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Ziel had been getting me up earlier and earlier every day that week

Your zony's name is German for "target"? (well, it's more in the meaning of "destination"/"objective"/"purpose", I guess.) Or Dutch for "soul"? :rainbowwild:

and the shiny shotgun that Shade kept in her room

Seriously? That's exactly what Echo should be carrying on her trip...
...oh. OH! Echo is not a unicorn! :facehoof:

Project Ordered Chaos

Ohh fuck. That sounds a bit too much like "Project Tame Pandemonium" for comfort :pinkiegasp:

Well, holy wowza, that end was a thrill ride. Still think she should've taken that nice gun from the crate, though :rainbowwild:

We would have bat parts if we were supposed to live down here.

...says the pony called Echo :rainbowlaugh:

“We were weary from our mighty battle, and made our way to an underground kingdom.”

My god, Ash became a drama queen :rainbowwild:

Ever since Ash had stopped going on his trips, she’d done nothing but work.

Ever since... they gave up on finding Ripple. Ouch :fluttershyouch:

Dammit. Looks like The Evil Fire Witch is still out there. I KNEW you should've taken that fancy gun! :rainbowderp:

Well... I don't speak any of those languages, but good to know. Was going more for a play on zeal.
And yeah, Echo's an earth pony. None of the fun parts that the others get.

Earth ponies need more love anyway :pinkiehappy:

See this new story. Check.
Flip the FUCK OUT. Check.
Joking aside, I really really really liked Guise of Chaos, but never really commented on it as I did not really put comments on anything (I was kinda shy). But I can truly say, Guise of Chaos was in top two Best Fallout Equestria Side Story (tm) for me.

Great start! Guise of Chaos was awesome and Echoes is looking to be awesome as well. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Holy hole! sequel of GoC! :yay: I not read it yet, but I already like it! :pinkiehappy:

"Project Ordered Chaos"
Is that what... Chaos Control is!?

"further down my body. It was hard getting it up"

Well, this is starting out interestingly. Neat.

Well, I hope you enjoy Echoes as much as you did Guise.

Thanks, glad you're liking it so far.

Was wondering when this story would get its Regolit comment. Means its a real FoE fic :pinkiecrazy:

More on that will come later. Maybe :moustache:

I don't have time at the moment to read the second chapter (I'll get to it in the morning) but this has started off really well :pinkiehappy: I can't wait to see Echo get a few of her father's levels in badass :twilightsmile:

Don't worry Echo, you'll find a way out, and if you're anything like your father it will be very badass :twilightsmile:

Always had my hopes up that you'd write a sequel, and it's starting off just as awesome as GoC did.
Good to see you at it again, I'm really looking forward for more!

1: Congratulations, Echo! You just got effed up! But fortunately, you are not dead or exploded from the inside and dying! Yay!

2: OMG a flashback! Omnomnonommmynomanom

Eight: Ashred stop being hot griffons aren't supposed to do that stahp. Darn these mental images that don't match up with the in-story chars! They drive me to entertainment!

3: Kinda neat to see burny-lady again. And she's just as derped up as ever.

Eight: Inb4 Ash <3ch0 is a thing. Or before I pretend it's a thing. Whichever.

Come on Echo your as bad as Rip when it comes to getting yourself fucked up

Great chapter mate.


Well, she has some big horseshoes to fill. :pinkiehappy:

Thanks, I couldn't just leave Guise how I did. A few too many loose ends. :twilightsmile:

Yep. Violence, flashbacks, and griffins. Deliver what the readers want.

Thanks. Echo is a lot like her dad, even if she doesn't know it.

This is looking to be an awesome sequel. Really liking Echo so far. I'm also hoping that she patches things up with Shade, and that she meets Ripple, whether he's himself or not.

Also, thank you so very much for reminding me how horrifying the dwellers were.
No, really. Lovecraftian abominations are awesome.

A continuation of GoC? You've certainly made my night! :pinkiehappy: Echo seams like an likeable character but would you want to know what's my favourite part? Shade. Her behaviour is certainly fitting for the mare we know from the previous story and I'm not surprised about her being unable to forget about Ripple. I hoped that she will get a happy live but this scenario is way more logical and believable! :pinkiecrazy:

Cinder Trails returns? I haven't been this happy about a character reappearance in a long while! Everything will be vibrant and happy again :pinkiecrazy:

About this part:

“Huh.” I stared at the pile of dead gnasher, its decrepit organs spilling out of its body and slipping away as the water built up around it.

Two Kick would be so proud about his wimpy, other, body snatching personality's daughter :fluttercry:

I expect more awesome moments in the chapters to come! /):rainbowkiss:(\

I half-expected Echo to lose her memory when she woke up in the tunnels.

