• Published 7th Aug 2018
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To Calm a Tempest - Broman

A Human finds himself in the company of a hot Lieutenant. If only he didn't tell her that.

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First Touch (Edited)

Another week passed during the duration of my stay. Let me tell you, it was not much of a thrill.

The Storm King, since finishing his conquest with Appleloosa, decided to move onto the next town. I had to lug tents, supplies, food, and whatever you can name into wagon trains, ensuring they were secure for the trip. The Storm King would keep a close eye on me during this transition, but it was mostly due to his amusement of giving me a shock in my neck whenever I was in the middle of something. I would fall onto the muddy ground, staining my clothes in thick muck and grime, and I would hear him laugh it off like I was a goof.

I begrudgingly continued my day to day business and work, despite the constant hindrances.

We left the desert region of Equestria, and entered more fertile plains. Instead of harsh sands, the ground was covered with lush grasses and beautiful fields of flowers that ranged for many miles. It didn’t take long for the Storm King's army to march through it and destroy everything. Animals of every kind fled from our approach, and even vile predators that lurked in the region ran off in all directions. To top it all off, it still continued to rain down on us even after we left the deserts of Appleloosa.

The Storm King had a stupid way of bringing the forces of nature down on us, but he should at least be considerate in laying off the storms.

And not every bloody day.

During our travel, I met with the few survivors from Appleloosa. There were about a dozen or so, including their de facto leader, Braeburn, Applejack’s cousin, and his girl/marefriend, Little Strongheart. They were still shocked from the whole experience, mostly because of how fast the Storm King’s forces came down upon them. They told me it was like any normal day, until the skies began to turn dark, and without warning, the army of the Storm King charged down on them.

They recalled that many of their neighbors fled with all haste to the train stations, while others tried to hold the enemy off. The two had fought well, until they were eventually subdued. I asked them if any of my friends escaped, and to my relief, they did, though regretfully. They had hopped aboard the last train when they believed everyone was accounted for, but it was his suggestion for them to leave, since he was not going to abandon his home.

They’re good friends to have when they look out for the well being of others.

In any case, they adjusted quickly and did what they were told by their taskmasters. Though the jobs required were quite brutal, lifting heavy loads and pushing carts out of muddy waters, they were a tough bunch and managed. I never met such sturdy equines than from the ones in Appleloosa. Especially Little Strongheart. She was a buffalo, and she was quite strong in pulling heavy loads that were twice her size.

I’m not kidding. She pulled two heavy loads of weapon racks through the heavy mud and she didn’t break a sweat. I wondered just how much time Braeburn and Little Strongheart would go at it...

“Pay attention!” Tempest yelled.

And just like that, she tripped my legs up and I fell onto my backside once again.

It was fortunate she did, because my mind was going to someplace dirty.

Being back at the present, I stood up and took a stance once again in the center of the tent. Tempest lunged and began unleashing punches onto the padded armor, but I stood my ground. She jabbed several times in my chest and stomach before unleashing a powerful kick on the side, which almost made me stagger onto the ground. However, I managed to stay on my feet this time.

This routine of ours continued on for the past week since we left the desert. She continued to train herself up for the next big assignment, ready to go on any given notice. On occasion, she would have me stay still and she would try to throw me to the ground like a police officer would a criminal.

Or John Cena piledriving Kevin Federline.

Despite the constant aggression and abuse, I started to get used to this ordeal. I would take the ordeal and extreme attacks, and I would try to be a passive aggressive attacker to her. Even then, she would still beat me. Whenever she was done, I would try and stretch out my sore muscles and exercise on my own accord.

The bath privileges she gave me have been a lifesaver, because I had been sweating like crazy after every workout session.

I have noticed, since the past two weeks, that my body has changed somewhat. I had lost the amount of belly fat around my waist, and it was no longer pudgy or sticking out. My upper body felt more toned, and my broad shoulders felt good and strong. I could lift most heavy objects without much resistance and help in some of the more grueling tasks that the Storm King threw at me. I had also been eating light as well, with some daily food of whatever the kitchen decided to dish out. Some apples, veggies, loaf of bread, and even at times, meat.

