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So, I totally forgot. · 2:38am Jul 21st, 2015

I forgot to link my AMA over the weekend...

There were some important questions asked. Mainly one about Broken.

Anyways, if any of you wanted to ask me a question, you can do it here. I'm kicking myself for totally spacing on linking it on friday.

And I missed my deadline on Echoes, but I got more done than I had in recent time.

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Just finished Guise. And I must say, it was a very gripping read to the end. Though, I do wonder if Ripple survived, since that was a teleport spell that he interupted.


Quite glad you're enjoying it :raritywink:


Just wanted to drop you a quick line... I just started reading Guise last week and it has already climbed near the top of my favorites list. I am at the point, where I tend to get with all the FoE fics I've read, where I'm genuinely concerned about who will live and die by the end (it wouldn't be an FoE fic after all if the entire party made it), but I hope I am wrong!

Thanks for an awesome read!

1933356 Very well. Thank you taking the time, and I'm sure this will help me more in my final decision in this regard. Good luck with your stories.

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