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To Calm a Tempest - Broman

A Human finds himself in the company of a hot Lieutenant. If only he didn't tell her that.

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Breaking Boundaries

“This is quite the workout!” the cheerful voice of Braeburn could be heard nearby. I looked over and saw him taking the axe in his hand before he began slamming into a tree trunk, “Beats havin’ to sit around doin’ nothin’,” he explained.

I rolled my eyes at him.

No matter what horrible situation we may end up in, he always has the infectious optimism that things will get better.

Apple family genes I guess.

It’s been a few days since we left our last encampment, and we have covered little ground compared to before, namely since some of the airships have either been ruined or destroyed by natural weather, and for once. We’ve been traveling at a slower pace towards the capital of Equestria, and I’m actually really thankful for that, because it gives Equestria more time to prepare.

We were outside near a forest, cutting down trees and breaking up the large pieces of lumber. Despite helping out the Storm King and doing the smaller favors he tasked me, he thought, for my ‘best interest’, that chopping wood should be no big deal, since I didn’t need to do anything with my head.

Sometimes I wished that he could just shut up for once and be the typical stupid villain that can be gullible into believing every word you say.

Despite the little hiccup of extra work, it did show me that the Storm King was in trouble. I’ve seen few of their ships out and about, but, they have been appearing less and less as the days go by. It’s likely that their supply lines have been stretched thin, and only a few ships can come in at a time without being destroyed. Because of this, the Storm King has ordered the prisoners to go out and harvest lumber and other materials for his war effort.

I took a mighty swing with the axe into the stubborn tree, making a deep chop into the aged oak. I quickly removed it and swung again, repeating the task over and over again.

We’ve been doing this for several hours now, cutting down large trees and sending them back to the encampment. The taskmasters kept us busy, and often had an ever watchful for anyone being sluggish on the job. It made me worried about what they had planned for all this lumber, but, my gut instinct was telling me it was not going to be good.

I was blessed, at the very least, that the trees I worked under provided a decent amount of shade, creating a cool environment for me to work in. I was able to do my task at ease. Also, the sun seemed to shine out very briefly for some time. Though, it made the rain soaked grounds into a muddy mess that would stick to my feet no matter where I went.

“Let’s hope we can end this day on a good note, and that everyone can get out of this in one piece,” I said back to Braeburn who in turn smiled at me.

“Absolutely! In no time at all, Ah can imagine that the Princesses have already come up with a plan to rescue us.”

“Back to work!” a Taskmaster barked out, a whip cracking against the ground and spooking Braeburn and the others nearby.

Braeburn did as he was told, but kept his mouth shut until the taskmaster moved down the line of the other prisoners. When he was far enough away, I saw Braeburn come closer to me.

“You know, Ah really do hope they will be coming for us. Ah can feel it,” he whispered and I nodded to him in kind.

“I know what you mean. I hope so too,” I spoke back, and the Apple pony smiled at that.

“Are you two chatting it up or what?” a voice came to me.

I turned to find the buffalo known as Strongheart, looking at us with a smirk. She was a little shorter in height then braeburn but she was equally as high as I was. Her body was covered in muck and grime from working and she looked a little burdened, but she still held up a small smile.

“It’s good see you too,” I said, and little Strongheart nodded.

“Likewise, though I would wish our burdens were lessened, even for a little.” she said, and she had my sympathies.

“Yeah, but knowing how the Storm King is, there will no doubt be trouble for all of us if we don’t do what he wants.” I explained, and this pained her a little while she wiped a bit of sweat on her brow.

I took notice that her face looked a little pale then usual and Braeburn held a hand over her shoulder.

“You okay, Strongheart?” Braeburn asked, his other hand dropping his axe and ready to help her. She merely smiled and nodded to him.

“I had morning sickness earlier. But don’t worry, I’m fine,” she explained, and I blinked in great surprise.

“You’re pregnant?” I said in astonishment.

She nodded and gave a warm smile to Braeburn. He gave a sheepish smile, bringing another hand above his head. I eyed him and a small smirk rose on my face.

“If you don’t mind me asking, and not wanting to sound rude here, but...when did it-,” I began to say but Strongheart lifted a hand to me.

“It happened a little before the rodeo. He was just being the romantic self that I always loved about him, and well...It just happened.” she explained, and I could see the blush coming off of Braeburn.

I chuckled at this and gave a hand to them.

“Congrats, you guys. I do hope the child will be healthy when it’s born.” I said.

He smiled back and gave a firm handshake.