I was surprised to find out one night that Tempest was eating meat as well, even though she was an equine. I asked her about why she was eating meat, although she simply gave me the finger and told me not to ask again.

Women have their reasons, even the mares here on Equestria.

She would, however, ask me a number of questions about my life and my people. It felt like an interrogation, because she would ask me in my face at times about some certain technology that humans have or what form of government. I answered them all to the best of my knowledge, but she was baffled at what a phone was. I tried to explain to her that it allowed me to contact others from one distance to another, and that it could take pictures and store data. She would tilt her head to the side and look very perplexed by my description.

I found it rather cute when she did that. But I wouldn’t tell her otherwise, because the assurity of my life was on the line.

Trust me. Don’t look into it.

“Alright Spencer, I want to try something different,” Tempest said, distracting me from my thoughts. She took a stance in the center of the room, her chest heaving slightly from her workout session. Despite her wearing the spandex suit, I would hazard a guess that she was sweating underneath that outfit.

God, why do I find that hot?

“What’s any different than you tossing me around like a ragdoll?” I asked, almost sarcastically.

She rolled her eyes and waved me over with her hand. I went forward and stood in front of her, waiting for another round of punching. Instead, she remained where she was and wiggled her finger for me to come closer.

“Don’t stand there lollygagging. Get over here,” she ordered.

I quickly did as I was told. When I stood in front of her, she looked rather annoyed by my hesitation.

“Alright, I want you to grab me,” she ordered me.

“With pleasure,” I said without thinking, and began moving on my own to grab her.

She swatted at my hand with a firm smack and I recoiled.

“Not like that you idiot!” she exclaimed, “I don’t want you to come at me like some prancing school girl! Come at me like you want to strangle me!” she readied herself, taking a stance in the middle of the room.

Feeling emboldened, I decided to bull rush her, aiming low and having my arms outstretched. I was mere inches away when she sidestepped me and karate chopped me across the chest, while at the same time, kicking the back of my knee upward and sweeping me in the air.

This was going to hurt.

I landed on my back hard, the wind in my lungs depleted from the blow. I slowly staggered back upward, while Tempest remained steadfast and at the ready.

“Good Spencer. You charge like a drunkard with his pants down. Try to grab me if you can. Be the aggressor!” she said, goading me.

I was already being the aggressor here. Despite the pain throughout my body, I couldn’t resist her challenge.

So, I went at her. The same thing happened again and I ended up being on the ground. Time and time again, I would end up on the ground, and I would rise up and try and grab her. Despite my best attempts at trying to seize her, she would always slip by me. Tempest, on the other hand, was certainly enjoying this and I even saw a smile crack on her lips. It was faint, but noticeable. After my tenth fall, I laid there on the ground, heaving for air. I was sweating bullets from the amount of exertion in attempting to grab her. The padding had cushioned most of the damage but the weight of my exhaustion racked my body.

While I was down on the ground, Tempest walked over to me until I could see her head upside down from mine. She then bent her legs down to be at a closer level to me.

“Very good, Spencer,” Tempest looked down at me with a half smirk on her countenance, before for some reason, she ruffled my hair, “You nearly got me a few times.” she explained while I remained on the ground gulping for air.

When she stopped, I couldn’t help but blush slightly from her ruffling my hair.

“Tempest! Are you in?!” The Storm King’s voice boomed from the outside.

Hearing the voice, Tempest stood regal and marched towards the tent entrance.

“Be sure to put that away, Spencer. We’re done for now,” she explained while opening up the tent.

I slowly pulled myself up, still taking deep breaths and trying to get back to normal, as well as recompose myself from her ruffling my hair. Out of my peripheral vision, I could see the Storm King entering inside, bearing an annoyed expression. He began conversing with Tempest. I rolled my eyes, mostly ignoring them and heading to the wooden chest, hoping to deposit the padded armor and hopefully rest in my bedroll.

“What!?” Tempest exclaimed. I couldn’t help but turn my head to the side and see both the Storm King and Tempest, the latter looking rather displeased over what he said. “You can’t possibly be serious!”

