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TOver the Edge and Over Again
Having failed to reach the Davy Jones' Locker, how will Captain Hector Barbossa cope with the perils of Equestria instead?
Perpetual Motion · 184k words  ·  1,377  44 · 17k views
TAre You Ready?
Guess who's back from the other side...
Dirty Bit · 120k words  ·  351  22 · 10k views

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Nice Quote #1

The Equestrian Chronicle by
And yet... I learned much about humans in the millennia I spent on Earth. It's fascinating really, the duality of your species. You deny your very nature almost instinctively, you seek normalcy and despise change. Always you strive for peace, yet are ready to go to war at the drop of a hat. As a species you seem to genuinely value human life, yet always try to devise more efficient ways to end it. Stubborn, yet innovating. Extremely hard-working, yet you pour that dedication into inventions that will simply make everyone more lazy. Always talking about standing United as one, yet you divide your planet into hundreds of countries, each with dozens of little states or territories of their own."

"And yet." Discord repeated. "Somehow you make it all work. No mark that guides you to your future, and yes, sometimes without such guidance, lives crash and burn. Other times, most of the time, you find your own purpose in life and occasionally accomplish great things. Thousands of languages, thousands of beliefs. Always portraying aliens as the potential doom of humanity, yet you have specialized buildings seeking them out every day of every years. It's amazing you still manage to refrain from tearing yourselves apart!

Nice Quote #2

A comment by
1. Shows up in the Everfree.
2. Instantly attacked by and defeats a mythical creature that no normal person would have a chance in hell to defeat.
3. The ridiculous, pissing their pants terrified, overreaction on first contact. Which is absolutely ridiculous if you really think about it..
4 Those fucking apples. Those god dam apples. ITS AN APPLE, SHUT UP AND EAT THE DAM THING. Your not getting a blow job, so stop going on, and on, and on, about how great they taste.

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It's a quote from MadMax Fury Road

Thank you for adding 'The Legend of Broly: BAD ENDING' to your folder.:pinkiehappy:

Are you going to update Near human?:pinkiesad2:

Thanks for the watch

Your first story, "Are you ready?" Added to favorites.

Thanks for the follow, good sir. May I ask how I got your attention? :moustache:

Oi! Thank you for favoring The Joker Tapes, really means a lot, thanks! :pinkiehappy:

Hmmm. I admit that that setting needs more stories.

More like space travel types of first contact. Those are my favorite. Certain Pony on Earth stories, but not all.

First Contact? You mean when the world meets an alien for the first time? I plan on reworking IRM though. It's still the same principle, however.

Thanks for the fav mate! Tell me in the comments how you like the story so far :)

Btw: I'm gonna check out your Saitama story soon, (I'm just inhaling season 2 right now)

#Saitama Kunnnn!! <3

Thanks so much for the follow! :D

Heya, thanks for the follow!

dude the chapter of tempting shadow is taking forever.

Thanks for the follow! :yay:

Stories with OP characters are always interesting to me, along with the fact that he does what he wants and isn't spilling his guts about everything he knows.

It seems like I've found my opposite, my rival, an opponent with a perpendicular viewpoint. Interesting.

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There is no fun in making sense, logic is but a guide for mundane and simple beings like me. I don't have fun, or any other emotions for that matter.

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