“Thank you. Ah hope to become a good father, if we get out of this imprisonment that is,” He said, releasing my hand and giving a tender kiss to his love. My heart fluttered from seeing that, and I smiled when she giggled and kissed him back.

“You know, Braeburn,” I said, a cheeky grin on my face, “Whenever I see you, I knew you were a ladies man. Although, I often heard from others that you likely wouldn’t win a lady’s heart, and not have a good looking girl that loves you to death at your side.”

Braeburn blew a raspberry at me and waved off my joking banter, while Strongheart couldn’t help but chuckle in kind.

“Please friend, you have no idea how many times other ponies say that to my face. Ah always was into mares, but I never got a chance to show it to them. Ah always get told that and it does hurt at times. But nothing can hurt me now that Little Strongheart is in my life, and nothing will ever change that,” he said, wrapping his arms around her and giving her a twirl, the latter giggling as his strong arms held her close to him.

I felt the sheer joy that emanated between them.

“Yeah…but, it still won’t stop others from prodding that on you, even when you have a kid.” I said, and Braeburn stopped in his little dance with Strongheart to give me a determined look in his eye.

“Well whenever that comes again, I’m going to go up to them and say to ‘em that they should shove it up their-”

“Oi! Get back to work!” The taskmaster snapped, and his whip struck the ground, sending us back to work.

Braeburn let's go of his love and quickly got back to chopping up the downed tree.

“Well, you get my point,” he chuckled, chopping down into the wood while Strongheart helped in carrying some of the stacked wood to the carts.

I laughed it off, knowing that they were going to be a fine couple in the future.

In the north I could hear the distinct sound of thunder rolling in the distance. I look up from my task and saw the clouds darkening and slowly approaching us. My smile faded and no doubt in my mind that by the time we get done the whole land will be covered in rain once more. It sour my mood a little, but that was offset by the fact that Braeburn and Strongheart were going to be a family, along with a little one on the way.

Though I wonder if the child will take from the mother or from the father.

Maybe both?

A few hours later...

I continued into my work and worked at a steady pace in getting the current log chopped up. Once it was finished, I saw a few storm creatures that began placing some chopped wood into carts before hauling them away. I may or may not have had a little sway in getting the storm creatures to do what I want. If I did, it would be all thanks to the orders that the Storm King often gave me to hand out to his army. I take the orders to a few of the storm creatures or the guards that guard Tempest’s tent and they immediately obey without another word.

Hey, it might mean less work, but I wouldn’t want to get an order mixed up and fear the Storm King’s wrath.

I drew a breath and sighed a bit as I looked up towards the skies. The light of the sun was slowly disappearing by the cloud cover, and the land will once again be soaked with rain. From where I was I could see the last few guards hustling the prisoners back to the encampment. They hauled their resources and made certain that everyone had returned. All except me that is.

The reason being was that I had to wait for Tempest.

She had went into the woods several hours ago and said that she was going hunting. I had no choice but to wait until she returned. The two of us didn’t speak much since that night. She was very adamant in not speaking about her personal life and because of how I acted. Still, there was a great barrier erected between us because of that talk. We both kept quiet for over our own issues, particular whenever I try to gauge a conversation, she would scowl in so much unblemished fury that I would end up being scared as a rabbit.

I kept myself apart from her at all times whenever she does that.

Despite my time working and waiting here at the edge of the forest, I began to wonder what was going on within the woods. Normally, whenever she goes out hunting, she would always come back around this time, but, it had been nearly an hour longer than necessary. I didn’t know what kept her waiting, but I hoped it wasn't anything that would risk her life.

“Help! Someone help!” A female voice rang out from the forest. I instantly turned to the woods, searching for any signs of where the voice came from. “Help me out!”

“Tempest?” I muttered to myself, taking off in the direction of where her voice was coming from.

I ran through the woods, passing by many old trees that have stood for countless centuries. My feet carried me ever forward, breaking small twigs and leaves that are on the forest floor. A part of me felt like this was nothing, but another part was shouting to me that something was wrong. I doubled my pace, my heart racing through the woods to find her.

A few minutes passed of me running, and I heard her voice close by.

“Tempest!” I yelled out.

I pushed back a tree branch and appeared into a clearing, only to find Tempest was sitting on her back, with her legs hung up next to a tree. On the ground next to her, I saw a dead deer was on the tree’s side with a knife embedded into its neck. I blinked in surprise, wondering what I just walked into.

“Uh...Tempest?” I said, my adrenaline filled body making me worried over why she was in this position.

She looked at me and her eyes narrowed in clear vexation.

“Don’t just stand there like a nearsighted idiot, help me!” she called out, both of her feet struggling in the binds.

