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Thomas Miller proudly wore the armor of the feared Firemen of Columbia. Battle hardened and devoutly loyal; nothing could prevent one of Comstock's most elite soldiers from completing his mission. Even if that mission was to apprehend the Prophet's daughter, Elizabeth. He had a goal that no force on heaven or earth could stop him from achieving.....except perhaps Elizabeth herself.....

What happens when a pyromaniac finds himself dropped in the middle of Equestria?

Bioshock: Infinite/MLP crossover.

Chapters (12)
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I've been waiting for someone to do a Bioshock Infinite crossover. And what makes this fic probably even better is that the main character is a FRIGGIN' FIREMAN!
Kudos. Have some gif.

Gunna read it now. Hope nothing goes wrong. o-o

Just went over the first chapter.. And I must say you've done an amazing job so far! I will definitely be following this story. :3

:pinkiecrazy: Give us more chapters like this and wipe away the dept!

People seem to be enjoying this. I will favorite for now, but I will not read. Mainly because I want no spoilers, and my friend is on his way to my house as we speak, with Bioshock Infinite.

MOAR! :flutterrage: Kind of original when you think about it too. The perfect OC from Columbia

This needs to be tagged AU, because that Fireman is way different from the Firemen from the game.

I'm glad everyone is enjoying the story! :pinkiehappy:

I love this sudden influx of Bioshock: Infinite crossovers. MOAR! FeEd My AdDiCtIoN!:pinkiecrazy:
Like and fav, keep up the good work.

2382890 Thanks! And yeah, it's cool to see all the bioshock crossovers that are being done since Infinite's release. :twilightsmile:

Hehehe... Mr Furnace, that's geniunely funny.

Very nice. I think I'll track this after reading it. You got an automatic like for the crossover.

HA Funny... maybe he should take off the suit lol? MOAR! :flutterrage:


is amazing cant wait 4 moar:flutterrage:

Its interesting. The firemen always struck me as a firebat from starcraft but with the fear of God bred into them. Hopefully you get that pyromaniac personality nailed.

For fucks sake you call him a furnace witch he obviously is a creature considering he is moving, and then you act surprised when he gets angry for you calling him names jeez their is no double standard

2392170 it's funny that to me
THe Fireman is the early day Pyro

You should also add a Handyman, and Zealot of the lady (look it up).

This is the best fic with the fireman in it. Fantastic. MOAR.

This fic is one of the rare, good Bioshock Infinite fics... moar, please, my good author. Moar.


And then there's the Firebat from Starcraft and Adeptas Sororitas from Warhammer 40,000.

Come to think of it, the first thing that came to mind when I read this is that other fic where the Firebat gets sent to Equestria.

2396773 Glad you like it! And there's plenty still to come.

2397570 I guess every good game needs an armored arsonist. :raritywink:


Because what's a good game witho-



He lost his armour and the enemy basically is going to become a fireman? Well "who's fault is that" im looking at you ponies who said he is scary

So Booker is probably running around Columbia, setting people on fire whilst yelling "ERMERGERD ERM A FER BERNDER"

I'm still waiting for Thomas to toss out some Fireman quotes like "FIRE CLEANSES!" or something during combat. It might seem too videogame-ish, but come on; it would work.

ah i feel so frustrated:ajsleepy:
never take your armor off
never let it get stolen
and if it does go get it back immediately

2408337 I know right? That's like inter-dimensional travel 101. :trollestia:

Oh come on if they For some damn reason was able to replicate the armor that would suck for him. But it would be nice if they didn't because it's too advance for them it will be unrealistic since the armor is many many decades ahead of theirs and I'm pretty sure it has many materials not discovered on it yet just a suggestion they try hard to replicate it but fail and wonder why then Thomas and twilight aleardy blew them they only get a tiny amount of research on it for future events fight but im pretty sure you won't make the Ponys too OP because Thomas probably would try and improve his armor since there's monsters as big as apartment buildings

2410334 Well I don't think it would be too difficult for the ponies to replicate a suit that's basically leather armor with a kitchen stove mounted on the back.


I think they would, considering that cows, your source of leather, are sentient beings here, living in towns?
I think that might be a problem.
And it could also add to the drama when the ponies learn he is wearing a suit made from a "sentient being".
Well, sentient in their universe.

Got anymore fire puns for your chapter titles?:trixieshiftright:

For whatever reason, he just didn't feel that kind of hatred, even though he had every reason to.

Thomas : encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQg6DrRz7KcJqO1jL3K974OFtOINXNOcJ6m8GoHGJqm72Un8yK_jA
So :

Listen, you don't have to apologize. I can understand you getting upset over seeing that kind of thing for the first time and getting scared. I guess not everyone has the guts to handle seeing what I do.

Thomas how's your mangina growing?


Another good chapter.
On a side note, "but his bother had quickly climbed their ranks and was one of their more elitist members. "
Might want to fix that.

"What's this? Peanut butter and jelly? What kind of twisted combination is that?"

Bucking Bronco - Earth
Devil's Kiss - Fire
Undertow - Water
Charge - Air

I just realized this today, Booker DeWitt is the Avatar :pinkiegasp:


Here's one! It works because of the whole 'anachronism' thing in Colombia

Bloody nose eh? I really wish that game was just a wee bit more clear on how she opens the tears and creates worlds. If she does create worlds? It just kind of a bit too vague for me even with all the audio diaries and what she says. Anyway MOAR! :flutterrage:

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