as well. Her black skin which I thought before was actually a deep redish purple. My eyes looked up to see her face, and I saw that a long thin scar was spread across her right eye. My eyes also lingered on her horn, which apparently wasn't there. It was a short stub, likely broken because of some accident. My eyes focused on her when she looked back me, and I felt certain I was caught scanning her. She gave a curt growl and began walking around me.

Unlike the Storm King, who observed me as a prize, she was more of a predator. She stalked me like a cheetah, with her prey not knowing what her reaction might be and what would set her off. I felt a finger trace on my back. I shivered from the contact, because something about it gave me the chills. Her finger traced along my back, and onto my shoulders. It pushed against my muscles as if testing their pressure points. I remained still, keeping myself steady while she toyed with me.

“Your back is big, but covered in fat.” she replied. I wanted to reply to her, but she poked a finger at my side, “pathetic belly mass.” she added, moving in front of me.

I kind of nodded my head, knowing I was a bit pudgy but not at all overweight. I was lucky enough to get meat from some contacts that Twilight provided.

I know I’ve been healthy with fruits and veggies, but a man needs protein dammit!

“Pushover,” she mentioned, shoving a hand onto my shoulder.

I stumbled back a few feet but managed to kept my balance.

“Hey,” I replied back.

I tried to retort her comment when she raised a hand and turned her head away.

“Don’t stand that close, I can smell the foul stench that emanates from your maw.”she explained.

Upon hearing that, I immediately took offense.

Wasn't my fault I forgot my toothbrush or toothpaste when coming to Appaloosa.

“Now wait just a minute,” I began to say, lifting my right finger to her.

She immediately reacted without emotion, seizing my index finger with the tips of her own fingers and shoved it back, bending it backwards and threatening to break it off. I squirmed and seethed from the unexpected move, and my body was forced to bend down, avoiding the chance she might break my finger. This played right into her hands as she twisted my arm behind my back. Because of her height she had great leverage over me. She held me there, keeping my arm pinned behind my back and I could feel her muzzle whisper in my ear.

“You will be silent you cretin.” she said, low and authoritative.

I felt the pressure on my arm remain and I squirmed a bit in her grasp. She had a pretty solid grip. I heard her snort in disdain at my display.

Slowly, she released the pressure on my hand, but the pain remained.

“Listen closely, if you value your life,” she uttered, keeping me in place, “The Storm King has ordered that you are under my watch. As such, you will do exactly as I say and do everything that I order of you.” She explained, cold and calculating. I felt her grip tighten on my wrist but she didn’t force my hand up behind my back. “You will not talk unless I talk, and you will not question my judgement. If you step out of line you will be punished.”

I felt my arm released and I held it in front of me, rubbing the sore spot on my wrist where she held me. I turned to her, showing much hesitation and unease over what she might do next. She paused and looked at me with a critical eye. No doubt I looked pathetic, being manhandled by her.

Well, equine handled.

Her eyes lingered on me for a few weary seconds before going over to her chest. She began to take off her armor pieces, and I avoided my gaze in hopes that I wouldn’t be caught staring at her. I heard the shuffle of armor being removed and the creaking of a wooden chest being opened up. I waited patiently yet filled with anxiety of what she would do.

I just hoped that whatever she was doing was not going to be anything more painful.

“Put these on, and don’t make me repeat it,” I heard her voice behind me.

I felt something land next to my legs. My eyes wandered south, and I saw what appeared to be padding of some sort. There were multiple pieces, and they were in various sizes. I picked one up and examined it. The material was light, yet the padding was thick and had multiple straps attached to them. Not wanting to delay the inevitable, I placed the chest piece on first, securing it tightly to my body. It was a nice fit and didn’t seem to wear me down at all.

“Why am I doing this exactly?” I asked, finishing strapping the padded chest and began strapping the leggings next.

“This will be your continual punishment.” she said, hearing the chest close with a small thud, and I hurried in getting the piece on his legs. “Besides, your the only one who is big enough to wear it since our last guest and this would be fine for my enjoyment.”

Enjoyment? I thought, a little worried at what she had planned for me.

Once I was done, I heard her walk towards me, yet I dared not look at her. I heard her exasperate in frustration and felt a tap on my shoulder.

“Turn around you spineless cockatrice,” she demanded.

I did I was told, and once I fully turned around, I saw her standing in front of me. With her armor removed she was only clad in her latex suit, which hugged tightly to her body. She had no shame of revealing her arms and legs, which were free of any article of clothing. Also, I couldn’t help but notice that she was definitely taller then me, possibly by several inches.

I was only five nine after all, and she could be at least a head taller or just above six feet.

Damn it, why are tall women scary yet sexy?

