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Having failed to reach Davy Jones' Locker with the rest of his crew, Captain Hector Barbossa finds himself stranded within a hell many times more terrifying; a land infested with magical talking horses and little baby dragons. Despite the odds being stacked against him and the inhabitants of Ponyville at his back every step of the way, he vows to return to his own world and finish the quest he started.

If only fate did not have a new adventure in store for him. An adventure that could very well change the fate of Equestria and the Caribbean seas forever...

Chapters (26)
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Comments ( 981 )

Oh my dearest Luna, this cross over idea had me bursting out laughing while at the same time, clicking the chapter as fast as I could. I guess I'll find out if its executed well.

Ok. Props for the hilarious picture. :scootangel:

Oh, this is going to be good.:scootangel:

You get a thumbs up for that cover art alone.

Best crossover ever! And agree with guy above on the pic!

This wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, quite the opposite. The chapter is written very well and I await the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

I didn't even read yet, but please: Add Pipsqueak!

Edit: Read it, very nice. Keep going.

Read it through and I must say looks promising. Your characterization of Barbossa is very well done and the fight with the Manticore is just the right length (let's face it, we all knew Barbossa would win). I am a little concerned that you won't have anything for Barbossa to DO once he reaches Ponyville proper (except you know, the usual parties and whatnot) which would be a waste. But I'll keep my eye out for the next chapter and hope for the best. Nice work.

The plot and Cover art brought me over.

I'll read later, but have a thumb and a fav.

Good show! Good show indeed!

"He had next to know experience with them" That's just too silly for me to allow you to leave in an otherwise quite good story. I look forward to reading more of this.

Ok, now THAT was funny.

great job. kudos for the picture alone

Oh dear God, so many likes and comments :pinkiegasp: I'm surprised actually. Thanks to those who have commented.
And thanks to the one dis-like. Helps me keep my ego in check :rainbowlaugh:

If it was Jack going there instead, he might have gotten a party. Maybe.
But it's Barbossa. And his impression isn't doing so well so far, is it? :applecry:

That's bloody brilliant :pinkiehappy:

Bah, who could dislike this. I sure don't. I approve of your writing style and your characterization of Barbossa. Well-done so far, I'm looking forward to more :D

Dislike? More like dis-i-like.

saw the pic i just had to read this:moustache:

I really liked the thumbnail for this story it just makes me think that Barbossa is telling Twilight: "Ye best start believe in ghost stories Miss Sparkle, cause you're in one!"

But other than that the story seems pretty decent while the grammar errors are just... annoyingly bad. Just watch what you write down and use spell check and this story could be pretty good.

Good. Good so far. Tracking.

You know what? I'm sorry, but this gets a thumb up and a fav for the concept alone.

EDIT: This is good so far! I like where it's going. And the CMC? LOL

This could go far. Wouldn't be far fetched to bring the whole gang to Equestria either, they'd come looking for Barbosa because he's one of the 9 pirate lords, same reason they went to get Jack.

Great job on Barbossa's diction -- he talks in a distinctive fashion, with regards to choice of words and their usage. He also uses a lot of different tones in the one sentence, not just a monotone. You'll have to be careful when he meets the ponies, though -- they speak very differently, more American, whereas Barbossa has a more commonwealth vocabulary. YMMV, I am not a lawyer, etc.

That said, this is a great idea. He has the right mix of violence to keep it interesting, cunning and gift of the gab to keep it from becoming knee deep in the dead, and betraying to keep it from gettin' too predictable.

Thanks for the honesty, and I'll try and fix what you've pointed out, especially the apostrophes :twilightoops: Although don't expect my style to suddenly change or become perfect. I will try and work on it though :twilightsmile:
Although, I'm slightly confused about the show, don't tell rule. Do you mean I should use more speech for actions? Or am I just over describing the events?
Grammar errors? :twilightangry2: I will FIND THEM! And I was sure I checked too, even spell check gave me all clear. I mean, apart from the piratey talk, I thought it was fine :facehoof: Or do you not just mean spelling?
It'll be even worse when he meets Applejack. The ye's and y'alls will everywhere :rainbowderp:


Spelling is an issue that arise but I also something that just irked me a little in the chapter where you put "T'was was definitely...." 'T'was' by itself would be just fine, but putting a 'was' after it makes it sound like you are repeating the word 'T'was'.

Oh. I can't believe I missed that :facehoof: But I'll try and watch out for these things in the future. Although I'm far from perfect, so if I do this kind of thing again, you'll have to forgive me. Spell check is only as good as the person using it, afterall :twilightsheepish:


No worries man I for one am not a stickler about spelling and grammar, unless it is blatantly obvious, and more interested in how the plot of this story proceeds in the future. So write on my dear author, write on.

My favorite pirate in the land of ponies? Now where did I put my popcorn....

HAHA, time for adventure!

I've googled it, and realised I've been actually trying to do this, just not right :fluttercry: Oh well. Might as well try and implement it a wee bit in the next few chapters. Thanks for the advice :pinkiehappy:

This story of Barbossa. It pleases me.


All I can say is this is absolutely a perfect picture for this. :rainbowlaugh:

Dude, this story is leaving me in stitches so far. in a good way of course. I can't imagine what barbosa is going to do. Write more!! :D

I'm surprised this came before a Jack Sparrow story.

That doctor story is more tragic than romance.

Quicky becoming my fav HiE fic that I'm tracking, not sure if it's the concept or the engaging writing. Either way this is made of pure awesome :pinkiesmile:

Interesting books ya have there Fluttershy

Magnificent! Do continue and bring a new chapter soon.
Smart move Angel.

Very nice concept, with an excellent execution. So far. Please continue, I really must have more. :pinkiehappy:

Yer off the edge of tha map. Here there be ponies!

I really like how this is the first Barbarossa in Equestria fic I've read and I've yet to see a Jack Sparrow in Equestria yet!

I was surprised myself, actually. It's also kind of weird that Barbossa came with the idea I had for this story rather than Jack. But Jacks been in a lot of crossovers over the years, I thought I'd just be a bit different.

Very good story. Kept it up.

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