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Losing Control- why do you like it? · 12:22am Dec 23rd, 2013

I've been writing some more of Losing Control recently, in part, at least, due to the number of people who've favourited the story. In case you're wondering, I've got around 3000 words in the current chapter.

Now, I like the story, don't get me wrong, but I want to know what you like about it. This comes merely from surprise at the number of people who've expressed interest in the story. Please let me know in the comments here. The better your responses, the better I can write it!

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Thank you for the fav on Friendship is Grievous! :twilightsmile: I'd appreciate it if you'd like and leave me some feedback in the comments!

AB stands for adult baby and DL for diaper lover. Basically it means you like wearing diapers. An AB likes acting like a baby in other ways and a DL just likes diapers.

821334 yes i am sure. also i did say something in the rp

Are you sure you want to know?

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