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A test of will · 2:35am Feb 10th, 2016

Hello my dear readers, or at least the ones who read blog posts, it is I, Cicero Niche. I come here today to make a pledge. An oath, if you will. Those of you who are of a Christian background may recognize tomorrow (Wednesday, Feb 10, 2016) as Ash Wednesday, or the beginning of the Lenten season. For the less informed this is a time of repentance and self-purification for Easter, emulating the forty days and nights Christ fasted in the wilds before coming to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover at

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No problem. It looked like an interesting story to read.

Thanks for favoring A New Breed of Chaos. I appreciate it.

The Templars get a bad rap through history because of the Crusades stigma, so all kinds of stories have cropped up to defame them, some true, some false. They were enforcers of the Church, which to many sounds like the were the Pope's geshtapo, which wasn't the case. Hell, they were only destroyed because they had set up the west's first banking system, and the King of France couldn't pay back his loan. Instead, he told the Pope they were Satan worshipping heritics and got permission to purge them.

Thanks for the feedback :raritystarry:
I must say your one of the few who likes the templars like I do :twilightsheepish:

I liked how realistically you portrayed the role of Christianity in medieval politics and policy, as well as the intrigue everything seems to build on. Also how what Christians would consider holy works of God, the Equestrians interpreted as their own, personal magic. I'm waiting for one of the men to explain the religion in full, if anything for the Equestrian reaction. I also like how the Templars aren't just big bad guys or curch thugs trying to quash anY thing they don't like. I enjoyed Fredrick as a character much better after he realized the ponies were the same as them, and started acting like a priest over a warrior.

If I had to offer criticism, however, it would be that you need to get an editor, or a better one than the one you're using right now, as there are a lot of typos I could see. Most were benign, not really affecting the story except for grammar nazis, but a few really changed the way sentences came off, which could change how an entire section could be perceved. It's not that big of an issue, just something you should look into.

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