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While Twilight is testing a new long range teleport on the request of Princess Celestia something goes wrong and she is transported to a place where love and harmony is a thing of the past and killing is the way of life.

The Mojave Wasteland.

Now Twilight must find a way to get back to her friends in Equestria and survive her stay in the apocalyptic wasteland inhabited by everything that has learn to call this eradiated land their home.

(My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic crossover with Fallout: New Vegas)

Editor: Grammer_Nazi
Pre-reader: Bum
Cover Artist: Wadusher0

Chapters (76)
Comments ( 930 )

Those humans sure know how to cuss :rainbowlaugh: :raritywink:

I like it and look forward to more.

I am noticing a few mistakes in the sentence structure and grammar. Too tired to find and fix 'em all:

“I can heeeear yoooou!” he said in a tone the scared Twilight close to death.

There should be "that"

You keep writing "camp fire". It should be "campfire".
Anyway, this story is interesting. Keep writing :pinkiesmile:

You'll have to wait and see the next chapter

To make sure I get the details of the world I switch on my copy of NV and look at the buildings and areas surrounding them so it may take a few days for them to come out.

Hmm a NV version of "Dark Wanderings" perhaps? Not that I'm complaining as I love that story! Either way I am intrigued!

I found so many grammer mistakes it made this a little difficult to understand, but you definitely did a good job of description which made up for it. I'm surprised with the amount of likes but I can see why you're gettin all the love.

First you had my curiosity, now you have my attention. I can't seem to find any grammatical errors, then again I'm dead tired. I digress, you seem to be doing a good job so far. So you get a happy face :twilightsmile:

that guy obviously didn't look very hard as I can see that the grammar did improve but
goddamn did my half-asleep eyes find some mistakes. It's fucking one in the morning! Why
the fuck am I still awake commenting on stories? Keep up the good work and shit I'm goin to sleep.

I've asked a person I know about it and I found out people have survived a gun shot wound to the head.
He told me about a guy called something like Lieutenant Hannes or something and he was shot in the head right above his left eye and was left to die for a day before people discovered he still had a pulse. He lost about a quarter of his brain and nearly bled out.
But it was probably because he stood in the middle of a street shouting "COME AND GET ME! " with two assault rifles in his arms.

:rainbowlaugh: That last line :rainbowlaugh:


Cool. Looking good.

Twilight should just shoot some kinda offensive magic at the bottles.

I like it keep going

Fuck life and all it owns. If I had it my way, everyone who writes a fic we follow becomes completely emerged in finishing it instead of their damn uncle's cancer and shit. What give that chode the right to get cancer?

4314322 that's a very fucked up comment coming from someone who enjoys watching multicolored ponies learn about tolerance and friendship.

I wonder what the NCR troopers are going to think of Twilight? :trixieshiftright: :pinkiehappy: this is going to be good.

:trollestia: that guy has no idea...

I hear you, brother

Yeah, first time I played New Vegas, those mines and the handful down the road got me every time. Until I learned how to deal with them.

4215717 The grammar empire meets the Nazis. Lol.

Let's throw landmines on the landmines.

regular courier or dlc courier?

All the DLC's will be included and/or mentioned in this story.

4484342 have fun in sierra madre twilight

You might want to try making these chapters a bit longer.

What about Happy Trails? Why does no one like that one? ):

4554514 Oooh, can you do Lonesome Road first?
I want to see how you make Twilight react to everything the Courier has done.
Also, fucking great story!

4565820 4550975
I originally wanted to write it like the game where The Courier does the DLC side missions on her own while having Twilight and another companion do their own adventure in the Mojave but from the way it sounds people want Twilight to be in the DLC's aswell. But one thing for certain that will never happen is Twilight going with Anne to the Big Empty, I have ideas and they all hinge around Twilight not being there

for that i prefer to use the wiki for reference

4550975 Actually if you go by level requirements to enter it's Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Dead Money, than The Lonesome Road. (At least by the recommended levels. Though I don't recall if Honest Hearts has a recommended level or not.)

4568844 Well for one you'd get in trouble with the mod's if Twilight isn't there, it's in the ToS meaning that without Twilight tagging along pretty much everywhere or at least mentioned then your story will be booted faster than a deathclaw can kill you at level 2 (Because it's impossible to not level up at least once if you finish all of the tutorial.)

But, yeah I digress you have to have at least a heavy mention of pony related content to apprise the POWERS THAT BE or thine works shall be smashed upon the rocks of the banned list... and nobody wants that.

Also I haven't played Honest Hearts yet but, Like I posted in a previous chapter, the order by level requirement (As suggested by the game) is Honest Hearts -> Old World Blues -> Dead Money -> The Lonesome Road... and for companion #2 suggestions you should get ED-E as you can fix it and recruit it in Primm in the building with the dead courier outside. Not to mention it's easy as hell to write for only making beeping noises and hovering around.

When I said that I would have Twilight follow Anne into the DLC I was more thinking that while Anne was doing that Twilight was doing something else and we watched that.

Twilight will be badass in this story, right?

Eventually, but not many would go from book worm to awesome in a day.

needs more update


I would'nt mind being a pre-reader

Clearly Twilight doesn't understand how things work in the Mojave

“But we didn’t know that, for all we knew could have been trying to paint the walls with our brains. Rule number one of trigger discipline is never point a gun, loaded or empty, at anything you are not one hundred percent sure you’re ready to shoot at.” Anne said, looking over the gun, finding that two bullets were left inside.

Rule number one of trigger discipline is never point a gun, loaded or empty, at anything you are not one hundred percent sure you’re ready to shoot at.

Trigger discipline is keeping your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. What your trying to say is muzzle discipline which is never pointing it anything you don't intend to shoot.

Interesting, judging from the comment, I would recommend doing the DLC by level requirement. Honest Heart> Old World Blues> Dead Money> Lonesome Road.

Though if it was me, Dead Money first, Honest Heart 2nd and Old World Blue third.

I don't know about the Courier but what faction is she/he prone to? NCR? Legion? House or herselves? I could help you with NCR though cause I able to get all good ending from all DLC

That guy, yeah, the one who was complaining about your typing, yeah?
Tell them to fuck off!

I feel like I should say but that'd sort of spoil the story I'm writing so I'm sorry to say that you'll just have to wait and see.

That okay :twilightsmile:
Though if it was by me, I will choose NCR. Why? After playing as different faction, I found out NCR has lesser cons despite them slight oppressive. The second choice is Courier. Like what Ulysses said, a single person can make a nation....or destroy them. House is a dick and Caesar is a douche.
Thats all.


Reply to this comment for questions, I will be up in a few hours to answer them:twilightblush:

I think I know one of Anne perks, Destructive. Plus having shot to the head cause her to have some mental problem such as sadistic. Or maybe she just like that.

I often made my Courier have Wild Wasteland perks because its more fun and more cuckoo!!! (plus able to found Alien Pistol are even better :pinkiehappy:)

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