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Thanks for the fav, again.

Comment posted by Hard-Pressed Scribe deleted Nov 26th, 2016

Thanks for the fav'!

1054945 Eh, was thinking it would be useful to keep track of your until something interested got posted. Regardless, you're welcome.

Thanks for the watch :3

921800 No problems RoMS. Hilarious story. :rainbowwild:

Thanks for the fav' again :heart:

Thanks for the fav'!

Thanks for the fav on Psycho!

Ayep. Looking forward to that metro fic. :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the watch:yay:

Good to know; it's at least caught my attention, so hopefully things will go well from there.

Thank you for faving Hivemind. Chap 2 is still going though the endless editing, but I hope to have it up soon.

I... uh... thanks? I mean, I'm flattered and appreciative of your comment, and honestly I hope that my work can live up to the quality of works like your own and Somber's, but...

I'm honestly surprised that I even got a response at all. I know how busy people can be. So I guess I should thank you for taking the time to. :twilightblush:

443495 I'm honored you would like to use the Fallout: Equestria world in a story. I think that a well written multiverse story could be very good. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the favorite on 'The Truth of The Alicorn'!

Comment posted by 502-Alekusu deleted Nov 26th, 2016


Anytime. It's a great story.

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