I couldn’t help but crack a mild, if not amused, smile.

“You sure you need help? It seems you can handle this on your own.” I said, and she scowled at me in return.

“So help me, if you do not help me out of this, I’m going to rip your arms off and use them as nun chucks!” she threatened, but I leaned my head a bit, a bit of smugness on my countenance.

“I wonder if that will be an improvement on my life here?” I said sarcastically.

“Help me out, Spencer!” she shouted at a near deafening cry.

I relented and went over to the rope to see what could be done. The thick rope had a double bind that looked like it was clearly meant for a large prey. I also happened to notice that there were extra leaves that were spread on the ground so as to hide it from any unwary eyes. From what I could tell, there was a heavy rock nearby that acted as the anchor, and somehow it managed to lift Tempest off the ground.

“What are you waiting for?” Tempest deadpanned at me, and I couldn’t help but bring a finger to my chin and nod at the little mechanism.

“This trap is old but it’s built very sturdily,” I observed, “This is gonna be a tough job, so, I don’t think I can get you out of this right away.”

I could hear Tempest take a deep breath behind me and I looked over my shoulder to see that she place a hand upon her head.

“Spencer,” she calmly spoke, though I can see the irritation upon her face, “I’ve had a long day with ordering minions and doing tasks meant for others. I’ve had a few sleepless nights and long work days. If you would kindly remove this rope that’s around my feet, I would very much appreciate it. If you don’t get me down within the next ten seconds and not dawdle like a wandering obese turkey, I’m going to wring your neck!” the last words came out forcibly, while she ordered in all of her hate filled glory.

“Alright, alright! I’ll work as quickly as possible, but no guarantees on it being in ten seconds,” I responded, having grown used to her threats to the point of not feeling too threatened.

I humbly tried to undo the knot. It was a little harder then I first to manage. The knot was hard to remove, due to how fiercely it tightened around her legs. I tried a few attempts to undo the binds, but they would end up bound.

I turned to Tempest and wondered how or even why she was in this mess, or even if she could get out on her own with her magic. Although, I did realize that with her horn broken, magic was out of the option.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted the knife in the deer's neck and made my way over to it. I quickly grabbed the sharp blade out of the deer and went back to Tempest to cut the rope. Tempest remained the way she was, staring at me with those opal eyes, like an owl who had spotted its prey. I ignored her stare and went to grab the rope. However, I saw that Tempest had shifted her body away from me, if only by a little. I turned to her, seeing that uneasiness on her face, but still having her angry look from before.

“If you don’t hold still, I won’t be able to cut the rope.” I explained, yet Tempest looked like she was not having it.

“I just don’t trust you with that knife in your hand.” she explained.

I rolled my eyes and eyed her legs, which were bound by the rope. Instead of moving with the knife, I moved my hand towards her legs to grab a hold of them. However, she again fidgeted in her spot, and I eyed her once more to see that same nervous look.

“Seriously? I’m not going to hurt you. I’m only grabbing your leg so that I can get a better grip on undoing the rope.”

“That’s the thing, just don’t touch my legs,” she stated and I huffed out in annoyance.

“Okay, it’s one thing not being touched by men, but it’s different when a man is trying to help out a women in need.” I explained.

“I still don’t want those perverted hands of yours to touch me.” she said defiantly.

“Oh for the love of-” I rolled my eyes, and I quickly placed a hand around her ankles while I moved the knife in position to cut the rope.

“Don’t touch me! Let go,” she called out, but I outright ignored her.

I held a firm grip on her ankle, feeling the smooth latex suit that she always wore. I placed the knife on the rope that surrounded her feet and began to cut away. I felt Tempest squirm in my grip, her body twisting and turning to get away.

“If you’re not willing to let me help, then I might as well just leave you here.” I explained, slowly trying to cut the rope without harming Tempest.

“You wouldn’t dare. You don’t want to risk your life knowing if I get in harm's way,”

“So are you willing to allow me to touch you?”

“No,” she deadpanned.

“Then hold still,” I said, still holding onto her ankles to cut through the rope, and I could see the rope begin to break apart.

“Let me go! I don’t want you to touch me!” she said, and as much it pained me to hear her this way, yet, I still found the whole situation ridiculous.

“I’m helping you whether or not being touched by a guy is uncomfortable to you. Now hold still!” I shouted, and I could hear the first rope snap as her right leg became free.

“Let go!” she shouted.

