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I write very smelly femdom stories


Pain over poop this time · 10:19am Nov 16th, 2019

Just quickly letting my readers know that I may upload a story soon that's filled with medieval torture things. Just so you don't get too excited over something you maybe don't enjoy.

It's called "To love your Torturer" so you can spot it when it hits. There may still be stink torture in it. IDK, yet, but it won't be prominent.

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Hiding under a rock called school.

Where are you

Any new male-on-female stuff in the works coming out soon?

I'm having trouble writing ATM.

Trying to get a chapter done on The Quest, and wanting to get on with To Love your Torturer. But I'm not feeling I can make either Justice, RN.

I have no new stories planned for the time being. Only updates.

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