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[Remember to write one of those short profile bio things]


>>Name: Sky Dreamer
>>Age: 20
>>Gender: M
>>Occupation: University student: CompSci & Maths
>>Nationality: British
>>Hobbies & Interests: Anime, video games, Nightcore & other musics, role-playing (the D&D kind), watching people play video games on YouTube, staring up at the sky.
>>Favourite p̵o̼̹͇̮̱̘͞n͕̗̮̗i̮̣̟̙̪ȩ̞̪ͅs͈̱̰̞͓̞̲:͎̦̤̲̲ ̪̤̬̫͈̱̙́T̡̖̯̲̜̣w̗̬̼͘iḷ̻͢i͚̻͍̻̦̭͘g̮͉͉̫̖h̙͢t̶͚̲̙̮ ̳͍̹̦̼͎̥͝S̢̮̗p̥͇a͈͚̗̙r͖̗̫͔̪k̳͎͙̳̠̲l͍̲͈̼͖̺e̘̻̪̼̝͜,̠͎̪̳͍ ͎̘̘͚̦V͖̀i̫n҉̖y̝͈̼̟̤l̹ ͍̱̳̹͔͓̖̕S̻̭̀cr̗͎͚a̙͓͍t̡͖c͉h҉̠
ERROR: String "Favourite" not recognized.
RECOMMENDED ACTION: Become less British, and try again.

Celestia damned American computers!
Hang on, I'm going to rewrite this computer's dictionary, I'm not standing for this.

>>Sky Dreamer got into ponies mid-2011, after Season 1 ended, but before Season 2 started, after wondering what all the fuss was about.
>>He has experience of creative writing from a course he took at A-level, but doesn't really remember most of it, so his writing skills generally come from reading other stories.
>>End of interesting information

One of these days, I swear, I'll write a program to give computers the sensation of being punched in the face... possibly repeatedly.

Well, anyway, I think that covered the basics.
I'll be writing stories here and there, whenever I can get a break from my studies and am not in a procrastinating mood.
While you're here, why not pop over to one of the stories I currently have, and maybe even drop me a comment? It's free, and you probably won't be judged on your prose, though no promises.

I also have a YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/SkyDreamerGames

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Sky with your blessing, would you allow me to use your NeuronGear Headset idea and use it in a Trials in Tainted Space story I have cooking?


All joking aside, I think something has actually happened. They’ve dropped off the radar not just here, but on their YouTube channel as well.

I’m starting to think they might have passed away.



"Another Author lost to the cruel grip of Life."

Comment posted by Warrior Kitten deleted Jun 18th, 2016
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