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An explosion. An avatar of chaos. And a very tricky draconequus.

In a convergence of freak accidents and surprising upsets, a strange man is sent to Equestria to...introduce a little anarchy

A/N: Not my first fic, but my first use of ponies. Now ongoing!

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Wow.... WOW. Fucking W.O.W.

Now I want to see Joker and Pinkie Pie. That'll be awesome.

YES!!!!!! JOKER!!!!!!!!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

At first I was like :applejackunsure: meh
Then that last line :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

i shall sum up my reaction to that last line and this story in general with this simple image:twilightsmile:

[img] http://www.ponychan.net/chan/files/src/133532721649.png [/img]

Hello, readers! I know there's only a few of you at the moment, but that's totally enough for me. :pinkiehappy:

BUT! Now that I'm pretty sure about continuing this, I need to point out a few things.

First: I tend to write/publish a chapter immediately. Sometimes in a single sitting. And since I lack any sort of beta or pre-reader...well, some things slip by me. It's inevitable, it's annoying, but it's how I tend to work. Catch an error? Lemme know, and it'll be fixed!

Second: My plans? They're a mess. I don't foresee this being a problem, considering the Joker's MO. But, at times, it can lead to...

Third: Delays. I've got too many irons in the fire. And in case you don't know what that means, 'I'm doing way too much at once'. Personal projects, other fics, schooling, etc. Add in a tempermental muse, and at some point I'll probably drop out of sight for awhile and put this on Hiatus. BUT. I like this idea. Which means it'll probably be finished at some point or other.

TL;DR - This isn't perfect, I'm not perfect, life's not perfect. But I hope you like this mess all the same.

Enjoy. :twilightsmile:

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh long chapter:pinkiegasp:
this story just keeps getting more epic in both length and content:pinkiehappy:

your definately one of my top 5 authors:twilightsmile:......or mabey top 4:rainbowhuh:
[img] http://img.ponibooru.org/_images/d846b3ed2504ae73052454efced80dc0/85757%20-%20i_love_you_this_much%20rainbow_dash.jpg [/img]

YES. ALL OF MY YES. Please continue.

Hello all! It's been a little while!

And I've got only two questions for you! First: Is this moving too quickly? Do you want to see more in the way of a story? Or is it good as is?

Second question: I've got a lot of OCs cropping up, despite my original intent. Does anyone want to know more about them? Because I might consider putting some bios up on my profile. Good idea? Stupid idea? Let me know what you think!

Yes, I love input. It's how I improve.

With nothing left to say today, I bid you all adieu! And I hope you enjoy the chapter :pinkiehappy:

Well, this isn't my type of story, so I don't think I'll keep up with it.

With that said however, it's not bad at all. The writing is excellent, you capture the character fairly well, and it's cleanly presented. It's also an interesting take on such a crossover; I'd be willing to say one of the better ones in fact. And even though I don't like the idea itself, you get an upvote none the less.

Have a good day.

Edit: Forgot to mention this, but consider finding a picture to go along with the story. Not having one tends to discourage those with "bright shiny object" personalities.

:pinkiehappy: ive been waiting for this and i haven't been disappointed :pinkiehappy:

i have no idea why this story isnt more popular:rainbowhuh:
keep up the good work:twilightsmile:

YES. I love it this way. Keep going!

the horseshoo thing....ouch:fluttershyouch:

i'd love to see joker vs celestia:twilightsmile::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

oh..... X_X the way you wrote the joker is just horrifying... Exactly as he should be written. Great job! Hope you continue to make us whince in sympathy for the victims as you write out the rest! :D

hurry need more Joker:fluttershysad:

Alright! The Heath Ledger interpretation of Joker! Now THIS I LIKE!:yay:

Day ??? : It's been more than 3 months that I've been waiting for a new chapter, 3 MONTHS ! No sign of life from the author and no chapter 5. If only HE could say one word to let us KNOW why no chapters are coming out. Is it canceled ? Is it on Hiatus ? No one knows, except HIM.

Woooo! The story is still alive!

I was listening to this throughout my read. Freaking crapped my pants at the end of the chapter. Very impressive Ledger Joker here.

I don't get why your so upset about not updating faster, its not that serious of an issue. I'm sure your doing your best right?

I'm really digging this. Discord is more like Chaotically Neutral, while the Joker is Chaotically evil. Chaos for chaos sake. There's no room for fun or enjoyment, only to watch the world burn.

I can relate. That smile will haunt their dreams.

I hope you do continue this at regular intervals. You capture the joker's personality PERFECTLY, it gives me chills. Like and fav, hope you update soon.

Why so suprisedabout a feature? This story is amazing! Just pleeeease don't go another year without updates, I just found and read all this in the last couple hours, screeching in excitement over various points. Please update more.

This isn't fanfiction. This is art, dude. :pinkiehappy:

finally a little..... anarchy in the pony world

654544 I can see pinkie ditching her morals for him.

I do hope that this story can progress. I have been searching for a good Joker Cross-over. Just the idea of my favorite insane criminal mastermind being in Equestria just seems funny and interesting to me. :moustache:

Listening to this makes this story so much more entertaining.


There are two Joker fics up right now.
I've been writing a Joker fic - hard - for four motherfucking weeks.
Four motherfucking weeks.
You assholes.

I.. actually really dislike this. It doesn't feel classily done, it feels like fanservice. This really, really disappoints - and I LOVE Ledger's Joker. That, with the awkward grammar and utterly uncompelling storyline, I say fuck this, I'm going back to MY goddamn Joker fic and working a LOT harder on it.