She brought out a bandage and placed it on her hands. I didn’t pay attention to what she was doing because my eyes wandered to her feet, which I got to find are connected to an ample amount of thighs, and toned yet shapely legs.

I then traced my eyes back up to her midriff and saw the curvature of her hips, which was accentuated when she leaned onto one side.

I swore I saw vague or toned six pack underneath that latex.

I took notice of her hands in front of her, and she was wrapping bandages around her palm and knuckles. While she did this, my eyes traced on her defined arms. Lovely biceps, noticeable triceps, and those beautifully toned shoulders.

Heck, I might be a prisoner, but as a man, I can’t help but admire the beautifully trained body of the Lieutenant. She might be the envy of Applejack’s incredible muscular body or Rainbow Dash’s athletic frame.

I’m going to have to remind myself not to tell them that when I get out of here. Or if I get out of here, that’s for sure

“I want you to stay still,” she muttered, turning around and moving a few feet away from my current position.

I couldn’t help but have my eyes wander down, watching that lean back of hers. I bit my lower lip, however, when her 'posterior' drew my full attention. They were shapely, and her latex suit curved right into it, with a healthy amount of fat and no doubt mighty muscles. Her tail was also big, and the deep color red made it that more intriguing. The way she moved was both mesmerizing, and that just added to the sex appeal that she has.

You know, even if she was a baddie. I can’t help but admit that she was pretty smoking hot.

“Now hold, stay where you are.” she said, turning around to face me. My eyes refocused on her eyes, those opal eyes being so brilliant in the given light. She readied herself in a stance that I was not paying attention to, but I didn’t really care. I was so enamored by those icy blue eyes that I couldn’t help but give a goofy smile. The lieutenant didn’t even pay attention to me until her eyes began piercing at me. And then, she rushed at me.

Oh cra-

I didn’t get a chance to finish that thought because I suddenly received a punch into my chest. I huffed out air and staggered back a bit, but she immediately countered with sweeping a foot underneath me, and I fell flat on my back. The air went clean out of me and I looked at her to see a disappointing look.

“Get up. If I’m going to train, I’m going to need you to stay still.” she said, and it dawned on me on why she was doing all of this.

“I’m a punching bag?” he muttered, and the Lieutenant snorted at me.

“Of course you are. This is your punishment for fondling me earlier. So get on your feet, maggot.” she said in a very severe manner.

I quickly got up without another word and immediately stood like a statue. I didn’t want to question her any further.

She readied herself for another go.

“This is going to hurt,” I thought.

She came at me with another punch, and I braced upon impact. The second punch was less hurtful, due to the padding from the suit, but I can still feel the impact and I kept myself still for her. She then began her little routine, delivering a series of punches that were meant to incapacitate their opponent. Like a boxer she let out a series of punches before swerving her body to give out another angle of attack.

I took them all like a champ, in my mind that is. My body was less than fortunate.

The pads on my body managed to hold her constant stream of pummeling and occasional kicks at my side. I staggered back whenever she delivered a powerful kick, followed up by a right hook or jab from her. I would quickly situate myself so that she may continue her training. It was still a punishment on my part, and despite the protection from the padding, I could feel the impact of her blows. I simply endured them till whenever she finished.

After nearly thirty minutes of her constant jabs and punches, she gave a few quick hops and shook her arms out from the workout.

“Alright, I’m done.” she said, and I was barely standing up before falling on my hands and knees.

Out of my peripheral vision I saw her lean down a bit. “Spencer, was it? Be sure to put that suit away and go to your bed. It’s right behind you.” she said, lowering her hand and smacking me on my right shoulder.

Somehow that hit was enough for my arms and legs to fail on me, and I collapsed onto the ground, rolling onto my back in exhaustion. She grunted in annoyance by my weakened state and walked over my body to the trough. Despite the padding, my muscles were sore, and I was certain there will be bruising afterward.

I dragged myself up, limping my way over to the chest to deposit the pads inside of it. The lieutenant took notice and sighed in annoyance.

“Oh don’t act that way, I’ve seen stallions last half the time from what I’ve given you.” she explained.

I ignored her for the most part and placed the pads in the chest. I then turned to see a small bedroll spread out in the corner of the room. Weariness and exhaustion took over me, so, I decided it was best to rest on my bed. The bed being my home for the foreseeable future. I sluggishly moved over to the bedroll, and I laid atop the fabric.

Although, once I laid down, I felt like a broken mannequin going through a crash course.

I rolled out on the bed and turned to see her casting her gaze to the fireplace. She took a nearby tong, and grabbed one of the large stones within, moving the hot rock and dropping it into the trough. The water sizzled from contact and bubbled up as the stone settled on the floor. She repeated with several more stones, dropping them within the tub and heating it up.

