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Progress on chapter eight. · 3:59am Aug 22nd, 2015

Well, it's less than I had hoped. Inspiration is a fickle thing indeed. Current progress is about a quarter of my rough draft and I'm trying to boot myself into getting things together.

I know, my dear readers, that I've been trying to get things done this month, and there's still time! Though I refuse to give you a rushed product, so don't despair if I end up a bit late, I would hate to just give you a bad chapter for the sake of time.

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Hey Bad Pun! Sorry we haven't spoke in awhile, we miss you on the skype group. I started a new group on here:

Armored Warfare

Let me know what you think! :twilightsmile:

1675376 Sorry about the things that got you down, but it is great to hear that the story will continue.

Yes, I am. Sadly, my pace is... glacial...

I'm still about halfway through the next chapter. A few big things in my life have gotten me down, but I'm going to finish Prancer's story!

Are you still working on the story?

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