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New Scat Pack for Sale -- Blooming Libido (EQG Apple Bloom). Also, some freebies! · 4:30pm 6 days ago

Hello, whoever's still following me at this point. I'm not exactly writing stories anymore, but I am still endeavoring to bring more scat content into the world however I can. Recently I've helped my partner in crime Moon Pearl to create a brand new full length comic following Apple Bloom in the Equestria Girls world exploring her fondness of stealthy exhibitionism and softcore scat. If you like humanized Apple Bloom and want to see her fully naked and

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Well, my return is going to be somewhat short lived. If you read my blog, you'll know I won't be posting many stories after this one, unless I'm getting something in return for my efforts.

Nice to see you back again! I actually read your stories a lot before I made an account here. I only recently got back into MLP fics, and it’s nice to see one of my favorite authors is posting again.

rip ______ he was a great writer. :(

2233715 That sucks he made the best soft core scat stores :(

2196958 I doubt it. In fact I'm fairly certain that the mods.... "dealt with 'em" for circumventing the rules. See above. :pinkiecrazy:

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