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I write fart (and occasionally scat) fanfics and produce fetish videos on SFM. Smelly Mares ahead.


New interactive pony story! · 3:52pm Jun 18th, 2018

Hey guys, I wanted to make this post to let everyone know that I’ve started a new fart interactive story on writing.com.

It will contain some other fetishes such as scat, watersports, sweat etc etc.

Anyway, here’s the link to what I’ve written so far. It’s not too much yet, but if people would like to add some chapters of their own then you are more than welcome. Just read the notice at the start of the story before adding one.

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Malefor #27 · May 7th · · 1 ·

Can i give you a story idea.

I might have asked something like this before, but would you be willing to take a request?

Are going to make another facesitting fart fic

But can you update the trixie fic that you made in 2014

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