• Published 22nd Mar 2014
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Fallout New Vegas: Unexpected Friends - Sleepyted

Twilight gets transported to the Mojave Wasteland after a magical mishap.

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Chapter 29

“Now where were we?”

“Will you help us Wanderers?” Jason asked, his decomposing face looking hopeful.

Twilight decided to speak up. “You say one of the demons ‘raved’ at you?” She asked.

“By the Creator, what manner of creature are you?” Jason asked, kneeling down before Twilight, the pony trying not to be sick at the closer sight of his rotting flesh. “Has he told you to come here to join our flock to join us in the healing glow?” He asked softly, his voice sounding like it was coming everywhere at once.

“N-no, there was an accident and I was taken here against my will.” The awkward feeling unicorn said, shuffling back slightly.

“Of cause, it was by the will of the Creator that you were brought here, to help aid the flock to travel to the Far Beyond and away from the Wasteland.” He said.

Boone, not normally a one to talk, spoke up, wanting to get away from the cray ghouls as soon as he could and to do that he would need to help get the focus off what he assumed a bad mutation. “What is this Far Beyond?” He asked flatly.

Jason stood back up and looked at Boone. “I have glimpsed it only in visions, wanderer, but what I have seen is truly miraculous. It is a place of light and healing, and I know in my soul my flock will be safe there.” He answered.

Anne, not really much for asking what needed to be asked said. “What’s the deal with the human you let in?” She asked, looking over her shoulder to make sure said balding man wasn’t right behind her.

“You’re referring to Chris. I doubt you had much luck if you tried telling him he’s human. We had the same discussions when he first appeared, and the same lack of success. He believes he is one of us. Soon enough we realized that Chris was a gift from the creator, he is integral to the success of the Great Journey.” The half glowing ghoul explained.

“You say one of the demons ‘raved’ at you?” Twilight tried again.

“Yes little one, over the intercom. Threats of death should we step outside, guaranties of safety should we stay locked away. It went on for hours and did not always make sense, but that was the first day only. Since then, silence.” He said softly. “Will you drive away the demons Wanderers?” He asked looking at all of them.

“Fine, we’ll take care of the ‘demons’ for you.” Anne mumbled, rubbing her eyes.

A rotted grin appeared on his face. “Praise the creator, bless you wanderers, bless us all!” He exclaimed. “As soon as the underground has been rid of demons, preparations for the Great Journey can resume.” He said, reaching into his pocket and pulling out an old rusted key, holding it out for Anne to grab.

Grabbing the key with a smile the woman gestured with her head back for the door they came through and started to walk to it. Once out of earshot of other Ghouls Anne whispered. “Something tells me that the radiation has gotten to his head a little more than it should.”

“What do you expect, he’s half glowing.” Boone muttered.

“He seemed nice.” Twilight put in.

“Well, so was Jenny and we all know how she was.” Anne muttered, making a scowl on Boone’s face and Twilight’s ears to fold down slightly in sadness.

Once they reached the metal door they entered the upper floors with they stepped out and closed it behind them, Twilight using her wings to lower herself down to the dusty floor and not risking using the rusted metal staircase in case it fell under even her rather small weight but her friends had to go down it, wincing whenever it groaned.

“Now Twilight, we are going to be facing nightkin, one of the hardest things there are out there so you have to stay behind Boone and I no matter what happens, they can go invisible remember and I don’t want any of us to turn up like those ghouls we saw outside.” Anne said kneeling down in front of Twilight and resting a hand on her shoulder.

Twilight gulped worriedly, shaking slightly in fear that one of them might end up like the other ghouls outside. “A-alright, I’ll stay close.” The pony said meekly.

Anne just smiles and pats Twilight on the head before standing up. “Alright, remember to aim for the head if you can, body shots and any other shot light that aren’t really that effective against these guys.”

Heading a little further back into the building the group find a staircase that led downwards to a green painted metal door large and still fresh blood splatters over it but no body to be found. “That looks like the right place.” Boone muttered, pulling off his rifle from his back.

“I wish the hunting revolver had ammo, it’d make this a lot safer.” Anne stated putting her shotgun in her hands at the ready.

Twilight meanwhile was taking deep breaths, trying to calm herself down so she didn’t have a panic attack, pulling out Lucky from the holster on her leg.

Ever so slowly Anne approached the door, the other two with their guns at the ready and pointing over the woman’s shoulder as she unlocked the door with the rusted key given to her by Jason. With a soft click it opened and the woman pushed it open with the barrel of her shotgun, slowly walking inside.

The area almost seemed to change completely, instead of rotting plaster and wood making up the hallways it was now rusted metal, wires running across the walls further into the place. The floors were made out of concrete, chipped and dirty from years of not being cleaned. Another stair case went down a little bit more, the faint sounds of a motor running heard by all of them. There was a door at the end of the stairs and unlike the other one this was fully metal, instead of a handle there was a wheel that you needed to turn to open it, keeping large bits of metal in the door frame so the door wouldn’t open.

Approaching the new door Anne handed her gun to Boone before gasping the wheel in both her hands and giving it a firm twist. After a few moments of nothing happening there was a loud screech of metal rubbing on metal and the wheel started to move, the metal securing the door to the frame pulling away back into the door itself. Suddenly Anne pulled back as something happened, the wheel kept turning before it suddenly seemed to fall downwards into the floor, locking in place under the floor instead of opening in or outwards.

