Frank Horrigan is the Enclave's finest instrument of warfare and the best soldier they've ever had. Known to all as a "genetically engineered cyborg psycho total homicidal maniac", and a kind of "ultra super mutant in power armor". Having been witnessed laughing off plasma rifle fire, and punching deathclaws and armored humans in half, he is one of the deadliest entities to have walked the Wasteland.

Killed by the Chosen One, the Enclave Oil Rig sinks to the bottom of the ocean in a nuclear explosion. But this isn't the end of Frank's adventures. Out of all the odds, he ends up in Equestria of all places. One of the most despicable monsters of the Wasteland in a magical land full of friendship and sunshines. Yeah, this will end well.

At the end of each chapter, Frank will make a Karma Decision. You vote for either the Good, Neutral or Bad decision in the comments for what he does the next chapter. Vote wisely!

Thanks to my super awesome proof readers ArmedBrony, Eldorado and Shadowflash, all kickass dudes that can comprehend my writing! A rare skill indeed.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 1930 )

I wanna vote bad, really bad. Buuut since I dont want to ruin your story just yet, go with Neutral.

Is it strange that I was just thinking about writing a story with Frank in it?

Anyway, all of my yes', all of my thumbs, all of my favourites.

I'd give you all of my Watches, but you took mine already...

EDIT: Oh, and I vote for Bad. Don't know how to make it red.

Fallout 2 needs more love, therefore I approve of this fic.

Also, I vote neutral. The stoic giant play seems like a perfect way to intimidate them, other then straight up massacring them.

I vote for neutral. And interesting choice in character.

Oh god I can't breath, I was laughing during the entire song scene. I vote for neutral, we need to see if these ponies are deserving of death.

I vote for Bad, there are plenty of your existing fanfics that would have villains (regardless for comedy or not) would have a mostly neutral (if not good) introductions.

I vote for bad, give it more "diversity and variety" for once in your fanfic. Besides, good old Frankie would make that kind move, since he seems to hate Muties and talking, small one-head brahmin would fit well in that category. Would love to see some Dark Comedy.

The moment I remember killing frank with a custom modded weapon that shot an entire three thousand round clip in a single burst and hit everything in front of you with massive damage. All-in-all, neutral, coz Frank would be quite intimidating, actually anything in power armor would be intimidating.

Neutral, but only because killing them would in my opinion rush the story. But depending on what happens next I'm hoping that Bad will have a perfect timing.

How about alternate endings for each ending.

Neutral, since they're unarmed and don't look like deathclaws

Obviously go for the good choice.

I am so far the only person voting for good it seems. I just think he should learn about the place and all the data he needs and then when he has enough data he should turn all the ponies into swiss cheese and go on a killing rampage.

Damn, I was going to write a Fallout fiction. Now everybody is going to think I'm ripping off you!

Neutral, because why not? I will choose everything bad later on, because I like explosions.

Nice story so far, I like it.

I'm going with neutral, simply because I don't think shooting everyone right now would move the story along that quickly.


Strange... I can't seem to recall Frank Horrigan swearing so much in Fallout 2. Sure, he did call the Chosen One and his comrades "mutie bastards," but you portrayed him as if he couldn't go two sentences without an obscenity.

It's still an interesting story, but this really broke my immersion.

Not sure if I'm gonna vote now. Everyone is going Neutral.... This sucks... I wanted Bad

Because you can't kill pony which ignore physic.

After that musical interlude that was only saved by Frank's rendition of it I say PUNISH the ponies. BAD. BAD! BAAAAAAAD!!!!! MAKE A DOUBLE CROSSOVER AND SEND IN THE METAL BOXES SINDRI!!!!!

Neutral-bad put gun down no reason to waste amo on this mutie scum... It would be more fun to scare them to death and gore them with bare hands:coolphoto:

2343687Pinkie isn't a fucking looney tunes character.

Neutral, good just seems WAY too OOC for everyone's favourite Secret Service Mutant Cyborg.
Also, I'm Agent Horrigan and this is my favourite fic in the Enclave Database.

I agree, but he was an asshole and a psychopath even before he was experimented on according to the official background information.

ALL OF THE ABOVE...if thats..um.ok..with you:flutterrage:

2343792No, she isn't, she is not this Looney Tunes wannabe that she is frequently flanderized into by so many fanfic writers. So I say if we go Evil on her ass, Fucking kill her ass.

Big Bad ending boss in equestria, ok you have my attention.
Even if he will be totally OOC (he was homicidal maniac totally killing everything and everybody) i want to read it xD

Gatling gun

It wasn't gatling it was automatic plasma rifle D:

Smartass AI is just must be !
You can make AI remind him of that he don't know where the fuck he is.

I want to vote bad, but that would kill your story... Neutral. Just next time please include a bad option that won't screw with your story.

I found some spelling errors in your story. Also, this is one of the funniest fanfics I have read.

The creature wa staring at all the others of its kind,

it's was

I still felt my skin burn like it was being dipped into how magma.

it's hot
I vote Neutral because killing them would rush the story too much and I don't really like fanfics with mass murdering brutes

Either neutral or bad, just not good.

I haven't even read it yet, but I'll vote Neutella.

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