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This is the group for LGBT members of the fandom who want to meet up with others and have a good time. It's also the place for well written fics depicting LGBT themes in a positive/ light-heart manner.

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AJ:"Mmmm, Nah."
Unless it's a special topic you want to talk about?

392105 Hey lets make a new chat forum xD

Lol. Lots of stuff. Can't even remember now.

392103 if u do not mind me asking what did yall talk about

Yeah, well...some of the stuff we talked did get off topic quite a bit. Oh well, "it's in the past!"

392055 I think it was dumb how they saw it as spam since you said LGBT free and it somehow would have to do with the LGBT club. Thats all, and that we should get this group more talkative again


392022 Man that is stupid to lock a thread for spamming if this qhen you say lgbr free xD Man that is messed up but aye lets change the talking! We shall become the chattyM

Don't worry. We'll make sure to make you feel welcomed and everything.

Lol. :rainbowlaugh:
Yeah. We were quite the talkative group when the club was more active back in Aug/Sept. Actually I started this group after the (Flirt Club) thread in the LGBT group had been locked for Spamming.

392020 True, true! Aldo the forum has a hell of a lot of comments for 31 members will shit XD

Just figured that was the case. Otherwise, you wouldn't have needed to ask for the link.

I have a feeling that im going to regret joining this

392017 just posted oh hell yes! :rainbowdetermined2: lol yes am on tablet y u ask

Intro/ Social thread
Are you on a phone or tablet or something?

392015 I just did cause am a bad bich! Oh hell yeah my friend joined tis group! One bitch down oh yeahh! Lol can you link me to the forum? :D

Also, don't forget to post about yourself in the Forum's intro/social thread.

Lol! A little unnecessary, but alright. Just be sure to include that this a LGBT friendly group.

  • Viewing 39 - 58 of 58
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