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Welcome to the CDC! The Center of Disease Control Christian Debate Club!

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oh god

that fucking banner

do you even image editing software

I enjoy a good debating.

Okay. This one, too. 'Cuz I can't debate worth crap, but whatevs.

352489 Do you even get down with the syndrome? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I want in

yay a group I'm not banned in

Of course you can use the IPU. ^.^

I don't own her. :twilightsmile: Nobody does.

Put it in this group when you're done, please! :raritywink:

352508 You mind if I use that IPU in my story? I have a way for it to be mentioned and then further explained in blogs about its story in entirety.

Let's roll.

With the IPU at my side, I can debate Christians with the best of 'em. :rainbowdetermined2:

352500 Fair enough. *Disappears*


Lay dormant until I heed for its call.

352492 May I ask what this group will be doing?

For some reason, I feel like this group is going to be different.


Way to show your patriotism!

I doubt this will ever grow and will become just another troll group.

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