Holding out her hand Boone gave her gun back before she brought it up to her shoulder, slowly walking through the door way.

Inside was a few sheets of cardboard on top of each other, set up in a type of makeshift bedding. A barrel had flames coming out of it from what was burning inside and lighting the room with a slight yellow and orange glow.

Boone suddenly grabbed Anne’s shoulder and held her still, the woman looking over her shoulder and looking confused at the man, Twilight stopping mid step as she watched. He put a finger to his mouth to tell them to be silent and then to his ear.

After a few moments the two girls realized what he was talking about, soft stomping noises could be heard moving along.

Anne nodded and slower started moving along, hunching down slightly to be as small as she could.

Slowly they made their way out of the bedding room with the useless consoles in it down another metal hallway, being as silent as they could. Turning right then taking a left around a corner Anne freezes in place when she notices something, the air almost looking like it was moving. Her eye widen as she realizes what it was.

“Found you!” A loud gravelly voice called out before the shimmering air suddenly rushed towards the woman.

She quickly fire both shells from her shotgun but in her fright she didn’t aim too well, only a few pellets actually hitting it and before she even reloaded she dove backwards.

Not a second later the shimmering air sparked and suddenly changed into a nightkin, a living one this time with pure rage filling his eyes. In a hand was the massive rebar and concrete club found on the other bodies, swinging it just where Anne’s head used to be.

Twilight froze in place at the sight of the thing while Boone fired a shot from his rifle point blank into the mutant’s chest, sending blood onto the wall behind it but it barely flinched as the shot hit him. The mutant barely even paid attention to Boone and Twilight, shoving them to the side as he went for the prone form of Anne who was trying to reload her shotgun but upon seeing the rage full nightkin lifting up its club she dropped it and quickly pulled out her 10mm pistol, unloading it as fast as she could at its head.

Most of the shots missed but four of them hit, one scrapping his bald head, the other hitting him right in the jaw and the last two on his forehead, the last one causing his head to all but explode in half as it sent bone and brain everywhere.

The now dead super mutant felt down, collapsing onto Anne and pinning her to the ground and the rebar club’s head smashing into the ground right next to her head, denting the metal under it.

“Fuck this! Help me get him off!” Anne called, struggling to get the mutant off her chest, blood pouring onto her body.

The other two quickly go over to the struggling Anne, Twilight easily able to grab the corpse with her magic and roll it off.

Quickly Anne got to her feet, trying to wipe away the thick blood on her but all it did was smear most of it. “Shit, I’ll need to clean this off once this is over.” She stated, picking up her guns and wincing as her bloodied hands put it on the guns. Reloading her weapons she put her pistol away and pulled up her shotgun again.

They didn’t have to walk much further until they reached another door, Anne turning the wheel and stepping in with her shotgun at the ready but she wasn’t looking to her side. Suddenly there was the same sparking sound as when the last nightkin appeared and a rebar club hit Anne from the side, sending her into pipes on the wall with a large crash of metal on metal.

The super mutant jumped into the doorway and took a wild swing at human head height at Boone, not realizing that the man was able to duck under the swing. Twilight quickly pointed Lucky at the mutant’s chest and fired all six shots, at the close ranged every one of them hit in almost the same spot and made a large bloody hole in its sternum.

It didn't slow it down much as the mutant as he brought the club around for another swing, getting stopped as Boone shoved the barrel of his rifle right under the mutant’s chin and pulled the trigger, the top of its head bursting open and spraying the roof in blood, gore and bone.

Still keeping his rifle at the ready Twilight runs over to Anne who was groaning in pain, a small trickle of blood running down the side of her forehead. “Anne! Are you alright?” Twilight asked, kneeling down next to her friend, looking her over to make sure she wasn’t going to drop dead in a few moments but all she saw was the trickle of blood on her head.

“F-fuck that hurt…” She groaned in pain, lifting a hand up to grab her upper arm. “My arm is broke, it hurts so much.” She said.

Twilight new what she needed to do and quickly leaned Anne forward slightly, making the woman whimper in pain. Once leaned forward Twilight fished through the woman’s pouches on her bag before finding the one she was looking for, pulling out a needle of med-x and a Stimpak.

Jabbing in the med-x first Anne seemed to calm down slightly as she started to feel numb and relaxed before Twilight jabbed in the Stimpak on the arm, even though the human was numb it still made her hiss in pain as her broken bone fixed itself up, healing up.

“Thanks Princess.” Anne said softly, still sat leaning against the wall.

“Don’t mention it Anne.” Twilight said before smirking. “But next time maybe next time you should look both ways before crossing?” She offered with a giggle, making Anne roll her eyes.

“Those bastards do hit with the force of a car so that’s quite an accurate statement.”

Author's Note:

Hey guys
Ted here with another Author's notes! So I've gotten my first paycheck for my job this week, yay for me and I'm super happy about it because it means that each time I get paid I have enough money to buy a new game plus have a lot left over so that's great for me. If any of you were wondering I work as a Catering Assistant at a Private Hospital and work about two to three times a week and get paid every two weeks. It will effect when I can write but it'll also mean I might be able to hire an artist to draw up a cover image for this story and that might hopefully get more people to read it!
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