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Waking up with a hole in the head might seem like a bad way to start your life, but what if you deserved it?

"Every pony like me should be shot in the head at least once."

When he discovers the entire wasteland hates him, the amnesiac Ripple, once Two-Kick Rip the raider warlord, sees his wounds in a very new light. On a path that's half vengeance and half bid to redeem himself, he must rid the wasteland of his old gang and another, much more sinister foe.


The cancelled sequel is over at Fallout Equestria: Echoes of Chaos.
This fanfiction is based on Fallout Equestria by Kkat; a familiarity with the source material may aid your enjoyment.

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Chapter review time! :pinkiehappy: I like the style in which you wrote this, its almost poetic. I found no grammar errors, (Which I don't normally point out.) and mistakes. I did however, find it slow paced. The deep inner thought thing has been used many times over, and in some ways adds to the gloomy depressed feeling, but it makes the protagonist seem like an ass. I'm sorry but thats just my opinion, but since it is well written and captures a nice feel to it you get stars. :twilightsmile:

Also I will continue to read this and make an even better review of the story once I'm done reading.

-Noakwolf the awesomenessguy

Have to say awesome story keep it up (^-^)/) brohoof


Thanks for the review. Ripple is sort of an ass, yes indeed. He's working on that.


Thanks, I plan on keeping it up. Been working on next chapter.

Also, thank you for the favorite :yay:

Fan fucking tastic! Another well-written Fallout fic to track. Take all of these stars or I'll... I dunno.


Thank ya' kindly. I'll take those stars.

Awesome chapter im quickly starting to enjoy the story (^-^)/) brohoof

Nice, and very breathtaking. I always liked raiders and badass ponies, so Rip is my instant favourite. Nice fighting , and very good thoughting process where we can see what made him try something 'nice' for a change. Little slave and badass gladiator with fucked up karma and reputation.. they'll make nice pair. Trackign.


Glad you like it. I'm growing rather fond of them myself.


You know, fights with Paragons is awesome. Not the fight itself, but feelings and atmosphere of wrongness: damned if you fight, damned if don't. Also , Rip is badass healthy and tough. He didn't have any super-fire-gun-armor thingies, but he can take beating. And his famous Two Kicks... hell, that's cool.

You get stars snow, you also don't get a table thrown at you because this is definetely worth readin. :derpytongue2:


Thanks Shadow. Also, thanks for not throwing the table. Mostly for reading the story though.

Your welcome, and I can't wait for zee next chapter! :D>>199158


Thanks for the praise, helps me keep going. :twilightsmile:

FUCK! Of course nothing ever goes right for our heroes, ever.

And Broken is totally a Soul Jar weapon. That ought to be an interesting development when it arrives. Seriously, never deteriorating in condition and being fucktardedly strong at all times? Definitely contains a fragment of a soul.

Okay I noticed some things. He found two health potions in that box, and actively took one, leaving him one potion. He found another potion on the corpses of his former gang mates (?) and then gave away his 'last' potion to Shade. So.... Somewhere he took a potion without realizing it, or he lost it, or it's just a slight oversight.

Also, no level up? Is he max level fro all his wrongdoings?


Ah, had the feeling that he lost something. Also... I want to add the level up part, but that will be a side project of its own, I'll probably have it up and running before too long.

I'm really enjoying your story, but I noticed something else. In all the memory orbs in original Fallout: Equestria, Littlepip never experienced the emotions of the pony remembering. Are these special memory orbs he's looking at? I don't remember any of them being black, though there have been one or two golden ones in Project Horizons.

I feel really nitpicky coming up with all these continuity errors, but the it's the little things that make or break your story.

So far, none has broken it.


Well, I'm working my way through the story, fixing issues here and there at the behest of ponies wiser in the area of editing than myself. I believe I've fixed the potion issue and will keep an eye out for the others. Fixing up some sentence structure mostly, to allow for easier reading. :twilightblush:


I wasn't even asking you to fix it, honestly. Whether or not you do is totally your call. I prefer it when authors wait till the story is done to start fixing things.

Makes new chapters come out faster.

Anyway, I just point out what I think is out of place and leave it at that. If I demand corrections of you, that's overstepping my place.

He will, it just takes time. Of course there's serious shit there, nopony comes out of the wastes without it. :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks and good luck with that. :raritywink:


Well, pard, I got the right group of folk to help ya if ya have questions, need somebody bounce ideas off of, and even preread. Come see us at the FOE Side Story doc.


