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Corruption of Champions! Trials in Tainted Space! Fall of Eden! Nimin!
All great games, created by the great Fenoxo, Alder, Xadera, and some other guys.

This group is designed for posting stories related to, crossing-over with, or just generally similar to the format of these games.
Feel free to post your stories in whatever folders you think appropriate.

Remember the site rules, so no NSFW pictures in the forum. Otherwise, go nuts, talk about your favourite transformations, or whatever else you feel like discussing, I ain't stopping you.

Credit for Urta image in banner goes to Jass_Befrold
Other images are from the image pack that comes with CoC, which I could not find individual credits for.

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thank you^^

Champion of mareth

Usually go to the mlp logo, click on it or go to the search bar and type a word or phrase or even a name.

Ja hol captain (salutes German style)

I love the worms in the mountains I like to call it Dick Worm mountain :pinkiehappy:

I once saw a fic about Rainbow playing CoC via a device similar to the helmets used in Sword Art Online but I forgot what it was called though. Can someone please give me a link to it or remind me of its name?^^

So... Im new to the site. How do I find the stories?:derpytongue2:

Sweet, a group for CoC. Ironically, I didn't even know about CoC until I found it randomly on E6.

I had no idea there was a group here for this game. Awesome.

Added a Nimin folder, since it fits the theme.

Wait, it isn't?
I guess that actually explains why it doesn't seem to be listed on the games section of his site.

Edit: Ahh, it was advertised on his site but by someone else, that's where the confusion came from. Okay, I'll fix it.
We are more trendy than clopfics :rainbowlaugh:

Though it may be a fleeting victory, let our achievement never be forgotten.

359897 ... Dat user image, just made that comment all-the-more frightening...

Well, time to find out who else has been corrupted enough by the internet to find this thing.

Adding my piece for this group will be... exciting.
But I need time to fully work out the idea... hm.
Oh, ideeeaaaaa! :pinkiehappy:


hehehe may we corrupt many ponies for our naughty desires:pinkiehappy:

the game sure is addicting since i keep 'coming' back for more lol:rainbowlaugh:

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