Short? Still like it. They're making rational thoughts concerning the Joker. Just wait until they realize how dangerous he really is.

2718905 If you want to be technical, every fanfic is fanservice. And why'd you review if you were just gonna insult the story?

2718905 If you want to be technical, every fanfic is fanservice. And why'd you review if you were just gonna insult the story?

Hello, doublepost! Anyways, I reviewed it because criticism
is not supposed to be fucking nice.
Dear God. Criticism is basically nitpicking and showing faults in the story to show the author exactly what the problem I had with it was. Fucking...


because he has an opinion
that its different from yours
doesnt make it any less valid

this is short? if this is short I want more short, this is brilliant!:pinkiehappy:

2719023 Except that's not what you did at all. You gave vague problems and then said you were gonna continue working on your story. That's just bitching. Criticism is when you point out the flaws and give ways to correct them.

yeah you named the chapter after my favorite quote! bravo keep em comin


Criticism is basically nitpicking and showing faults in the story to show the author exactly what the problem I had with it was.

Oh? You mean the thing you didn't do? Interesting. Because being a little bitch and saying "durr, imma go back to my stori which is better than urs. fuk u" says a huge deal about your mentality.

These comments of yours, then, must mean that:
A) You insulted this story just because, or
B) You're #sad :'c because you feel that, just because a fanfic about a particular subject exist, all merit is removed from subsequent fics of the same subject.

Either way, I have one simple question for you:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
From 1 to 10,
How buttmad are you?

1. Butthurt. It's fucking butthurt.
2. Yeah, I'm a bit peeved, but I explained why the story was bad, sir.
• Feels like fanservice
• Awkward grammar
• Uninteresting storyline
At least I fucking explained. Why do you give your horse marijuana anyways?

I'm not very good at that, so I was pretty vague. Still, for fuck's sake, I'm not that knobhead who dislikes something without saying why.
Lot o' you can't take a goddamn complaint.

1: Very buttmad, then.:rainbowlaugh:
2: Yeah, that's real criticism right there. Enlighten us how your personal displeasure and feelings towards this story count as an unbiased, intricate analysis. :ajsmug:
3: Because of the canabinoid receptors God placed in his brain, maaaaaaaaaaaaan~

[means you're on a high horse]
And I never said my criticism was unbiased. Fuck, you assume a lot, don't you, you smug bastard?
(That sounds nicer if you use a proper English accent)

This is an amazing story! Very well written and with an incredibly accurate portrayal of the dark knight's Joker. The lack of canon characters, specially the main cast, kind of bothered me, but it's good to see that at least Twilight and Pinkie are in for the pointless ride of fun and madness that is the Joker :pinkiecrazy:.

Oh. Then it's because of the cannabinoid receptors God placed in my brain, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan~

Anywho, I don't assume. I know. And you, by saying that your self-entitled criticism wasn't unbiased, just admitted to it not being criticism at all. Good job, ponybro.

I can tell a lot from just looking at your comments alone. Then curiosity got the best of me and I looked at your userpage. I couldn't believe my eyes; my lungs were burning and my ribs ached from the laughter. But your blog posts... ah, those. Those are something else entirely, I'll tell you that.

Thank you for making my life seem much, much brighter. I can't believe that I'm 10 years younger than you and my knowledge and mental maturity outshines yours by a huge deal. :raritystarry:

Seriously, though, you should start thinking about your life. You seem like a very pitiful, pathetic person. :applejackunsure:
(No, I'm not joking or saying this just to attack you. I really mean it.)

I've lived for 33 years. I don't remember the first 8 of them. I have been diagnosed with six mental disorders, some of them hugely debilitating (memory loss, PTSD, multiple personalities). I used to be a vigilante - was kicked out of school again and again for beating people I assumed were bullies. I've seen eighteen people die in various ways, which briefly skewed my thoughts of humans. I'm not the nicest-looking person, but I take very good care of my body. I'm rude, blunt, selfish, arrogant, and a terrible sinner.
However. I have a beautiful wife, a son, a high-paying job, a close group of friends, and a view of life unrivaled by any other man. And you dare - you fucking dare - to call me pathetic? I have accomplished more with a broken life and broken personality than more than 90% of the people I know, and you fucking dare to call me pathetic. The last person who called me pathetic - I was eleven years old, he was fifteen - I put him in the hospital with a concussion and a broken arm. I have strived to make the best with what I've been given.
Even worse, you claim that you are more intelligent and more mentally mature than me. You have no fucking clue exactly how untrue that is, do you?
You're a waste of my time. Go - spread your youthful idiocy elsewhere.

2719650 I pity you. I pity you so much you don't even know. Yes, you are pathetic, but I sincerely hope you can live the rest of your life happily.

By the by: You should definitely consult a psychologist about your Münchausen's.

Keep straight, ponybro.

... Oh, my God. You are sincerely a terrible person. I cannot be alone here. You are truly a viciously terrible person. I have no hope for you. No hope at all. I'm being entirely honest, I think you're going to get killed by speaking to the wrong person at the wrong time. You've sent me into a loss of love for mankind.
You see me - mentally incapacitated - showing you how my life works, and how I try to make it work, and you say you 'pity' me and then say I'm making it up. I live this. This would be like me disowning the fact that you exist. I wouldn't do that. I can be harsh, but I'm not going to be an absolute cock.
Oh, wait, I forgot. This is the Internet - nothing you say matters, or will ever matter. Peace! :heart:

2719690 Whatever you say, ponybro.

Whatever you say. :applejackunsure:

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