Seriously, though, this is starting out awesome! I'll be looking forward to the next chapter!

Echo seems to be a popular filly. As are my Dwellers.

Yeah, Shade didn't take that whole thing too well. Also, I had to feature Cinder, she's the only full Paragon left. Gentle doesn't count, she left.

I couldn't do another amnesiac character, it'd be way too cliche :twilightsheepish:

Im glad to find this one restarted, and shame I missed its notification. Write on oh wasteland bard!

Mmm, I feel like I should have been more vigilant in watching for this, but at the same time it's nice to have another chapter to read through as I work this evening.
This really made my day.

Oh yay a sequel :yay:. Anyways I hope that Echo finds a way out of the cell, good so far :twilightsmile:

Fuck, this is good! :pinkiehappy:
Fuck, why you so cruel to Echo? Poor filly almost died 43246 times in that tunnels. :pinkiesad2:
Fuck, how many time after DoSaR this shit have place? Gardens was activated? How fuckin old Echo is? :rainbowdetermined2:
Fuck, clouds still everywhere? It's a simply normal weather for this region then? SPP towers never was reason of clouds? Fuck. :duck:
Fuck, ponies can grows food or not? Any green somewhere? I love 'after DoSaR' stories they are so rare, especially good stories, but it's not so fuckin intresting to see how the fuck nothing fuckin changed after that. :ajsmug:
Fuck, I understand that story not about politics, or 'post LP wasteland epic story' or fuckin something, but if you gonna show us NCR somewhere in story, do not fuckin dare DO NOT FUCKIN DARE to show them as a fuckin retarded NV NCR. I so fuckin tired of this shit. People see NCR in FoE's epilogue, and they immediatelly think that they are some idiots from NV, trying to put hands on territories without reason, other than expansion. That they are burocratic fuckers, with corruption and cowboys. FoE NCR is a cool organisation, that founded by talanted leaders, use "light bringer" authority, and sometimes even her direct support, they have awesome alicorns, pegasi, quite cheap hay, and full set of tools to make every civilised society to join them.
You can not show them in fic at all, but fuck, NO NV STUFF PLEASE! :flutterrage::fluttershysad:
Fuck, Echo's special tallent is..... hearing? Ahahahah! Damn, this IS original. :twilightsheepish:
Fuck, Cinder is great as always! And I see they are not raiders anymore! Nice organisated... gang, or something. With law, and wise leader. :pinkiecrazy:
Seriously, we gonna see how Echo make carier there? Would be awesome! Cinder is not so young anyway. But I definitely, not want to see this nice ponies to be just killed. It's enough epic genocide of raiders in GoC. :ajsmug:
Fuck, why Echo not wearing father's Pipbuck? It's working, or not? I can't remember shit.
Fuck, keep writting this shit. :twilightsmile:


Don't worry, Regolit. I've been asking questions on specifics of how FoE NCR runs. I'm no fan of them in regular Fallout. I'll try my take on how they would function in this setting.

Also, I'll get to the weather part a bit later, as well as how Hornsmith has remained relatively unchanged after Sunshine and Rainbows. I'll also get to the pony killing. I can't write an FoE story without bloodshed now, can I? Echo just isn't quite the killing machine her father was, so its going to be less. From her at least.

Fixed. Thanks, some things slip past my editor and prereader.

For the love of chicken, if there were any story I wanted a sequel to the most, it was Guise of Chaos. And here it is, 2 chapters in and looking good so far.


Hell. Yes. Good chapters so far; great work, interesting characters, and even more expansion on what's happened since Guise ended. So! Echo's got her first trophy and Rose is (hopefully) still alive. Which is good, because I'm really liking her personally. A little bit crazy, and very excited to have her sister...

I just hope that you're not teasing us about Ripple. I... honestly want to know what happened; did he win? Is Pandemonium still out there? While the ending of Guise seemed to make it clear, I've seen curve balls come flying back at readers... Regardless; keep up the good work.

Thanks, glad you liked it. I'm fond of Rose as well.

Also, I can't tell you any of that :pinkiecrazy:

Awesome! An Update!
Loved the way she escaped.
Rumors of Ripple? YES!

Well at least she didn't die, good chapter again :twilightsmile:

Rose seems pretty cool. As the badass older sister type, she had an above average chance of snuffing it in order to kick off a revenge quest. Glad she made it through the end of the chapter, it means her chances of survival have risen astronomically. We already had an older guardian figure die recently though, so I guess Rose had pretty good odds after all.

I liked how the escape from Neighware was handled, though Echo seems to be making it a habit to get pierced by random rubble or rebar. She's no fluster, that's for sure. If she's like this with just environmental hazards, I can only imagine how she's going to fare against deliberate traps ;)

Indeed yay for rumors.