I could feel my grip slip when her right leg became free. She pivoted her position, and I turned to see that she was pushing her hands to level herself and positioned her right leg get a foothold on the ground. I watched in amazement in how nimble she was, and she was able to stand up. She then eyed me, and her hand reached out and pushed me to the side. I dropped the knife and she grabbed it in mid-air, seizing it with delicate accuracy and form. She began to cut the rope above the knot.

“You should have cut here!” she shouted, her right leg holding her body up while she did the work, all the while looking flustered over what I had done.

I couldn’t help but stare at her shapely legs and how flexible they were. In the past, while I tried to ignore her body after the incident with her night fright, but now that I was seeing her like that...I just couldn’t help but note how wonderfully toned she was to the point of admiration.

Why is it that tall women are so beautiful? I thought, continuing to look on.

Finally, Tempest cut the final rope, and her left leg fell to the ground. She all of a sudden eyed me once more, her glare being on the borderline of a killer. My appreciation of her long flew out the window as she slowly made her way towards me.

And scary at the same time, I finished my thought, and I raised my hands to Tempest.

“No wait a minute, Tempest,” I tried to explain, but she slowly kept coming forward, her fingers playing with the small knife in her hand, twirling it in a delicate dance and becoming ever more threatening.

“I was only trying to help,” I explained, backing myself until my posterior was against a tree. I slowly went downward, my body feeling all the more smaller as she hovered over me. She then placed a hand right over my head, her other hand holding the knife and moving it close to me. I worried about what she might do.

“Listen to me closely, Spencer,” she stated, baring her teeth and appearing all the more menacing, “I do not want to be touched! Not by you, or any men, or anypony anywhere. And especially from a man like you. The most sniveling, slimy, conniving, and indecent man that I have ever met! So let me get through your thick head. I don’t need your help nor do I need your pity. I just want you to do one thing for me.” she said, her fist pounding against the tree, and I felt the vibrations from each strike she made.

“Don’t! You! Dare! Touch me! Again!” she yelled, sending a punch straight into the tree above me.

I could feel the tree shake from the force of it all. The leaves on the trees fell and I could see small twigs fall haphazardly onto the ground. One large one in particular landed on top of Tempest’s head. However, it didn’t bounce off like the others and it seemed to bend around her shoulders and head. Tempest took notice of that and grabbed at the center of the stick to remove it.

The stick suddenly hissed at her and I realized immediately to what it was.

“Tempest!” I yelled out, and everything seemed to slow down as the snake began to move wildly in her hands.

A snake like head raised itself up and bared its fangs out to Tempest. She opened her eyes in alarm and attempted to throw the pest away. The brown snake didn’t give her a chance, because it went forward and clasped its teeth onto the right side of her neck, its fangs going inside her. Tempest screamed and backed away, throwing the offending creature to the ground. The snake flew, but not too far before landing on the ground and curling in a defensive stance.

“Tempest, are you alright!?” I yelled out, watching her hand clutch her neck with her right hand while she lunged for the snake with the knife.

She screamed out, trying to stab the snake with her knife. The snake slithered away in the brush before she could get a chance to stab it.

“Die! Die! She cried out in desperate pleas, trying to give chase.

In the end thought, the snake disappeared. Although, she seemed so unsatisfied, that she resorted to throwing the knife into the brush.

She grunted in pain and desperation, cursing and shouting out all that has happened. She threw dirt and leaves into the air, trying to give chase, all the while crying out in obvious pain. She pounded at the dirt, trying to go after the venomous fiend even though it was gone, but I quickly stopped her.

“Tempest, don’t move! The venom will spread further,” I shouted, looking out in the direction where I came from and towards were the encampment is. If I remember correctly when it comes to snake bites, it’s that they’re always deadly, and she needed to get treated now before the venom spread, “Tempest, we gotta get you back to camp! C,mon!” I said, leaning in to pull her up.

“I said don’t touch me!” she shouted, pulling away from my advance and resting her back against a tree. She still held to her neck and I could see the bit of blood slipping between her fingers. I lowered myself to her level and tried to move my hands to her neck.

“Here, let me see that,” I gently said, trying to get close to examine the bite.

“Get away from me!” she vehemently spoke out, trying but failing to get away from me.

“I’m trying to help you, Tempest!” I shouted back, and she shook her head at me.

“I don’t need your help! I don’t need to listen to you!” she shouted, and a twinge of pain erupted in my heart.

I had once said those words before.

That was a long time ago, and I didn’t like to have on my mind.

I snorted in frustration and slapped a hand above the tree. Tempest froze and stared at me, her panicked stricken eyes filled with uncertainty and alarm.

It was strange, really. In only a few minutes, we were on opposites sides, where she was the strong and dominant one, and I was the weak and helpless one. But now, she was the one who looked helpless before me.

