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Hello there! I'm your host, JonTron! Here is a group to those who wish to participate in Game Grumps... Of course, not actually on the show, that's just silly!

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I don't have a dedicated Game Grumps story, but I do have a sort of crossover with Ninja Sex Party. How well would that fit?


Game Grumps won't be the same anymore without JonTron, but I'm willing to see what the new guy, Danny, can do.

303542 Unfortunately, that'd have to be 99/100... Kshsiagdjfgfhs

Needs a rating. Lemme think about it.


Next time on Game Grumps: Ponies

-Die hard Game Grumps fan

There should definately be an episode of Game Grumps where Jon ties Egoraptor to a chair and forcing him to watch Ponies

JonTron, wha...... You?! WHATEVER! -Awesome for joining this place.

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