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I like.. ponys


How did Deadpool get to Equestria? How is Discord involved? How come Pinkepie wants his mask? WHY DOES ZAP APPLES MAKE DEADPOOL SANE? How come Luna is back on the moon AND Why am I asking all this?

Well Because I can't think of a good Description!!

"Wade here. Read this story and OR I will find you and shoot you with my rabies infected hamster gun.
I WILL.. I'm watching you reader"

"Also This story better not make me look fat writer, or there will be HELL to pay.
And when I mean hell I mean I will make you watch My Little Pony"

Uh.. doesn't sound so bad

"..The 80's one"



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:rainbowderp: pinkie and deadpool? Hell yes

I.. I am terrified at the idea of this and yet i find myself slightly aroused...

I like the concept, but I would refrain from using these symbols too often: { } ( ). They get cluttered around and aren't that good for speech and thoughts. Also, stick with the name Deadpool or Wade, because readers who don't know that Wade is Deadpool's name (or at least let them know at the start of the chapter) will get confused.

It's apart on how deadpool talks and thinks.
If you ever read a deadpool comic.
He has two voices in his head.
The only way to do that is in the boxes
But thanks c:
I KNOW RIGHT.. I mean.. we will see

Aww how come your first fic popular
I like the story

Tracking shall comence, and im guessing the romance is going to be Dead Pool and Pinkie

Wow, The fic in general doesnt have an appealing form, but i MUST say that im starting to like where this is going :pinkiecrazy:


I write a chap every
So.. it will be updated Not EVERY single day.
But I will be pumping out chapters. heh
Glad you like it.

I also vote for Pinkie and Deadpool to get together.


You have got Deadpool perfectly! Very well done! I am laughing my ass off reading this!

it was eh, the inclusion of the author in the story is unneeded and honestly for me, it bothers. I'll stil read.

fixxed :heart:
Deadpool comics have it too..
Why thank you good sir.
This is not a clop fic
heh.. maybe later.


I never said you should turn it into a clopfic, lol.

I loved the mention of WoW, just got done with a few Twilight Heroics, so i got a good laugh out of it. You`ve been tracked son~

UH... Shhhhhh.. I don't have a fantasy for those two.. NOOO

Thank you good sir
You get pretty rarity face

Rarity face?! Why thank you good sir, she may be second pony behind the Pink Party Pony, but it`s the thought that counts. :pinkiehappy: So, we gonna see anything out of PinkiePool? Not the romance but the character?

How come Pinke pie wants his mask?
hint hint

I hoping for a cherry chimichanga joke from Pinkie, b/c we all know know Deadpool loves chimichangas.


I really can't wait for Moar and I'm surprised that this crossover doesn't happen more often, considering Pinkie and Wade would make the perfect team of 4th wall busters.

Peace Out.

Oh, sweet mother of Celestia..the fourth wall won`t survive....Prepare the bunkers! *Puts on kevlar helmet*


The 4th wall failling will block out the sun!
AND I shall write In the shade

Equstria?! I am Deadpool! *Punts Diamond dog*

I claim this Internet in the name of Pinkie Pie! *Sets down Cupcake for more chapters of the story* It`s dangerous to write alone! Eat this!

*noms on cupcake as I write*

Oh, by Luna`s Night....i just thought of what the reactions would be to our lovable Mercs face. I admit, i laughed.

my god... never have i seen a more perfect representation of the deadpool comics in text form....

288194 Deadpool- A superhero version of 4chan.

Deadpool is the most frequent crossover with the ponies though

But you actually wrote him better than everyone else.

Thumbs up for you. :twilightblush:

I got the new chapter done..
Just need my editor to look over it..
So.. tomorrow the new chapter will be up
Peace ponys

A few errors here and there, but still a very good story, I mean, is Deadpool in Equestria, this is gonna be FUUUUUUUUN!!!!:pinkiehappy:

Deadpool meets Pinkie meets Discord...that's it. Equestria's screwed!

Do I run a tumblr? Yep.... Is this story highly relevant to my interests? Double check...
Be reading this in the VERY near future.
Until then have a fun image made by a good friend and fellow tumblr blog Pinkiepool

the only reason i'm even considering reading this is because i like tacos... that's it. i'm gonna read it now


HEY, YOU STOLE MY HAMPSTER GUN!!!!!!!! ...mah, i got a rabid squirrel-zooka, it's better.

I remember asking for deadpool in equestria... :pinkiesad2:

f***in' tracked. :twilightsmile:

Why are the spaces so damn large it's distracting.

Ha....we're boned, all we need now is Dr Mcnijia and thing will get very very ridiculous.

I can edit for you. :pinkiehappy:

Funny chapter btw.

Wade wade wade, fluttershy gona kill you....which is impossible but she'll find a way

I was kinda hoping that bunny to be Angel. I can see him freaking out the ponies with his healing factor and street fighter moves. Great chapter.

You know, i can help you with editing and some grammar because dude...

Also, too little for too much , as a wise toad once said : remember that ponies always comes first

Now go write some more :twilightangry2: and as i said before, if you need Proofreading then im the man you need

XD I loved Deadpool suffering with the Theme Song

O.O WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
...did he just kill angel?!

*Gnaws on bunneh corpse* Needs hot sauce...Anyway! *Tosses corpse overshoulder and causes an explosion* Good chappie! Moar plox, I abuse fanon like heroin. Give me my fix? *Sad Deathknight eyes*

Im lost, somewhere between dead taco and twilight. Help on what happened like a short summary or.... mkay

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