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I'm a sporadic, small-time writer from England. I struggle to write very much, for reasons including my own lack of intellectual determination. I enjoy guns, literature and love my girlfriend dearly.


Thirty Likes And Feels Hour With Zedrei · 9:40pm Nov 25th, 2013

Well, this is embarrassing.

Ahem... never mind, whatever. The main reason I'm posting this is I just felt like checking up on my fimfiction, which I haven't touched in a while, and logged in to find I've broken thirty likes! Good God! Break out the good tea-set!

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See, this is what I was talking about in my latest blog post! Your comment made my day, and I'm really touched. I've been gone for so long and missed this beautiful bronyism :twilightblush:

OK, saw you on the FoE forum and got curious. A couple chapters into "Natural Selection" and I'm now hooked!

Liked, Faved and certainly followed! :ajsmug:


I am the fav!

S-such an honor...

(Also: That avatar is sweet)

Oh, and welcome to FimFic btw! :yay:

What have I gotten myself into? Oh well. Microsoft Word! Away!

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