“No, I came to bring you ice cream,” he told her with a chuckle, “Yes, I’m serious!” The Storm King angrily shouted back unexpectedly, “In case you don’t know, the parade we’re running here hasn’t gone unnoticed. And the further inland we march, the more chances that we’ll be getting harassed and ambushed. I need you to scout ahead before we claim the surrounding towns and villages. We take them, and then we go straight for the grand prize, which is Canterlot!”

“But, I’m already busy commanding the troops and making sure the airships are delivering supplies for our-”

“It doesn’t matter! I’m the leader, and I give the orders. So, get to it!” The Storm King interjected. Tempest remained still while her king began to head out.

“This wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t get rid of Grubber.” she muttered, low yet audible.

I watched as The Storm King turned to her with a seething gaze and stood right in front of his lieutenant. A claw lunged out and clasped onto the edge of her spandex, and she was held there. I watched as Tempest froze in place and her eyes go wide, almost nervous even.

This had me worried because I’ve never seen her get nervous before.

“Let me jog your memory on something. That midget was an annoying eyesore, Tempest! He was doing his duty, until he started slacking off whenever the two of you were put together,” The Storm King yelled at her face, and I swore I saw spittle flying out of his maw, “Whenever you two were around each other, he was always beside you like a magnet and becoming overly friendly. I sent him off when I found him gathering flowers. Bleh, nasty blossoms, useless dirt, always causing the senses to start tingling.” he exclaimed.

“That was not for-,” Tempest Shadow tried to explain, but The Storm King snorted in frustration.

“You will not let friendship cloud your judgement, Tempest. Remember our bargain. You don’t want to forsake it after being with me for so long. Even after bringing you out of that back alley,” he said coldly, letting go of her clothes and turning to leave. He only stopped short when his eyes settled on me sitting there. I felt a chill crawl up my spine as his eyes bore down on me. He kept his gaze for a few moments before giving off a tired sigh.

“Eh sorry, human. My bad. Here's the deal, I didn’t get a good night’s sleep last night. I had some recurring nightmares that would resurface, and let me tell ya, they were some nasty stuff.” he explained, his attitude from before having shifted quite drastically, “Don’t mind our arguments. They’re nothing for you to be taking notes on.” he said and snapped his fingers.

I suddenly felt my whole body get shocked, and I dropped hard onto the ground in a twitching mess. The Storm King left the tent laughing, and his echoes could be heard long after I remained on the ground. I stayed there for a moment, ticked off as usual and feeling the after affects of the shock. However, my concern was not on myself, but for Tempest.

Look, I know she was a bad guy and everything, but, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.

I raised myself up to look at her, and I saw her body still standing where she was. I could hear her shallow breath and her body was as still as a statue. I wanted to say something, ask her what that was about. However, I had no doubt if I raised my voice she would probably take her anger out on me.

My apprehension and fear of another beat down won out and I was silent for the time.

Tempest remained there for another minute longer, before she turned away from the entrance and headed towards her bed. She walked past me, and I took that moment to see her. I saw that she was looking down and appeared upset, if not desolate over what she had heard. It was the first kind sad expression that I had seen her with.

Oh screw my apprehension.

“Tempest?” I asked, reaching out my hand and touching her right shoulder, “Are you al-,” she stopped and swung her body around, her hands clasping on my right arm and holding it like a viper.

Before I could finish my sentence, I was struck in the stomach by one of her elbows, and she pulled my arm over her shoulder and down to the ground, my momentum making me flip over her body. I slammed hard on the ground, and without the padding, I felt the full force strike my back and sending all the air out of my lungs.

“-right?” I managed to say the last of my words.

That was easily the dumbest decision in my life.

Well, second dumbest.

Tempest held my arm for a moment before letting it drop to the side. She then moved in and seized the end of my shirt, pulling me up until I stood face to face with her. A deep scowl was on her face and I focused on her eyes, which seemed to burn with great intensity.

“Do. Not. Touch. Me. Again!” she said, low and threatening.

She released me and pushed my head rather hard onto the floor of the tent. I groaned slightly as she left my side and headed to her bed. Eventually, I crawled myself back into my own bed on the floor and curled up for the rest of the night.

However, my mind continued to wonder about Tempest, and why she acted the way she did.

“What happened to you?” Was my last thought before I drifted off to sleep that night.

Author's Note:

Hope you enjoy this chapter! More will come soon!