Now I feel like I had no choice but to assert myself to get her to understand. I held my pose there, still holding my position, and kept my gaze on her. The venom was likely going through her, and whatever time I had to explain myself would mean one step closer to death for her.

“Tempest,” I spoke with a cleared mind and a calm voice, “I’m not trying to harm you. I don’t even want to harm you. All I’m asking is that you trust me. Trust me that what I’m about to do is to help you and not bring any harm to you in any way shape or form. Please…let me help you.” I said in reassurance.

Even after I said that though, Tempest kept her weary gaze upon me. She stayed like that for a time, her opal eyes still upon me and her fearful anger never ceasing.

Only after a little bit longer did she finally relent, closing her eyes and turning her head to the left for me to see her snake bite. Her right hand slowly removed itself, her fingers twitching from much trepidation.

I leaned further, seeing her hand fully removed off the snake bite and seeing it in the given light.

There were two puncture wounds right on her neck, the same spots you would see if a vampire came to take a bite. I moved a little closer, my fingers reaching out and touching her neck. I felt her shiver and she breathed sharply from my contact. I looked at her and her face narrowed, and she had an uneasy look on her face.

“It’s okay, Tempest. It’s okay,” I truthfully said softly, going back to the wound to inspect it.

I saw the two streaks of blood that came from the snake bite and it trickled down her exposed neck. I pressed a hand next to the wound, and when I did, I saw the blood pour out more. I realized that the venom may be coursing through her body every second, and that she was going to need medical attention and antivenom for a cure. Though, with the venom already close to her brain and likely reaching the bloodstream to her heart, it would be problematic getting her to camp in time, because by the time I would get her there, she would die.

I then thought of something, something that was both outrageous and brilliant. The word barely matters to me at the moment though because it might just save her life by slowing the venom and save enough time for me to get her to camp.

Although, my mind was also telling me that Tempest would not be pleased one bit. In fact she would kill me here and now if I went through with it.

Ah, screw it. I thought to myself.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and leaned my head down to see her neck, ready for the inevitable. Tempest caught on to what I was doing and she eyed me with a concerned look.

“What are you doing?” she said hesitantly, and I still kept moving forward. Knowing I couldn't hold back the procedure, I cleared my throat and explained myself and my impending plan to help her.

“Tempest. I’m going to suck the poison out. Forgive me,” I said, and my head went down.

“You’re doing what?!” she panicked and she raised her hands to my chest to stop me. Seizing the initiative, I quickly went down and I swiftly opened my mouth, placing my lips over the bite mark and began to suck the poison out.

I never thought I would hear Tempest gasp like that in my life.

She froze as my mouth was on her neck, sucking the poison that was in her body. Her body went rigid and I continued to suck, all the while her hands pressed firmly on my chest. I could feel the soft fuzzy features on my cheeks and how warm they were to the touch, but I also could feel her trembling underneath. I could hear her voice caught in her throat and she continued to gasp in a high pitch and shake considerably from my touch.

I swore that if any passerby saw me doing this then I would probably be going to jail for a very long time.

But this was life and death here, I had no time for PC-BS.

I quickly lifted my head away and spat out to the side, spit and blood splattering the ground from where it landed. I turned my head back to go down onto the wound once more, and I caught a glimpse of Tempest scar like eye staring in obvious apprehension if not fear over what I was doing.

“Spencer, stop… don’t you dare AHHH!” her plea went silent the moment I went down and placed my mouth over the wound once more.

I sucked onto her wound, trying everything I could to get any venom out of her system. Her breathing became labored and she panted out in heavy breathing. I could feel her chest tremble with each sharp intake of breath. Her hands on my chest weakened and they shakily rested there, not enough to push but not enough to hold me in place. She had gasped once as I siphoned off the poison from her body, trying my best attempt to get it out of her body.

“Please…don’t….” her voice trailed off, her body shuddering from my mouth upon her neck.

I removed myself and spat out the venom, going back a third time upon her neck. I could hear her breathing become more labored and her mouth open up and down, almost to the point where she was gaping like a fish. I couldn’t see what her face was expressing, if this had pained her or if I was hurting her. But I was doing none of that. I was only doing my best to help her get the venom out of her.

Doing my best to help a women in need of help.