I had a thought. I'm reading another FO:E story called We're no Heroes where the main character has wandered the wastes for 15 years. She doesn't level up at the end of the chapters because she reached the level cap in her previous travels. She DOES get quest related perks, and the author includes a Maximum Level Reached thingy in the end of each chapter.

Maybe you could do the same?

Well, he's not quite max level yet. As I said before, it's on my list of to do things. Have patience my friend. :derpytongue2:

Shade nodded as she saw the look in my eye.* Rips talking to Ivory not Shade.
At first this sounded like an odd plot; a raider getting shot in the head and deciding to be nice. But i'm lovin it snow. :pinkiesmile:

Snuck past Errant and I, fixed now. Also, thanks for the comment, I aim to please. :pinkiehappy:

im going to have to read this. maybe give me ideas for my fallout story

That will all be revealed in due time.

Great chapter mate :pinkiehappy: Keep it up i finally got my fallout fix ive been needing it /)

I place this story on one shelf with "Daily unlife". My top fav. Keep writing the good write! :3

Thanks for the praise! I will continue. :pinkiesmile:

"Screaming and brandishing various sharp instruments of violence. " Hehe that got a chuckle out of me
Also for that ending Duh -duh-Dummm:pinkiegasp:

Once, there had been a grand wall surrounding orchard. *Either "the orchard" or "Orchard". Couldn't tell which one you were going for.
So right now Ash's biggest concerns are Enclave, Paragons and elevators and not necessarily in that order.
“Fine then. We’ll just have to kill them later.” Um Ivory scares me...a lot.
Hmm, a being usually considered to be Satan is tempting Rip with whatever he wants. Sounds real familiar to me. Although that could just be a coincidence considering not everyone has heard the story.
And as always I say, good job. :twilightsmile:

As always, I aim to please. :pinkiecrazy:
It was Orchard. Fixed that.
That's just what satanic beings of untold power do. It's their thing. :raritywink:

I really like where this story is going. The amnesiac raider (well, they seem more like the Reapers from PH) thing is a neat idea :)

Well, overall this is very well written, and I love the story, but I keep seeing two of my spelling pet peeves appear all the time.

I suggest going through your chapters, and whenever you see "it’s", try replacing it with "it is", and see if it still fits. If it doesn't, change it to "its" instead :twilightoops:
(chapter 4 also has the reverse error a few times; "Now, its time for some news", and "Also, its blocking our only way out")
The second error I keep spotting is "peak", which is the top of a mountain. For the verb involving looking at something, use "peek".

Glad you're liking the story. :pinkiehappy:
As for the spelling stuff, the peak/peek thing I guess I missed. Only about a dozen or so instances, fixed those. The it's thing will take a bit more. :rainbowdetermined2:


Heh. I went over them just to check, and noticed that there's a difference in the ' characters, so make sure you get both varieties, ' and ’. (this is usually caused by copying from other editors. If you're editing the story in that other editor though, it probably isn't a problem)

heh, looks like Shade dodged the chat he REALLY wanted to have with her. Sneaky mare.

Found a few errors,thought I'd best let you know:
> I can't be gone from my post for two long
for too long
> surrounded by drunken ponies who’s names kept escaping me
whose names

Hehe. Let's hope Fern makes a better guard dog than Ripple :ajsmug:

Some minor mistakes in this:
> her head head moving to music none of us could hear
double head :p
> that is so much more satisfying to do that to raiders
Should be either
that is so much more satisfying to do to raiders
it is so much more satisfying to do that to raiders
> i didn’t know what else I could really say
missing capital letter on the i

Fixed aside from the satisfying raider comment. Characters don't need to speak in perfect english.

Ooh, Steel Rangers. And not the nicer kind either. I hope they won't try to keep those cubes for themselves... might get messy.

Then again, if they somehow manage to contact Pandemonium, I think the old Drac will do anything to get back to the pony actually willing to collect the rest and give him a chance. The Rangers are more the "collect and keep in a dusty room for eternity" kind.

On that note, they're also in the habit of 'liberating' pipbucks...

390832 Fair enough, lol.

Oh, those fucking Steel Rangers. :rainbowlaugh:

Also, a deal with a primordial chaos monster in a ruined town called Orchard? Where have I heard this before? Great spin. Now, to see if he falls for it.

Heh, I'm working on it. Don't worry. :rainbowlaugh:

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