“I never got your name.” I said, the Lieutenant placing one of the last stones within the tub.

“You don’t speak unless spoken to.” she snapped in her authoritative tone.

I sealed my mouth shut and didn’t say another word. However, I did notice her turning her gaze to give me a critical look. The one blue eye scanned me, looking at my weakened form. I could only imagine her thinking that I was some weakling for her services. She closed that eye and turned back to the trough.

“Tempest Shadow,” she said, not bothering to look back at me.

I grunted in reply, but a thought lingered on her name.

Tempest Shadow? I would have guessed something different. Maybe some type of berry name given her coat color.I thought.

I began resting my head back down on the bedroll. I remained there, hearing the water sizzle in the background and my own thoughts overcoming my mind.

“Well, Spencer ole buddy, you certainly are in the shit now.”

“Is that before or after you went to Appleloosa?”

“That, plus the whole drinking in the bar till I pass out was bit of my fault.”

“No, peeing on a soldier of the Storm King and pissing him off is what really got us here.”

“Good point.”

My thoughts wrestled with each other over the given circumstances, and to sum it up, I will be stuck here for quite some time, and no doubt become some sort of slave to them until they’re finished with me, moving on and leaving me to the wilds.

Actually, Tempest Shadow was going to be my caretaker, half it was both relieving and terrifying at the same time. She thoroughly kicked my ass and handed it to me on a silver platter. I will have to appease her and get on her good side if I was to avoid any more grueling or painful punishment from here on out.

Oh who am I kidding, she’s most likely going to grill me no matter what I do.

“Since you will be staying here,” I heard Tempest speak out and the sound of water being splashed, “There will be a few rules that you must remember. Which also applies to what I said from earlier.” she explained and I raised three fingers up for her reasons.

“Don’t speak unless spoken to. Don’t question your judgement. And don’t cross any line or I’ll be punished for it.” I explained, dropping my hand back down onto my chest. Which still hurt by the way.

“Good, you’re learning,” Tempest replied, turning her head to face me, and I could see her face soften from annoyance to a neutral expression, “You will become my servant, doing whatever I say and doing any chore that I require of you. Even become my ‘punching bag’ from time to time.” She made air quotes with her fingers, and I groaned from the future beatings I’ll be getting.

You would think P.E. in highschool was this bad.

“You will also be expected to fulfill such tasks as polishing my gear, cleaning my tent, and even work outside to help out with any of the tasks from the Storm King’s armies, even when I am indisposed or away on assignment. The Storm King will have plans soon, and you will need to be in fit condition and without distractions so that I may fulfill his will.” she paused, tracing a finger to her chin and giving off a pensive thought while giving off a smug grin, “If you do what you are told, then maybe you will be given a favor that will make your miserable life easier. Is that clear?”

Getting favors is a nice afterthought. Maybe avoid a chore for the day or even get a chance to relax. I raised a hand and gave a salute from off the ground.

“Yes, Captain.” I said nonchalantly.

“That’s Lieutenant, you ignoramus lightweight.” Her stern voice returned, and her eyes narrowed an inch in clear enmity.

“Was trying to make a compliment,” I muttered, and I rubbed a tender spot on my chest from where her first punch landed. My head then became painful when I felt a wooden bucket slamming against my head.

“Don’t try to weasel out with false compliments and flattery. I can tell when stallions give out lies, and you will obviously be no different.”

“Geez I was trying to be nice,” I inwardly thought as I massaged the sore spot on my forehead.

I ran the same hand back down my face and towards my chest, wondering what she will have in store for me.

That is, until I felt something on my neck.

My eyes widened slightly, and I sat myself up. My fingers traced to what felt like a leather collar. I pulled on it slightly, and it was tight around my neck. Not enough to choke or cause discomfort, but enough to be firmly in place.

“Why do I have a collar around my neck?” I asked like an idiot, not wanting to know what kinky stuff that Tempest had in mind.

“That is an insurance policy for during your stay. The Storm King wills it. Now go to bed, I have to take a bath,” she explained, and was pulling on a zipper that was behind her neck. My eyes widened, seeing her fingers pinched on a clasp and pulling it down.

I got a small window of her bare back.

And hamana hamana on steroids that is a sexy back.

“Wha…wait…” I sputtered at what I was seeing, her zipper coming halfway down her back. She turned her gaze, and I saw her broken horn glow slightly. A sputter of magic came out of it.

“Sleep.” She said in a orderly manner.

I suddenly felt a stinging sensation coursing through my neck and wracking my brain. My eyes felt heavy all of a sudden, and my head landed back on the pillow and sleep overcame me within moments.

This was quite the first day.

Author's Note:

Thought another fun chapter would keep people interested. Thank you so much for giving this a chance. More chapters will be coming in the days ahead.