I spat out for a third time, less blood and spit then previous, and I looked at the wound before me. It looked more clear, despite the two holes in her neck. I finally looked at her and saw that she looked ragged over what I had done. Her eyes were half open, her mouth agape, and her breathing became heavy and I swore there was a deep shade of red over her face. She stared out to nothing in particular, not even acknowledging me in front of her. She looked distant and her body still quivered, as if she had done a marathon along with a several hour training regiment at once. I lowered my head back down, my lips pressed firmly on her neck and drew the blood out of her once more. Her hands on my chest put up little to no resistance and I could hear her breathing slow down to the point that it almost became a soft sigh.

“Don’t hurt me….I don’t want to die…. please don’t hurt…” she said weakly while I continued to help her.

I then felt something fuzzy press on top of my right cheek and rest there. I narrowed my eyes and looked at her neck, seeing it not even tremble once as the warm surface pressed further into my face. I removed myself to spit out the last spittle and blood and looked back at Tempest.

Only to find that she was still and her eyes closed shut.

Oh Lord, I made her faint.

I quickly placed a finger onto her neck and I could hear a pulse within. I sighed briefly at that, knowing she was still alive for the moment. I looked around me, a strange feeling coming over me like I was being watched over what I did. I ignored the feeling and lowered to her side.

“It’s okay, I got you.” I said, my hands going underneath her frame.

Like the night I first held her, I felt the toned muscles on her back underneath my palm. They were so strong underneath and yet right now she looked so delicate. I wrapped my left arm underneath her legs, holding her behind the knees and slowly lifted her up in a bridal style. I slowly stood up to my full height, holding her up with all the strength I could muster.

Thankfully, I had become stronger in the time that I had spent here.

Once I held her up, I looked down at her face and noted how peaceful she looked. Her eyes were closed and relaxed, not the seriousness that she always had before. Her mouth was slightly open but her breathing was normal. She looked rather nice this way.

Although, if she had woken up right now, I probably would be dead at this point.

Taking a steady breath, I hoisted her up a bit to get better leverage, although, the movement caused her head to jostle a little and she shifted her face down towards my arm. I looked down out of reaction and her head rested comfortably against my arm and chest. I blinked in surprise, because seeing her this calm and relaxed was something I never thought I would see. My eyes trailed down to her chest, and I can’t help but note that it moved up and down in a rhythmic beat. I blinked once when I saw that I was staring at her chest and noticing that the latex suit was fitting comfortably around her body. The suit held tight and showing all the subtle curves underneath that frame of hers. My face turned a slight shade of red and I immediately went back to the camp, an image forming in my mind over what I just did and what I witnessed.

Stupid sexy latex.

Turns out I’m a big idiot.

I sat in silence on top of Tempest’s trunk while watching over Tempest herself in her bed, a bandage wrapped around her neck. She had been like this for several hours and not once woke up over the whole ordeal. I sighed and rubbed my right arm, where a bandage was placed around my own wound.

Ever since I had returned back to camp and brought back Tempest, the guard were immediately on me over what happened. I was able to tell them of what I saw and they hurried over to her tent, where they had administered the antivenom into her. They also gave me one since they believed that if I had sucked the blood out then the venom could have jumped to me as well. They jabbed me with that thin needle and I hated it to no end. They wrapped the bandage around my arm and called it a day.

I was lucky enough that both Braeburn and Strongheart knew how to properly create and administer the cure. They had similar experiences with snakes before and have had more than enough practice in treating it. The Storm creatures had the supplies for it, and they were able to create the cure in no time.

Even though I felt fine, I still think it was a bit much for them to stab me with the antivenom.

I’m never a fan with needles, always have been, and I will never like them.

Does that make me a stab survivor?

After the ordeal, I was to remain in Tempest’s tent, and I had decided to stay by her side if she had woken up, although, I felt a little out of the loop since they injected me with antivenom so I decided to keep it safe and stay where I was. I would occasionally look over to her, a blanket placed over her body and only exposing her neck and head. A small wet bandage was placed over brow and I would often place it back when she shifted her head from side to side and it would fall off her.

I was left alone in my thoughts, and I recalled how she had spoken to me mere hours ago. The moment that struck me the most was when she had said that she didn’t need to listen to me. Those words had burned within me, something that was very personal to me several years ago. I couldn’t help but recall those vivid images, and there was no confabulation or error in them. It pained me even now, not being able to hear his stories.

I heard Tempest stir once more, and her eyes narrowed somewhat in irritation, yet she still remained asleep. It wouldn’t be for another few hours before the need to sleep called for me to end my day. But, I didn’t feel like going to bed, not yet at least, because I still had the image of my family, and every moment I spent thinking about them, the more saddened I felt.

