That's right, the Joker, otherwise known as the Clown Prince of Crime, the Harlequin of Hate, and the White Duke of Death, is now in Equestria. Will this unpredictable, murderous psychopath learn the true magic of friendship and abandon his old malicious ways? Or will his arrival kick off an unstoppable crime spree to shape Equestria into his own image? Like I said, the Joker is unpredictable.

Special thanks to my awesome prereaders X19, LDSocrates and The Alpha, who are the best of the best! Read their stuff or just thank them for reading my unedited monstrosity before I release it to you guys!

Now on TV Tropes because of the greatness that is Shadow Sora94. Give him some thanks!

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Comments ( 807 )

This is my first story, so I'd greatly appreciate if anyone can point out any mistakes like spelling or grammar. I'd also like it if anyone can critique or review it, no holding back. Thanks, and enjoy!

Super < Mega < Ultra

Some grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and whatnot, but nothing major.

Something about the Joker feels off, though, but I can't really put my finger on it. Just like my predecessor I'll reserve my judgement for later.

At last! Someone made a proper Joker crossover!

Please tell me they don't name everything there with horse puns. - (Forgot the 'me')
I couldn't kill anyone with that blasted Comics Code up. - (Forgot 'ed' after blast )
"Thats cost you your tip." - ('Thats' is not a word. Use 'That'. If you meant 'That's' it would also be incorrect for it equates to 'That is'.)
Before he could fire he again, he abandoned his spot... - (You accidentally placed another 'he')
...along with pedestrians who were shrieking and pushing to get out of the cloud's way. - (This makes a bit more sense and is easier to understand)
...I swear I go through more of these things in a week than most men do in their lifetime." - (You forgot the word 'these')
...this wasn't the first time Joker had popped up in an entirely different universe all together. - (Given your tense 'had' would fit better than 'has')
Hearing it speaking Equestrian made the ponies gape in surprise. - (Using 'it even' made the sentence feel a bit off.)

I'll keep reading for this has raised my intrigue, please proceed. :trixieshiftright:

Thanks for that! I'll make the changes as soon as I can.

Write a crossover with the Joker from Batman: The Animated Series, then we'll talk.

This story must continue! It's well written and almost perfectly reflects the jokers personality. You have earned a thumb an favorite.

Thanks a lot! I'm getting onto the next chapter so I'll have it up soon.

I was on the fence about this until the last line. Brilliant!

It's funny, I've been thinking about this kind of thing in math class for the past week. Will put on my to-read list :pinkiehappy:

I actually lied to you, I couldn't stop myself from reading this.

IT'S AWESOME. Please continue.

Thank you both. Really means a lot to me that you enjoyed it. I'm nearly done with the next chapter, so you can look forward to that :pinkiehappy:

New chapter up, so if anyone can see any grammar or spelling mistakes I'd really appreciate it if you would point them out to me so I can fix them as soon as possible. Anyway, enjoy!

Oh, I love this! At some point Discord will have to show up! Well he doesn't have to but I would love the interaction between him and Joker.

It's gonna be a surprise!:trollestia::trollestia::trollestia:

Shhhiieeeeettttt i can imagine discords pranking nemisis now

Oh dear God... Joker at the GGG.... Equestria is doomed... :facehoof:

Make friends with Pinkie Pie - Check.
Make Rarity faint - Check.
Piss off absolutely everyone else - Check.
Completing your lists like a sir. :moustache:

1502882oh yeah. and the pranking rivals of; pinkie and rainbow

First off, love the concept of this story and love how it's progressing so far, even though it's at the fledgling stages. Call me a sucker for crossovers, I guess. Only real comment is that while I know this is primarily Golden Age Joker, I'd really love to see him with the same line of thought he had in his infamous monologue in "The Killing Joke." You know (probably), the one where he goes on about how it only takes one bad day to turn you crazy, that he prefers his past to be multiple choice, and that "It's all a joke! Everything anyone ever fought or struggled for is one big, demented gag." I could certainly see him telling Luna that it just takes one bad day to turn someone insane after he finds out about Nightmare Moon and asking what her bad day was.

Anyway, good job so far, keep 'em coming.

1502991 Dude! That's brilliant! :pinkiehappy:
He's got to do a chapter with Joker talking about that with Luna-chan. =3

Professor Plum
Story Approver

Alrighty, just read the first chapter.

Enjoyable, but not perfect.

"Everyone run, it's Joker gas!" sounds a bit odd for something so life-threatening.
It'd make more sense if he said something like "NO! Stay back, don't let the gas touch you!" or something

Celestia's tone is probably my biggest quibble at the moment. I don't think I can safely imagine HRH Princess Celestia, co-ruler of Equestria and Mistress of the Sun saying "Okay then".

Switch her speech up for something a bit more regal, and you should be okay.

Spelling seems to hold up okay at first glance. No major grammatical problems that I can really see either.

On to Chapter 2 then dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Lyra_smile.png

Professor Plum
Story Approver

Alrighty, back again.

Not bad. Luna with an Afro's an image I'll cherish for quite some time.

"Captain Shining Armour" when he's introduced hardly rolls off the tongue. Better to call him SA, Captain of the Guard or something

Also, if you're looking for some cover art, head on over to Joey Darkmeat on DA. He's got some excellent Joker and Pony stuff. I'm sure he'd be more than happy to let you use some if you ask.


This is by no means a full review, but my lectures start in a minute, so it'll have to suffice.

I love it, you've got the Joker's personality nailed down really well! Just a thought, but if and when this fic decides to live up to it's dark tag, are we going to see a bit of the joker from The Dark Knight movies or will you be doing something else?

Yay! A new chapter on my birthday :pinkiehappy:

To be honest, the only reason I'm sticking around here is because the Joker isn't half bad, at least, according to my semi-decent Mark Hamill impersonation (I can't help myself!).

There seriously needs to be more of these.

I can't wait until the bloodshed begins. :pinkiecrazy:

hmmmmmmm needs more pshycopathic joker

I'm sticking with the Golden Age Joker for the beginning, then I might branch out to some of his darker sides. I just don't want to rush it at the beginning, but there will be some more of the psychotic Joker everyone loves. Luna will definitely be a big part later on.

Thank you so much! I'll try to make it perfect (that's probably not going to happen), and I really appreciate the review. And thanks for the idea about the cover art. I'll ask if I can use it.

Now that is my favorite Joker laugh!

Glad you enjoy it! I'll eventually get to the dark Joker, probably in later chapters. Psychotic and whatnot is what I'm best at.

Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy the new chapter! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for reading. I hope to meet your expectations for a truly crazy Joker.

Psycho Joker shall arrive soon enough. Then the real fun begins :pinkiecrazy:

1505495 good THIS PLEASES ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and there better be no romance cuz if there is ill die horribly while screaming...

also next chapter soon?

Believe me, there's nothing I hate more than a perfectly good story being ruined by romance, especially in a HiE fic. I'll also make sure there will be no ponification, because the Joker is perfect the way he is.

1505528 good this makes me happy SOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!! in fact...

I'm glad you're happy. I'll try to meet your expectations for this story :pinkiehappy:

"Every six year old girl back on Earth can now officially suck it!"
Hehehehehehehe, dat tikled me funny bone.

Not bad at all. I can't wait to see where you take this from here. Wonderful story my friend, and that part with Luna getting pranked...:rainbowlaugh: Keep up the awesome work.

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