I wasn't gonna kill her on the 3rd chapter :twilightsmile:

I've always maintained that the Equestrian Wasteland is absolutely filled with pointy bits.

A wonderful chapter! With every new part it hits me how much I've missed Hornsmith :pinkiehappy: And Echo... Sweat Luna on the Moon! On the one hand I'm really shocked and can only mutter "Damn, that mare has some unresolved issues...". On the other hand I'm just touched. Two Kick would have been SO proud of her :fluttercry: The same goes for Rose! I can't wait untill the moment where everypony notices how unstable she is. Nobody sane grins ALL the time like that :pinkiecrazy:

Yay better ending. Echo is turning into a little Ripple ain't she?
Great chapter mate didn't expect someone like Rose to show up. Also Crimson Knife shows up again which is cool. Shade didn't make herself look too bad anymore either.
All in all great chapter.


Why Shade did not gave Ripple's pipbuck to Echo already? :rainbowhuh: PB improves your chances to survive, so it would be logical if Shade put it on daughter long ago.
And.. damn.. stop... scarring Echo.. What the fuck? She will be in scars from hoof to ears soon. :rainbowlaugh:
Rose is just.. Awesome. :pinkiehappy: I am not expected to see another Ripple's child. But now think about it, he had cum a lot.
Fic needs character like this. Little crazy and fun and 'raidy'. And she is unicorn! She have rights on Broken isn't it?:rainbowwild:
And how Rose looks like? Red mane, but what color of fur? Maybe I missed it.:unsuresweetie:
I think I know how exactly Echo will fight in story.. Knives, swords and etc. Maybe shade will build something. Like hoof-blades or something.:pinkiecrazy:
Love it! Keep writting this fuckin stupid shit. :rainbowkiss:

She is a lot like her daddy.
I'm looking forward to writing more of Rose.

Well, Ash has the PipBuck, not Shade. He uses it for his everyday duties.
I can't remember what color her fur is, actually. I'll have to check my notes.

This was a fun chapter, it's going to be interesting to see how this all plays out, heh.

You know, I just realized that Fimfic isn't sending me email updates for this or I'd have read 3 almost a week ago... as it is this made me smile, a lot! Echo is going to be a scarred veteran of the wastes in no time flat if you keep it up though. Love Rose as a character and have to wonder, if Echo's following her old man's example will this mean that Rose is going to be the one for Echo?

Finally got the time to read through this, and I love it! really digging the whole "Yay, I got a raider sister!" vibe I got from the escape stuff :rainbowwild:

And Shade finally realized she can lose the last part she's got left of him. Well, it's about bloody time! :flutterrage:

I wonder how she'll react to Rose Laurel, though :trixieshiftright:

Hopefully, I won't be beating on Echo quite as badly as I did on her dad. Rose is a fun character to write, and I look forward to telling more about her.

Yeah, Shade needed something to get her over that last bump. For how she'll react to Rose... well, that will be a fun encounter.

Loving the series so far (even if it has a few grammar mistakes that annoy me, being a grammar Nazi (tip: if you're going to use it's, with the apostrophy (it's) it means it is, and without, it shows that "it" owns something))! I've been on a 3-day reading marathon (taking breaks for eating, sleeping, and school, of course), starting with Guise of Chaos, just now finishing this chapter... It's so good, I finally forced myself to make a fimfiction account, just to post a comment on the story!

Have fun writing,

I'm interested in the dynamic that Ziel, Echo, and Rose are going to have. Great story so far!

This has all the looks of a great story on it. I love the darkness of your tunnel adventures, it seems like Hornsmith is an endless vault of surprises!

And one flaring bitch makes her starring appearance! Nice, this sequel looks promising!

Crimson Knife keeps being quite an oddball. I really enjoyed this chapter. Nice work, Snow, carry on!

I love what I have read so far, can wait for more. Love to see how the finding a unknown sister will make this turn out, and also complications for the win!


Soo i guess that this story takes place before Littlepip cleaned all the clouds and activated the gardens, but wouldn't ash be a little thankful that the enclave is almost gone? And why would anyone refuse help from the Followers?


Shade will find more things similar with Echo and Ripple once she hear the story, Getting knocked out, an unstable luck, and it looks like Echo traded being shot with being pierced by "randomly placed and not at all throwing themselves in the way" sharp objects.

As always it is a good chapter, however i miss the old Stats and Level up information in the bottom, they are perfect for little jokes. I wonder if Ripple had a perk like: "I had worse: no matter how bad wounded you are, your wounds won't cause disadvantages, you are already used to them"

If Echo does get help from the NCR, what about some unicorns with combat magic? just a sugestion/idea, if you don't mind.

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