“You know, what you said to me back there, really brought out some memories in me that I don’t want to recall.” I said to myself, not caring if she could hear me, or if she could hear given her state. “Those little things from my past, saying that I wouldn’t want to listen or to help anyone. It really hurt me to think of it, even when I try now more than ever to help others.” I explained, looking down at the palms of my hands.

“Several years ago, when I was still back on Earth, I was going about my life with college and thinking everything was going to run smoothly. My family was supportive of me in my work, and I tried to work hard in getting my degree and graduate as quickly as I could. However, not all laid out plans go on a straight and narrow path. My grandfather, God bless him, had failing health in his late years, about in his mid nineties I believe. My parents urged me to go visit him or come see him during a family visit. I didn’t get to attend much because I was just too busy with school, and I didn’t want to be distracted.”

“I was such an idiot. I ignored them, all because I was too focused on graduating,” I said, lowering my head to stare at the ground, the memories of that night beginning to resurface.

I knew that as I kept going, I couldn’t hold back the tears.

“My grandfather, when I was too busy in the middle of school, passed away in his sleep. I only heard of his death a few days later. I gave a call to my parents, but found a message instead on my phone. It was my grandfather, and it simply said that he wished to speak to me when I was available.” I paused, a few tears beginning to form in my eyes.

“When the time came for the funeral, I came to be there with my family. I had a few older brothers, well, all brothers in my family, and they were disappointed in me that I was not there at Grandpa’s side. I felt deep regret in my heart, all because I didn’t listen to them nor heed their advice to come and see him. I couldn’t count the number of times I apologized to them, but, I do know that I would not forget about what they told me.”

“They said that Grandpa wished to tell me one of his stories.” I fought back fresh tears and placed a hand over my face, still remembering that fateful day.

“Grandpa's life, he had lived a long life and served in World War 2. One of the great wars on my planet. He was a gunner in the those large B-25 Bombers over the Pacific Ocean. When I was there at the display table, I saw the several medals he had earned during his service, gunning down a few fighter planes and downing several gun boats and oil tankers that were critical supplies for the Japanese forces.”

“I never once knew that my grandfather was part of the greatest generation, the ones who gave it their all to defend their country, their family, and people that were their brothers and neighbors. I only wish I could’ve heard his voice, telling me all about his adventures and what happened during that time.” I paused again, rubbing tears out of my eyes.

It was fine for a man to shed tears over his family.

“I guess he was the reason I was able to make a decision in my college life and become a storyteller and writer. I wanted to tell his story, so that others may hear the things they went through, facing against evil forces that wished nothing more than to have power and control. He, like many of his generation, have been ignored back on my world, where people turn on each other because of differences of opinion. I would like to be the fold in helping show them these stories. I want to guide them, tell about what our grandparents did during the great war, and why they are important.”

“I guess…I guess I just wanted to show you that I wanted to help others, even if they don’t want to listen to what I have to say or give them a chance to see the things that can be for the better. As I have.” I finished, lifting my head up and staring at Tempest.

Only to find that her eyes were open and staring at me.

“Tempest?” I said, a little surprised that she was awake.

Her eyes fluttered open and she groaned as she stood up from the bed, the wet cloth on her head falling off her when she rose. A part of me felt relieved that she was alive, but another thing began to dread in the back of mind.

“How long have you been awake?” I asked hesitantly, not sure if she had heard my little story.

“I was awake for most of it. I never heard that side of you before.” she stated, leaning her back against the bed while she rubbed a hand over her neck, “How long was I out?” she asked, still feeling groggy.

“You’ve been out for at least a few hours, it’s almost night right now.” I explained, while she looked out towards the front of the tent, not paying attention to anything in particular. She remained quiet for a moment, and I felt a little uneasy over what she might say next. She still rubbed her neck, her fingers tracing the bandage around her wound. She looked down, looking almost ashamed.

“Spencer, I…” she began to say, but was interrupted when the tent flap opened up. I turned and I saw both Braeburn and Strongheart enter inside. They looked elated to see Tempest awake, and the two walked forward carrying a few extra blankets and some plate of food.

“Glad to see ya made it out alive and in one piece,” Braeburn said, setting down the blankets at the foot of the bed.

“Indeed, if you suffered, then no doubt we would suffer as well,” Strongheart added, setting the food bowl next to her bed.

Tempest eyed the food and I could see it looked like a warm tomato soup. She grabbed for it and began to eat the contents within. Her eyes widened slightly and she dug into the meal with gusto. Strongheart and Braeburn took a step back and were happy to see that she was eating healthily. I turned to them, my own smile present on my face.

“I’m glad that you two were around to help make the cure. Though, I don’t understand why me sucking poison was a bad idea.” I explained, and Braeburn waved me off.

