This is a group dedicated to fair debate and conversation about religion, theism, atheism, and all things it relates too. This group is also created to let you worship freely, regardless of faith, as well as for those with no faith. So come in, relax, and converse with others, and even learn about other religions and cultures! Your right to belief will not be disparaged or taken away from here.


1) Follow all FiMFiction site rules for group content. This includes and is not limited to: no roleplaying, no sexually explicit or excessively gory materials, no posting or linking to mature stories or pornographic art/gifs/videos, etc.
2) Don’t be rude. This includes and is not limited to telling people they’re going to hell for what they believe, demonizing opposing positions, etc. Basically, try to be civil and polite, especially when debating contentious issues.
3) Keep any vulgarity, obscenity, profanity, and expletives under control. They are not forbidden, but should not be the point of your post, or excessively directed at another user. Additionally, please do not use racist, sexist, and other slurs.
4) Do not post erotic or gory material. This is in addition to the site rules against explicit, excessively gory, and pornographic material, and includes written description as well as pictures, gifs, stories, videos, and so on.
5) If you see a post you believe is in violation of the above rules, please do not become involved with it, and instead report it to one or more admins in a PM. It would be helpful to link and/or screencap (printscreen, paste imgur, link in PM) the violating content.
6) If you feel that you have become the subject of bullying or harassment here or in PMs or anywhere else due to a post you have made here, please do PM one of the admins, and they will investigate further.
7) You may be banned temporarily or permanently for some behaviours. If you receive a ban you feel is not fair, please send a PM to one or more of the admins explaining why you believe the ruling was incorrect. The case will be reviewed among the admins again.

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I would like people to view "this" please.


387579 Please leave Proper Noun alone. If you're making comments expecting to piss people off, how about you just, like, don't?


They're not, but I'm not interested in actually arguing with you. Your "apology" a while back clearly meant nothing, as I see you're determined to continue insulting and spreading lies about me.

~Have a good one.


And I think your allegations are funny.

Yet are completley true.


No, it's run by an atheist who (is banned and) likes to use alts to shit on Christian groups and turn them into cesspools of religious drama and infighting for his own personal amusement.

That's so much better.

And I think your allegations are funny.


Except this group isn't completely run by Athiests who trash religion and bully others.

I expect 3 downvotes by tomorrow.

Lol, almost all of this is copy pasta from the rules written by the admins of the Christian Bronies. :pinkiecrazy:


By the way, here is Aaliyah's "main."

Probably just another alt, but it's the best I've got so far.

I didn't have any argument with her at all.

There's no 'hatchet' to bury. I quite enjoyed talking to her.

At worst I was disappointed that said curious girl we were all so happy to entertain at first turned out to be false. And was just out to spew flamebait, presumably because perpetuating the already horrid stereotypes about Muslim people was funny to them. (Oh ha ha)

In any case, frankly, I'm relatively convinced you're her main. So really, I'm rather done with this conversation.

367985 To lash out in anger is to be human. But hate was hurled and anger incited. I never saw a troll but a curious person who just had questions. The reaction that others gave to her is spiteful as I said. If a joke was ever intended by her, it only ended in everyone's feelings being hurt. But I never saw that. Do not slander anyone's name for any reason. This is why this group was formed. To provide a place to gain understanding about one another in a hate free environment. Please do not come here and spread spite. You should seek to bury the hatchet for actions and forgive one another for harsh words.

I'm one of those people that should not be addressed and/or should be decapitated.

Lumie is a 'soft' (agnostic) atheist. More specifically a secular humanist.

I would prefer not to let more of my fellow users get suckered in by a troll, 'kaythanks. Especially when joining a group with the best of intentions.

367944 Absolutely none of this is necessary. To mock someone for an outburst is uncalled for. To go to another group and talk negativity about someone is hateful and spiteful. What do you hope to gain by spreading these accusations?

And what exactly do you believe, 367944?

367868 367934
If all of you would just believe exactly what I believe, the problem would be solved. :twilightsmile:

(Also, mind, the creator of this group is just a troll alt who has been banned from the other religious issues groups. Expect their 'poor naive Muslim girl act' to drop, and 'her' lulz and hate to begin at some point. Join at your own peril.)
Now who isn't pumped to talk about religion? :yay:

Agreed. Once rational thought defeats superstition we can stop being held back in or goal of peace, harmony, and fulfillment.

Yes, lets get to the bottom of this issue and solve it once and for all.

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