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Trying · 9:44pm Apr 5th, 2016

I'm trying. I'm writing. It's not a lot, it's not every day...

But I've written more in the past few weeks than in all of December through February.

Sorry everyone, for keeping you waiting.

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Oh. I'm sorry to hear that. 'Treasure Hunters' is one of my all-time favorite FoE stories on this site, and it's sad to see it go like that. But what can you do? People'll be people, and life won't stop throwing wrenches into our wheels just because we ask nicely.

Anyway, have a nice day dude! Hope to maybe see something stirring in the nigh-infinite depths of my 'follow'-marked stories someday, but if not, then that's fine too. ;-)



I stopped writing the story due to toxicity. I doubt I'll be back. Occasionally I miss writing and I definitely miss Hidden Fortune and Lost Art's adventures. Sadly, there's little reason for me to come back to it; and with a full time job and other obligations, well... This fell off my priority list.

I'm very sorry.

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