“Well, it’s a bad idea to begin with. Sucking the venom can’t guarantee the poison out of the victim. Besides, you might end up catching the venom yourself.” he explained.

“The best option for any victim of snake venom is to keep the limb off the ground and to remain calm. Any acceleration of the heart will quicken the venom into vulnerable areas.” Strongheart added, and I nodded in understanding.

I could guess that would be a bad idea, and the same goes for cutting the wound or putting ice on your wound or even try to apply a tourniquet.

The best option, in my opinion, would be to help any victim of snake venom by carrying them to the nearest hospital and to ensure they remain calm so it doesn't aggravate or excellerate the blood.

“I’m curious though,” Braeburn asked, tracing a finger to his chin in thought, “we managed to help with the anti-venom, but...what color was the snake? And where was it when it attacked her.” he gestured towards Tempest, who was slowly finishing off her soup.

I gave him a peculiar look, but I didn’t think it would warrant any harm in telling him.

“Sure, it was a brown snake that fell from the trees. It landed on her head and the snake suddenly reacted when she grabbed it.” I explained, but Braeburn and Strongheart looked at me in a funny way.

“A brown tree snake?” the two seemed to say almost in unison. I hesitantly nodded at their reply, but the two only added more fuel to their mirth. The two chuckled to one another and that lead to me being more confused over the whole explanation.

“What’s so funny?” I asked, wanting to get to the bottom of this.

The two looked at me, both smiling from ear to ear.

“A brown tree snake, those little varmints? They don’t give much of a bite.” Braeburn said, still smiling.

“And they are more of a nuisance than anything.” Strongheart added, and that just added more confusion on his plate.

“What do you mean?” I questioned them, standing up to meet them while the two explained themselves.

“Some fool of a gryphon had brought over a pair of Brown snakes without his knowledge and the pair escaped into the wilds. They’re an invasive species, and have been spreading like wildfire through the southern parts of Equestria. However, their venom is mild if not trivial because of it having such weak toxins.”

“Although, it does pose a threat to children because they’re much smaller. But, we’ve been able to take care of them quickly.”

“So, why does it make you all happy about this?” I asked, unsure as to where they were getting at.

“Well for starters, their fangs are in the back of their mouth, so if they wished to inject venom they would have to chew into the skin, and they have difficulty in doing just that. To top it off, from what the doctors told me when I got bit by one, there is roughly over eighty percent of the time that their bites are dry bites, meaning they don’t give off any venom whatsoever. Though, the anti-venom was necessary and just a precaution.” Braeburn explained

“So, you mean that there was a high possibility that Tempest didn’t get injected with venom?”

“Yes,” the two said together, and a single thought came to my mind,

Huh…I guess that means with my sucking the venom out of her neck was not necessary. But…that would mean…

I heard Tempest place the bowl down roughly on the nearby table. I didn’t dare look back but I can see both Braeburn and Strongheart freeze up in place. I saw a few lights of purple flash behind me and I could hear the sheets being moved to the side.

Oh crap

Before I could turn around, I felt an arm wrap around my neck, my chin resting right above the crook of her elbow. My hands instantly went up from the choke hold and held onto her arm, the soft fur gracing my fingertips, but this only allowed Tempest to hold onto me tighter. My body was pulled back and I felt her chest pressed tightly against me.

Despite how nice it felt from what was pushing against my back it was the least of my concerns.

My mind panicked, and before I could even ask Braeburn and Strongheart to help me out of this situation, Tempest clasped her hand over my mouth again, only this time, it was to where I felt my mouth completely pressed against her palm. I couldn’t even make a sound.

Man, what is it about putting her hand over my mouth that amuses her so much? This is the third time she’s done this.

She tightened her grip as I struggled in her hold. I swallowed the lump in my throat and I watched as both Braeburn and Strongheart back away slowly towards the exit, both baring uneasy expressions over my impending doom.

“Take care Spencer!”

“We’ll see you later!”

Both Braeburn and Strongheart left the tent in haste while I remained at the mercy at the tempest before me. Both literally and metaphorically.

I looked up, seeing the sparks coming off her horn and flash above me, while my blue eyes looked up and stared at those opal eyes.

“You sucked the poison out of me even when there was most likely none,” I heard Tempest speak to me, her voice soft yet sounding dangerously irked if not borderline hostile.

Her eyes burned with an unexpecting combination of the largest anger and passion I’ve ever seen.

I think I’m going to die tonight.

“You’re dead.” she darkly whispered, tightening her hold on me.

Yep. I’m dead.

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