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Hay so i had an idea in my head that i just had to pitch so here goes.

So theres this mod for Fallout New Vegas called DUST and it is in my opinion incredible for two reasons. One is its gameplay and atmosphere. The second farmore important one to this site is its FU:yay:ING awesome story.

I suppose the point im trying to get across is that i think it would be an awesome idea to write a story simmilar to the one you got going on but in the even more distopian and non linar world that DUST provides

Now to be clear im not awsking you to do it(cause that would be stupid of me) What i am awsking however is if you think it would be a good idea as well and what ponies or OCtypes could make a good fit for such a dark story:moustache:

Hope to hear from you and rember to avoid swords!

OMG!!! You updated the fallout fic. I've been waiting. so. long!!
I'll have to start it over just to catch up.

I thought I would put this out there, aparently the absolute best ending for Honest Hearts DLC for Fallout New Vegas...

first off, support Follows Chalk in his ambitions to see the world beyond Zion, it might end on a somewhat bitter note, but is for the best. Second, tell the second Follower the fate of her husband. Finally, the main part of the questline, support the Buned Man in wiping out the White Legs, but convince him to spare the life of Salt Upon Wounds. The Sorrows will lose their innocence and become more militaint, but they will remain in Zion and temper their aggression with mercy, something that will diminish the tales of the Burned Man, but allow Joshus Gram some measure of peace and closure.

1457917 Now that explain why, that yellow armor look so familiar.

I just googled Dark Souls MLP because I've really gotten into that game if you couldn't tell by one of my stories

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I'm going to be starting up commissions, and since I'm not %110 sure with my writing skill it won't be for money, just artwork and other stories. If you are interested just send me a message and we'll talk things through.