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I’m emotionally constipated. I haven’t given a crap in years.

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Invasion Hiatus · 1:24am Jul 10th, 2017

So. I haven't progressed at all with my idea on Invasion. I'd like to have been much further along than I currently am. However having gotten hung up over the name of a pony for so long made me lose my creative streak regarding the story. Even after making the decision to remove the character from future plans, I couldn't get back into writing properly.

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Thanks for favoriting my story. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

MY statement is that today’s journalism is about making stuff up and expecting people to believe it, reporting on the lives on certain individuals and causing witch hunts by saying one person has been found out as a criminal. I preferred when it was actual news. You know, important stuff that actually impacts day to day life.

Thank you for faving Breaking (Down The) News.
The Sun would like your statement before they make up the story anyway. :moustache:

That’s fine I understand how long it can take to get inspiration or to just figure out everything you want to write.

Might take a bit before I can think of something that would be good enough.:twilightsheepish:

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