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Auf einem Abenteuer für luzide Träume~

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550895 Eh, that's fine. As long as we both know who's being addressed.

550603 Ahh, yes, I overlooked that! :facehoof:
Well, it's kind of stuck to my imagining of you.. I image you as Mr. Legoman now. :twilightsmile: (Hope you do not mind..)

550538 I was just playing with you; I wouldn't expect to be your favorite so soon :twilightsheepish:. And, uh...it's Legofan, not Legoman. Just a quick correction.

550500 You know what, I'm going to explain. I won't use the word "favorite". Legoman is quite a powerful media source- thinks Jacob. Ohh, and Berry punch is ..O///o mabxjcgsjs- stutters Jacob.

492890 Oh, I thought I was your favorite :fluttercry:.

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