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So... · 5:11am Dec 28th, 2018

I cancelled Echoes. It just.. wasn't coming to me. I hated everything I wrote, and restarted the chapter multiple times. After four years of that, I'm calling it quits on this particular story. I'll still be around, just probably working on something new.

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Fingers crossed!


Well, glad you enjoyed Guise. All I can tell you is I'm trying to step it up on the writing front right now. Hopefully something comes of it.

Well, damnit. You did me in, you cheeky fucker.
I read Guise. And I damn well enjoyed it. At some point I'll probably push on to read the four chapters of Echoes, and then stick it in my favorites until you either restart it, cancel it, or continue it.

I'm sure you've got something left knocking about in the old creative space, don't you? If you keep focusing on Echoes forever, you'll never get anywhere- because what I've read from your comments and responses to people asking makes it seem like your writer's block is a steel wall and that you're trying to hack away at it with a toothpick. You have to refocus for something else, or in the end what dooms Echoes the most is your unwillingness to let it go for just a brief amount of time.

Make another story. Take a vacation to the Bahamas. Re-read Fo:E. Just do something else and don't worry about Echoes for a good, long while. And when you do come back, because I know you will, come back looking at it differently. It's been nigh on four years, so your plan for the continuation of Guise has to have changed in that time. Make it something you do now, not something you pull from its long-settled grave and prop up as if it never left.

That's all the advice I can think of.

Maybe you need to re-think something? Maybe start over with Echoes, if you're stuck on something. It can be cathartic to re-do something in a similar but different way.


It's still on my mind non-stop. I never stop thinking about it. I just haven't been able to get it down right.

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