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So... · 5:11am Dec 28th, 2018

I cancelled Echoes. It just.. wasn't coming to me. I hated everything I wrote, and restarted the chapter multiple times. After four years of that, I'm calling it quits on this particular story. I'll still be around, just probably working on something new.

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I knew about those. Fun little assassination tools.

Yo OMG! they made Two Kicks Guns in Real Life!

idk, just saw this on youtube and thought of the Story lmao, thought you might think its funny as well

What I'm writing isn't Echoes. That one's canned. I am using elements from Echoes for what I'm writing right now, though.

Thas Bloody Good to hear Mate, If thats the Case then I should give Echoes a Look then. The only reason why I didnt take a gander at it yet was due to you Cancelling it for now. But yah, Other than that, I found Guise to be Flippin Phenomenal, with the only criticisms I would have about it could be classified as nitpicks at best.
Spoiler About the End of Guise Here:
Also I really am glad that you Didnt have our Boy Ripple use stampede in the Last Arc of the Story, cause it fully cemented that Ripple was his own pony and didnt need to rely on Two Kick in order to win. Of course he took some of his advice (as much as he could with pandemonium's influence affecting the area) not to mention Two Kick could have probably beaten the shit outa those Mutants due to his literal God-Like fighting Prowess, but Ripple was able to Hang with the Punches and Finish his Job and Kill Hate .... supposedly. We DO never see a Body, so they might both be dickin around somewhere in perpetual combat. Just Feel Bad for the rest of the Gang that not everyone got their Happy Ending -> Shade and Fluster.

Thanks for humoring an Hold Horse-fag like myself, and I hope Life treats yah well~


That was it mostly. She wanted so much to separate herself from Neighwhere after her escape that she abandoned her name. She was still working out the details when she encountered Ripple, which is why she gave him her name as Shade. She was in a dark room, and it was the first thing that came to her mind when he asked. From then on, she wasn't Dusk anymore, at least not in her mind. She was so determined to move on from her past that she abandoned it completely.

She was not the kind to talk about herself very much, and Ripple never asked. I probably should have remembered to have him do that, but there's a few holes in the story I should have filled.

I'm taking another shot at writing the sequel (I've actually written stuff this time), and hopefully I can fill in a few of those gaps.

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