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Whoa · 6:40pm Oct 31st, 2014

Been a while, huh? Well, I have a fun little announcement: I'm writing stuff.


I don't know any of you follow HodgePodge, but he and several other artists have been working on two games: Super Crinkle Pony Adventure and A SUPER SPOOKY HALLOWEEN VERSION!

All the writing and dialogue has been done by yours truly (under my FA pen-name)! Hopefully, after this is complete I can start writing a few stories.

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My Writing Process

Capn's Pastebin


Here's where I dump the majority of my unedited now somewhat edited writing, enter if you dare.

(1-4 of "MLP" are pretty much 100% readable now)

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I'll do something before the month is over, been focused on making a game.

You may not agree - but even your unedited stuff if your pastebin is godly - you have a great mind, I hope you're back around some day, never have I seen so much deliverance.

Ohmagosh! When did you start following me?

Well in any case, thank you for doing so. I hope you enjoy it!

1039870 Don't say that, don't you fucking dare!

-Coming Soon in Valve Years-

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