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Just an all-around friendly person/class clown. I'm awesome and I don't do $#!+. Hug Department: Always Open~


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When I'm not pony, I'm secretly a...

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My OC: Cottonwood

My Few Book's Short of a Novel

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Hello there!
Welcome to my crazy wall! Why would I want it to be a normal wall like everyone else (wait a moment...define normal)? Well, I'm a college graduate in Natural Resources (Forestry & Wildlife). After a few years out of college......they throw me back in! Anyways, finding a job in my field was really tough...so I went back to school for my next passion--ANIMALS! Yup, a few more years studying as a Veterinary technician. Trade-in my hiking boots for a set of scrubs...joy!

Usually when I write, I like it with meaning or slice of life (Comedy is awesome too). Just your run-of-the-mill 27 year old pegisister making analysis out of cartoon ponies because real-life ponies aren't as colorful.
Writing helps me put all my thoughts down on paper, so I can focus on tasks and conflicts at hand. One of the side effects of having Anxiety: thinking about too many ideas at one time (Kindof like tangled spagetti in my head). Gets tiring. I have a couple stories I'm working on, like I stated, I think of three things at once. Once I have them organized and proofread, I'll post.

Thanks for your time! And I hope you like my stories

You know when life is going to get interesting? When the fortune cookie tells you to grab another cookie; because your future can't fit on just one little slip of paper.
Screw you Recommended Serving Size! You don't know me!

The reason behind my name:

Eastern Cottonwood develops very quickly into a rather coarse and robust tree. Its shiny leaves glitter in the sunlight, and they make a conspicuous flapping sound in the wind that can be construed as either relaxing or annoying.

Most commonly referred to as "the pioneer of the prairie"

Okay, I'll admit it--In FiMFiction, my favorite OTP's:

Who wouldn't think that, after that scene

Some of My Chicken Scratch

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Aww, I bet you're a wonderful parent! 😊

I am doing well, thank you.
I've been MIA for awhile because raising a toddler takes the majority of my time :twilightsheepish:

Yay! 🤗


Hope your day is going well :3

*rises from the grave*

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I'm back!! ...not a Dinosaur Story · 7:46pm Aug 8th, 2017


Done with internship and wedding planning--time for a fresh start!

Happy to be back in the saddle and ready to work. In the time gone, I had some story ideas that I can iron out. I'd also like to take this time to catch up on some art.

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